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2021.09.20 01:55 simarino Funny Catch

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2021.09.20 01:55 BeandipKing Curious find. West Michigan. September. Any clue on an ID as I am way to new for this. If you give me a hunch I'll bring them to farmers market for further review!

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2021.09.20 01:55 yourmom_6_9 Should I get vegeta/goku or janemba with coins?

I don’t summon on Lr banners often so I wanna save them for the best
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2021.09.20 01:55 UndertaleWolf3 Woman stels bb gun

They don't it down so here we go again
I was at my local airsoft field when and a child was at the desk. He saw my KWC 1911 and said "Mommy, Lets do that one! "They paid and went to our table. Conversation goes down:
EM: "that's a cool gun"
Me: "Thanks it was a gift"
C:"can I see"
M: "sure, Let's go test it"
Him and I walk into the chronograph zone(To test if weapons shoot too fast or not).I let him fire a few rounds and He loves the full metal feel and blowback action. We walk out and walk out and take off safety masks. C U E T H E N E W C o n v e r s a t i o n:
EM: "Where can I get that" *whips out phone with google*
M: "sure" * Goes to Evike and shows the page (Here's the link Colt Licensed 1911 Tactical Full Metal CO2 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol by KWC (Model: Black), Airsoft Guns, Gas Airsoft Pistols - Airsoft Superstore )*
EM: "That's too expensive, just give him yours"
M:"No ma'am, this was a gift that was actually never meant too cost that much"
EM:"I reckon because you're spoiled"
Being bullied often by my real stepmother, I get real defensive.
M:"Ma'am, You shouldn't assume, the rentals work just fine and plus there are hundreds more based on that model"
In a jiffy, she grabs my pistol. Side note, My pistol's slide lock had been faulty and the warranty had expired and it will fall out on a occasion. Guess what, that's what happened when she pulled the trigger negligently and it fired at an angle. Thank the lord, it fell on the table. She (finger on the trigger and hand on the grip safety) put the gun on the table. Keep in mind, her son and I had just walked out of the chrono zone AND IT HAD THREE BBs INSIDE! It hit her in the leg and the slide almost came off. Guess who shows up to my favor, the worker there was clearing the rentals when a bb hit him in the hand the first misfire. Conversation ensues
Worker: "Ma'am, stop that you shot me and I saw you try to sneak it into your purse"
EM:" This B**** rigged his gun to shoot me. I'm suing him"
W:"First off, that's impossible you misfired. Second, you committed a felony by attempting to steal the gun."
Em is just astounded by him taking my side, Her child is at the table. Low and behold, the cops arrive and take the woman away and I press charges. I take a look at the kid and tell him he can shot off a few rounds more. A few other people offer him a couples rounds out their guns to make up for the terrible excuse of a mom and all goes well until the dad picks him up.
P.S the location, weapon and it's broken slide lock, my possession over it and sadly, my stepmom are real. The story is fiction though
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2021.09.20 01:55 cryinggame34 Duolingo is creating a new type of hoarder

Duolingo is creating a new type of hoarder
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2021.09.20 01:55 Z5-17 This card got me acting up 😩

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2021.09.20 01:55 SirAdditional7992 Promote and foster crypto defi token, bitcoin, ico and any coin related project by Crypto_pr01

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2021.09.20 01:55 Rocksidejack I don’t think destiny gets enough credit outside of its space

Destiny is really the only game where I can think of that has so much representation, and no one talks about it. Yeah they could stand to do a bit better with certain groups of people but, credit where it’s due. Ikora is genuinely inspiring to me, Zavala too. (I see him as like a black dad, I didn’t have a good one so it’s where my mind went lol) seeing saint-14 and Osiris have cannon in game love is amazing. Seeing the community’s reaction being “I love this” was even better.
I haven’t been in this space for long but I don’t think I’ll be leaving any time soon. Bungie has done amazing making people feel at home in there world. There is genuinely no other AAA game I can think of that does this.
So, thanks bungie, for doing your best :)
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2021.09.20 01:55 TurntToucan Where to process deer?

Hi everyone,
I just got into bow hunting this season but I live in a small apartment and have nowhere to hang a deer I shoot. So I was doing some research and figured I could butcher the deer using the “Gutless” or quartering method. The only problem is the people that own the land just request that I don’t leave guts or any part of a carcass on the property as their dogs have gotten into them in the past.
So my question to you guys is that since I need to go off the property to process it and I don’t have a garage does anyone have recommendations on where to go to process and cut up the deer? Not sure if I can just roll up to a public park or something and do it on my truck bed then bag up and dispose of the remains. I know people can get crafty with this sort of thing so just looking for ideas that wouldn’t get me in trouble.
Thanks in advance for all the advice this sub has been awesome and super supportive for someone like me just getting into the sport.
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2021.09.20 01:55 Dances-with-Scissors My dad died two weeks ago and my family are all going on about how he's in a better place. Going out of my mind.

I'm being supportive because I can see the belief is bringing them some comfort. But I feel so isolated that I can't have a proper conversation with them about how I'm feeling. Everytime I try to talk about how I'm going to miss him all I hear is "he's still here" and shit like that. My mother and brother are just watching endless videos of psychic mediums and I'm kind of stuck in the house with them. I live in a different country and I'm staying in my parents house till next Friday. My wife only gets off work at what is midnight local time. So I barely get to talk to her. This is such a completely unexpected element of grief I didn't see coming.
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2021.09.20 01:55 Deaths_majesty Spy bye

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2021.09.20 01:55 Swooshywind Raycon good wires bad(because title)

I just heard “take me to the moon” and got flashbacks to every little and big sad thing that happened to me.
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2021.09.20 01:55 IamRocko He's usually my content for iamverysmart but this is a doozy

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2021.09.20 01:55 Draggron0108 It aint much but i wanted to add to the fanart pile

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2021.09.20 01:55 Not_So_Typical_Gamer So I got my PS5... And I don't intend to use online. Possibly ever. Is there a way to get my saves off my PS4? Or anything for that matter. also... If I play a bunch of games and connect to the internet a year from now and sign into my PSN account... Will my saves and all that merge?

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2021.09.20 01:55 Rune-Levithan Was planning on grinding to diamond all night solo before the split but every game I’ve loaded up has frozen or booted me, well there’s always next split

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2021.09.20 01:55 r_z0 what is the easiest way to learn Swedish by yourself?

i recently started learning it on duolingo i don’t think if it be that effective can any one help me please 😬
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2021.09.20 01:55 C1-10PTHX1138 We need a shorter workweek to free us from the tyranny of work. But working time reduction does not about come naturally, through automation or the giants of industry. Instead, working time is, and always has been, a political matter regarding the distribution of wealth and power in society

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2021.09.20 01:55 KCND02 Does no blood in a while mean its healing even if you still have pain? What does healing really look like for those of us playing the long game?

I've had an anal fissure since the beginning of June and I was having a bright red splotch of blood about - quarter size - every two weeks or so. It's been about a month and a half now without an incident like that and I'm no longer having the major muscle spasms, but I'm still having pain with each BM, I have to sit on a donut pillow or else I can feel a slight pain, and I do still get a bit of pain up through the groin on a bad day. However, no major ruptures or blood on the toilet paper, so am I healing? Or is this just my new normal?
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2021.09.20 01:55 DaisyJane_Cardiente Looking for scholarship

Name: Daisy Jane Cardiente
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Country: Philippines
Civil Status: Single
Hours spent online per day: 10-15hrs Provide gaming experience/if you have experience playing Axie Infinity: ML, COD, POKEMON GO
Tell me about yourself and why do you want this scholarship (75+ words): I'm currently a grade 11 student and also having a part time job at my antie house for the sake of having a good internet connection so i can answer all my modules. Due to pandemic my family having trouble with money so here i am applying for an honest, fast leaner and trustworthy person. Hoping for you to consider my application.
What makes you the best candidate compared to everyone else (75+ words): What makes me the best among them is im compassionate for what i do and i always give my very best to very challenge i have encountered. A very hardworking individual and I can assure you, if you would let me be one of your scholars. I'll follow rules and regulation ang assure you to meet your daily qouta required.
Please tell us why do you think you are the perfect scholar for us? (Please go into as much detail as you can, no answer is too long!) * I am a fit scholar because I have known Axie for a long time now. I have acquired not only theoretical knowledge but also experience. How you might ask, my friends lets me play a game or 2 using their accounts just foe me to have a grasp on how the game works.
I am confident that I have an Advanced level of knowledge about Axie Infinity. I have watched, read tons of materials about it and also I took a part in a free Axie course where I learned more not only about the game but the ins and outs as well and I have proudly bagged my self a certificate.
Favorite set up*
Based on the videos I watched, and in person gaming I witnessed. The set up I am looking forward to have is the BBP (bird beast plant) aside from it is a common set up and it is one if the easiest composition to play with if the cards are right, you can have both offenses and defenses.
I have known axie for quite some time now, I may not have any hands on experience but I made sure that I stack knowledge about the that will be beneficial for me in the future. I have watched videos, seen my friends playing it in person, read articles and sites about the game. Aside from that, because I have friends who are playing it I get a chance to ask about things that were not thoroughly explained in some of the videos. I am very patient when it comes to learning.
So if ever I will get to bag this, I can assure you that I am not a total noob for I am confident with my knowledge
Social media username used to subscribe: Youtube: Daisy Jane Facebook: Daisy Jane C. Cardiente Instagram: Daisy Jane Cardiente Twitter: none Twitch: none
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2021.09.20 01:55 tyadams3 Hermit crab saltwater

Is Fluval sea salt mix god to use for your hermit crab saltwater? So far I haven't been able to find anything about this one.
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2021.09.20 01:55 tinoiq Can You Be Forced To Get The Vaccine

Can You Be Forced To Get The Vaccine

Have you made a choice yet ?

There is a $100 scholarship prize for the best answer. Winner get's the prize in 3 weeks

#Biden #Vaccine #USA #California
#Covid #Democrats #Republicans
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2021.09.20 01:55 AKIP62005 180 Revert on Carbon...I know Evolve sucks but this girl shreds

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2021.09.20 01:55 SHSL_Herpetologist Return (With a special someone making an appearance.)

How long has it been since that night? A few days over a week?
She hasn't seen anyone since then. Early in the morning after that night, the night of Karasu and the Monokumas, she had returned to her house, after Korekiyo had been taken to the hospital. She'd gotten a change of clothes- well, partially, because it would take too long to unwind and rewind all the bandages, so she had only swapped out her hoodie for the time being.
Her reptiles had been alarmed, to say the least. Some of them had met holding some sort of council- to create a plan to keep her safe or something. She had explained some to them, but she didn't have time to comply with their demands of staying indoors.
So she had snuck out, something she felt slightly bad about doing, but it was necessary. Shera had seen her leaving and demanded to go along as protection, so there was that too.
She had taken the streets of the city masked in shadows, eventually reaching the place where all the ‘targets’ had met up. From there, Hebichi and her alligator simply followed the scents of blood, metal, and the signs left. No Monokumas were anywhere to be found, thankfully.
It had taken them a while, but they had found an old underground subway station, abandoned.
It was shown the fight had gotten worse here, blood and scuff marks on the ground. And then she had found him.
Mask off, the traitor ninja’s corpse was left in a pile of it’s own intestines. There was no way he could be alive, but she had tugged his head up and checked his neck for a pulse, just in case. Nothing.
That resulted in a few explanations to her pet- yes, this human was the bastard who had fought her. Yes, the alligator’s chew toy was based off him. No, the thick pink goopy things on the ground don’t taste like sausages, they’re internal organs, and they’re probably not rotten yet.
That had been an..interesting and odd time.
Once she had returned to the outside of the subway-since that whole string of events took up quite a bit of time- she set out following any blood trails that led in new directions. They all ended at a certain point, thankfully, and she returned home with the knowledge she had set out for- Shingetsu and Mukuro practically had to be alive, and Karasu was long gone.
That escapade resulted in her reptiles deciding she had to be kept inside and under watch for the whole week, for her safety- though, she was fine.
The one time she had gone out was at night, with the six foot water monitor and her alligator flanking her, to get food. And that was it.
Now, most of Hebichi’s wounds had healed over. There was an ache in her ribs and part of her stomach where the Monokuma claws had gotten more of the area slashed, and the scabs there were fresh and tender. The two bullet wounds needed to stay wrapped up, just in case, seeing as the wounds were more severe- though, she had gotten the bullets out early on and the shots hadn’t gone too deep into her flesh. Really, it was the bullet wound in her leg that was deepest, but she had added bandages to her arm just incase of the combined bullet and katana wound ripping open again. The rest of her injuries were healed over, or almost to that point.
And now, she was out and about for the first time in the past..ten, eleven, days? With Shera the alligator flanking her, of course. Even though she wasn’t hurt badly at all at this point, even though she had healed from much worse.
To anyone but perhaps those who had seen her get shot, or seen the bandaged bullet wound in her leg during that night, the slight limp she walked with was impossible to see. Even with her injury, she had corrected and compensated her stance, adjusting so that she walked just as silent and graceful as before, but with a sight shift of weight and movement.
Her alligator made sound, it’s claws clicking on the pavement as she walked down the streets, heading for the park and other public places.
She felt a little guilty, honestly. She hadn’t seen her friends or anyone for over a week, she had no idea if they were okay or not- but, her reptiles had wanted her to stay inside. Did she owe more to her reptiles then to her friends?
…the answer was yes, but she wasn’t quite sure how she felt about that.
Reasonably, she knew that Mukuro and Shingetsu would be okay. Neither of them had gotten hurt too bad from the Monokumas, and since she had come out of her fight with Karasu alright, and even given him an injury that would eventually turn seriously maiming or lethal..well, the two of them, together, would obviously be alright.
Unless Junko had planned something else for the two after the fight. But Junko would have made it clear, would have wanted everyone to watch if the two died. Junko wouldn’t have let her go over a week without knowing, because she would want Hebichi to feel despair early on, instead of having to wait.
Hebichi was used to many strange things others had rarely experienced, or couldn’t stand.
But worrying about her friends was new, and completely different. With Shigaeri, she had known he was weak and would die on his own, but she spent all her time around him and knew she was more then strong enough to intercept and take anything trying to kill him.
But now, she hadn’t seen her friends after their injuries. Now, worry made her heart beat faster, her lungs gulp for air quicker than they had during the original chase.
She knew Korekiyo would be alright. Hospitals, in her world, had always been scattered and dangerous, risk outweighing the reward of proper medical care. But the hospitals here had even been able to take care of Mukuro, so in every situation Korekiyo should turn out alright. Unless Junko did something.
No, that wasn’t even a scenario. She needed to stop stressing, stop focusing on that. Her friends would be okay. She was back, she’d find them soon enough…
And something else, distinct and ominous, loomed on the horizon. But for the time being, she paused and crouched down to pat her alligator with her good hand, soothing the reptile that had grown distressed from watching her mood. She was back in the city, and she would make the most of it while she still could.
...Make the most of it before she really acknowledged the fact that not much bound her by obligation to this place anymore, and soon she would expect herself to leave.
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2021.09.20 01:55 darcemaul Just discovering Keto Chow

Just returning Keto after a few years of dropping off. Needed to quickly lose around 15 pounds and as I did before, I jumped back onto Keto. Ran across the Keto Chow FB ad and grabbed the into sample pack. Wow!! I'm sold. Fantastic product!! Absolutely delicious!
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