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2021.09.20 01:51 fanboyfezz Red Devil’s Advocate

great win last night, in the sense of three points gained. I personally thought the overall tempo was not quite enough, but considering the final 10 minutes the game ended with elation.
now then. the manager. after the poor substitutions in mid week he came under what I thought was OTT scrutiny. valid criticism tbf, but I think calls for the sack were out of order. Last night, he brought on Matic & Lingard who combined for the winning goal. I understand it could be seen as a simple ‘personnel change’ but consider the following. while Matic is not as mobile as Fred, he is a better passer of the ball, and I don’t think Fred makes that assist where Matic did. secondly, Jesse is more mobile off the ball than Pogba, and the position he took for the goal to receive the pass is not one that Pogba generally takes, even when playing the wide left of the 3.
so while positionally speaking the formation stayed the same, Ole’s subs that were brought on possessed the correct skillsets for what we needed at that point to come away with the victory. considering the backlash he received for Young Boys, is he not due some credit for last night?
let me know your thoughts, as much as the above are certainly my personal opinions, this is certainly a ‘discussion’ post; not a ‘this is what you should all think’ post. Cheers!
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2021.09.20 01:51 glenn4moose Definitely makes the game harder

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2021.09.20 01:51 Delicious_Lisp My (f27) boyfriend (m34) sexted an ex f-buddy.

I’ve been dating the most kind, caring and sweet guy for close to 6 months. He seemed so perfect that I had to pinch myself. He treats people so well. Goes out of his way for others. Has treated My like an absolute princess, but not in a way that would be considered love bombing. I felt I had just met a really good person…And still do feel that way.
We met through friends. While he was visiting them in KY from CA for a couple months while he was here for work and searching out a potential place to move.
We clicked immediately and have been inseparable since. He decided to move here. He had to go back to CA to pack/move and complete a 6 week work assignment. We became official before he left at the beginning of august. All was well. We talked all the time. Sexted frequently. He brought me little trinkets from all the spots he had to travel to for work while he was in CA.
He moved back here to KY this week. When I went to help him moved in, we set up his bedroom first. I stayed with him that night.. and found a removable eyelash in his bed. I told him the next morning and he thought it was funny and texted his roommates about it. 2 girls live there also, (he lived with a couple and a brother and sister) and they often used his room as a guest room or movie room as he travels for work and was rarely there.. They said it looked like one of theirs. And he didn’t really seemed bothered by it. So I dropped it, since he just doesn’t seem like the character to do that.
This prompted me to go through his phone later that night and I found texts from a girl reaching out to him about the second week into his trip. It was a girl he would hook up with when he would do work assignments in FL. They reminisced about hooking up. Talked about what they would do to each other. She asked when he would come and visit and he said “as soon as I can”. They talked about what they would do if they saw each other again. He re saved old pictures and videos in his camera roll that she had sent him earlier this year of her fingering herself etc… from old chats.
I woke him up and confronted him about it immediately. He broke down. Became super remorseful. Ended up telling me how much I meant to him and how I was a big factor of why he chose to move here. Told me about past relationships and how they have affected him into feeling a sense of abandonment/unwanted and needing a “sense of validation” and that it was a stupid decision at the time. He was alone, it was late and she reached out to him and it was something familiar. The sexting only happened once on his trip and it occurred over a month ago.
He talked about how I was an incredible person with a good heart. So rare and different from anyone else he’s ever met and how he immediately knew he wanted to try and build a good life with me. He promised to do anything he could to regain my trust. He has already blocked and removed her from all contact platforms. He apologized for hurting me and doing something to make me feel so insecure and he was so ashamed of himself. He said he was never planning on actually going to meet her again, (even if he wasn’t with me) but just playing into the fantasy because it felt good to get the attention. It all felt so sincere… but damn. My feelings are so hurt. I was cheated on physically in my last LTR and it’s taken 2 years for me to get to the place I am mentally and emotionally. I truly do believe he is being 100% sincere and the chances of something like this happening again are very low. But… now they are never zero. How do I look past something like this? How can I ever feel safe and secure now? Are there just some types of baggage I have to learn to work through with a partner?
TL:DR boyfriend sexted an ex f buddy while on a work trip.
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2021.09.20 01:51 Xotaku8106X For a "busy dinner shift" and a quest to be happening, I'm getting 0 orders..

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2021.09.20 01:51 tyrel1l Swiss seems like it’s accuracy is suddenly random

Has anyone noticed that the Swiss has become unreliable recently?
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2021.09.20 01:51 TheBatCat3120 My mom's (guest) YouTube reset

Background: my mom is almost 60 and super against google accounts and things like that - doesn't even have an email account. All she does is sit and watch tv all day so I got her a Roku for her last birthday and set up an account for her on Hulu, Netflix, etc. Everything I have except YouTube, because I didn't expect her to like youtube. Well... Turns out she went exploring one day and actually fucking loves YouTube. So I offer to make her an account so she can save what she watches and have the system work better in her favor. Her irrational fear of email accounts and things of this nature comes in to play and she refuses. Just let's the Roku try to keep track of her interests. I'm not gonna get myself all stressed trying to convince her, and she seems happy to watch YouTube this way so I say ok.
This was all 5ish months ago. Fast forward to today.
The issue: She's perusing YouTube (on the guest account of course) and she clicks a video she wants to watch. The screen goes black, she gets Impatient and just hits back. It reloads the recommendeds and it's nothing she's ever watched or has any interest in. YouTube basically reverted back to when she first opened YouTube. And she's freaking out, she's so pissed all her shit isn't there - and fuck me it is hard to not say I told you so, but she's still yelling, "I don't know what Minecraft is! Etc! Etc!" And "where's my CNN and this and that."
So my question is: is there a way to recover guest user information, so the things she watched on the guest account could come back?
I think this is a question for this subreddit but I know the rules mentioned something about third parties, so if I should investigate elsewhere please lemme know and I apologize for placing this here.
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2021.09.20 01:51 JustMonkiaDDLC Monika's birthday party

I have seen people getting a note in the characters folder for Monika's birthday but I don't have one? do you have to be a certain affection level or something?
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2021.09.20 01:51 TrueScarbzz How would you do a touch if you just got a taper fade?

I recently just got a hair cut with a taper on the sides and fade at the back. If i wanted to refreshen the fade and taper how would i do so? If anyone has any videos to help that would be much appreciated.
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2021.09.20 01:51 Yaoi_MakesMe_Cum Redditors who are into objectophilia (sexual and sentimental attraction to objects), why?

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2021.09.20 01:51 Closl A favor for Jamie

I wonder if Jamie will or has called in the favor he he told the father of the attacked girl he may have in the future.
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2021.09.20 01:51 Magalb Happy early birthday to myself :) don’t give in to scalpers!

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2021.09.20 01:51 Astro_Stef Finally got my first pc! Rn it only has a ryzen 5 3600 and gtx 760 but I signed up for the evga mailing list so maybe I can get a 3060.

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2021.09.20 01:51 Choice-Ad-4457 $BnbExpress 🚆 | Just Launched| BNB 8% Rewards Every 1 Hours | FairLaunch | AD Campaign running | Community Driven | Huge Potential

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BNB REWARDS every 1 hours
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2021.09.20 01:51 gamersex Congratulations to all of us at r/transgendercirclejerk for reaching 66.6k Members!

Our numbers have finally grown great enough for us to mobilize our forces and begin enacting the Trans Agenda.
As a reminder for the plan:
We already have agents on standby with lab-grown estrogen inside the water treatment facilities of every Democrat-voting city in America to ruin the men. Then, we will ban the women from drinking any water besides our testosterone-laced personal reserves, and even then, we will require them to dye their hair a bright color and assign themselves a neopronoun before we even get them the bottle.
The patriarchal, misogynistic institution of Free Speech will be abolished, and we will entrust exactly Five Communist Billionaires to control the entire sociopolitical narrative of our society - we will cancel anybody who goes against our Machiavellian reign of liberalist terror by cancelling them and their youngest son (daughter). Misgendering will be punished via public execution by Apache attack helicopter.
Pragmatic, evidence-based policy will be outlawed in favor of radical, Marxist welfare programs, and conservatives shall be forced to work in the Ministry of Validation to determine which citizens are valid, and which are not - the trick is that we don't tell them is that all of them are heckin' valid, so we're constantly able to justify imprisoning them (in chastity cages) for poor job performance.
You will be required to successfully intimidate at least three women (who we are now pretending are men) before being allowed to use any public restroom to ensure that you are complying with civic obligations.
History books will remained entirely unchanged except for the replacement of every instance of "Adolf Hitler" with "Ray Blanchard."
Go forth, brothers and sisters, and sissify our men/confuse our lost lesbian sisters. The flag of our new Transamerica shall fly Pink, White, and Blue. And remember to praise Satan for free contraceptives today!
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2021.09.20 01:51 stkmahdkinit Son named after McRee - impact of name change

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2021.09.20 01:51 fz7y 😌😌

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2021.09.20 01:51 FRESH_TWAAAATS Brimnes headboard on Nordli frame?

Can i attach the Brimnes headboard to the Nordli frame? I really like the support of the Nordli base but prefer that other headboard style. Thanks!
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2021.09.20 01:51 Fantastic-Work-6279 [Psn][H]toon cobalt[w] unpainted fennec

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2021.09.20 01:51 fibronacci Just another brick in the wall. I can't read Chinese... but I like to imagine it says hedgies are soon to be fuk.

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2021.09.20 01:51 Machinax American and Euro Truck Simulator 2 devs have mastered sim economics

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2021.09.20 01:51 iCyou1213 Help with biostar board and gpu

I have a biostar tb360-btc And 4 Msi 3090s. I can’t connect all the cards back to back on the pcie slots ie:slot 1 slot 2 slot 3 slot 4. So they are connected on: slot 1, slot 3, slot 5 and slot 7. The problem I am having is that the card on slot 7 is not detected when the other 3 cards are connected, but I will detect it while only 1,2 or 3 cards are connected but not all 4. What am I missing? Is it a bios configuration Issue? Maybe psu(1000w)? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2021.09.20 01:51 Manada_2 Justiça determina que União forneça remédio mais caro do mundo para bebê com atrofia muscular espinhal

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2021.09.20 01:51 TheRealMattyPanda So we have an answer to where Travis is heading next

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2021.09.20 01:51 fizztaa Is anyone fed up of this stigma about people with BPD being cheaters ?

Anyone can cheat. People do it everyday, whether it’s emotional or physical. Why are we being ostracised as evil validation seekers who lack empathy ?
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2021.09.20 01:51 Own-Friendship1360 Engineer practicum

How is it? Is the $250 fee worth it?
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