2021.09.20 01:52 xrewindcoolguyx Boyfriend

Where does boyfriend fit in the Igor story? Or is it just a bonus track
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2021.09.20 01:52 fakegrannyweeds so I got a Hyper 212 led cooler as my temporary for my 5800x while I send back my Castle 240EX AIO…

…I replaced the cooler master fan with an Arctic P12 PWM and this thing is a BEAST!
Single fan and a heatsink for 50$ CAD vs 2 fans and a radiator for 150$ CAD, Same fan profile.
5800x Idle temps around the same, 38c - 41c @21c ambient. Cinebench R23 scores for the hyper 212 are around 14700, Castle 240ex scores are around 15200. This thing is no joke man, glad I sent back that AIO
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2021.09.20 01:52 Ckodeii [Co-Op] [DS3] [PS4] Dancer, Garden, Untended Graves, Lothric Castle,

I'm going to try to get through Dancer, the Consumed King's Garden, Untended Graves, and then return and go through Lothric Castle. Anyone want to help me with all or part of this? :)
PW is newb
Meet me outside of Vordt bonfire :)
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2021.09.20 01:52 MrLazyTiger Do all Kineticists except Overwhelming Soul need to be Evil-aligned in order to keep their powers? What about base Kineticist? Also, is the Psychokineticist still comparatively weak compared to other Kineticists?

Thank you
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2021.09.20 01:52 KarlEmmrich Ben Shapiro Platforms Unreal Slavery Comparison

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2021.09.20 01:52 Outrageous_Ad6384 Congrats to Christine Movie Car

It seems that Christine Movie Car married Pennywise the Clown (from the TV Miniseries).
Here's the Ceremony
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2021.09.20 01:52 64squared When we don't even try for a TD at the end of the game...

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2021.09.20 01:52 Stoli_And_Tots Like new!

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2021.09.20 01:52 leogrego123 How can I allow only one country to view the website and display Maintenance mode for others?

Hi. I am trying to configure my website so everyone who is from Germany can visit my website, but for all other countries I want to display a maintenance page without header and footer.
Does anyone know any good solution to do this? Thanks!
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2021.09.20 01:52 lanhuevietnam Just because so many Vietnamese Reddit friends here can’t understand my Huế accent somehow, I’ve decided to make my first audio with my very Huế accent. 😅 It’s about 20 minutes long. How much do you understand the audio?!#huecity

Just because so many Vietnamese Reddit friends here can’t understand my Huế accent somehow, I’ve decided to make my first audio with my very Huế accent. 😅 It’s about 20 minutes long. How much do you understand the audio?!#huecity submitted by lanhuevietnam to VietNam [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 01:52 Belle_Error PayPal Key (virtual credit card) BEWARE!

On and just before June 15, 2021, used the PayPal Key to buy some airline tickets. I left the Key alone, but then on June 30, received a bogus charge for $180 from a vendor I didn't recognize. Disputed the charge and it was ultimately refunded (with exception of a "Service Charge!" Come he*l or high water, PayPal's going to get something out of the transaction!) Immediately after that, I deleted the Key. However, I'm still getting notifications that someone's trying to access the now-dead virtual card:
"Mitsubishi UFJ" - July 18 "BIRD APP" - September 15 and 16 - 8 unsuccessful attempts "SPOTIFY USA" - September 17 - 2 unsuccessful attempts.
I contacted PayPal and they simply repeated what I'd already told them, "delete the card," which I told them I'd already done, and never once addressing my security concerns. Just a few minutes ago, Blocked my access to their Customer Service email.
In sum, if you use that Key app, delete that number immediately after your last charge goes through! Otherwise, prepare to Dispute, Dispute, Dispute - and turn off Notifications. Even if the charge doesn't go through, every attempt generates an annoying Notification.
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2021.09.20 01:52 MsFNuub Qc on Yeezy 350s Cloud White

Hi All, just bought my first pair of reps. Would appreciate any help QC-ing these.
PK BASF from Tina - Clound White
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2021.09.20 01:52 Ed666win Just picked up valk, any tips?

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2021.09.20 01:52 Cocohugo1 How do I change default audio device?

Title has all the details. How to change default audio device?
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2021.09.20 01:52 Muted-Key-2688 Have I offended my dog or what's happened?

My dogs pissed on and sniffed and loved this tree for years and years. The other day as a joke, I raced him to it and pretend to piss on it while having a good sniff and now he won't go near it. He literally gives it a wide berth when we pass it now. Did I break him or what's going on please?
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2021.09.20 01:52 Wilczalapa125 40 min Viego sketch

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2021.09.20 01:52 Big_Share_2697 drew my boi ImDontai --- @jlfcreative

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2021.09.20 01:52 lastwallprotocol [H] thousand sons rubric marines, admech disintegrator tank [W] PayPal $$$ [Loc] Seattle, WA
10 thousand sons rubric marines built. One has base coat $34 shipped
Admech disintegrator tank painted with main weapon magnetized $36 shipped
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2021.09.20 01:52 annadarria What’s a reccurring dream you’ve had?

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2021.09.20 01:52 iamzoot9 Loaded penguins

Currently whenever I hatch new penguins some existing penguins become loaded, as I unlock more habitats can I increase the amount of penguins I can have on my isle,?( so they're not loaded) Also do you still get gold from loaded penguins or do they need to be on your isle for you to collect income from them?
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2021.09.20 01:52 OnlyProggingForFun The most useful tools I use daily as a research scientist for finding and reading AI research papers

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2021.09.20 01:52 nonsensation Used Budget Cameras for Sport Events Filming

As the pandemy is still on going and not much spectators are allowed I am trying to film our local sport events, games and matches. For this I am currently using 2 old cameras, that can capture in an acceptable quality at 1080p50 (Panasonic Lumix Dmz-TZ61). However they are so old, they die after 30 minutes of filming and they can not be charged while recording. Therefore I am looking for a cheap alternative.
I have looked at used cameras for under 50€, but most of them aren't even able to record 720p.
What are some models that are affordable and able to be charged while recording? Around 2.5 hours would be ideal.
Another step up would be able to actually live stream these events.
Are there any cheap solutions to this, with used and older hardware? I am familar with the OBS side of streaming, but I do not know what is needed on the hardware level and if it is even possible. The streaming should also be at 1080p50, so a recording of it can be used for later videos.
There would be 3 cameras, behind each goal (Basketball sized court) and a center one. Is going wireless an option? Are cables too long for this distance?
I have also tried an DJI Osmo Action for both scenarios, but even 10 year old handheld cameras have much better quality and FOV.
I am thankful for every input and hint to what lookout for, maybe it is possible to get this somehow working
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2021.09.20 01:52 knightoffire55 What's your favorite "studio gave the director a blank check" movie?

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2021.09.20 01:52 crossstitchqueen1 Sweet cinnamon filled Korean pancake (cooked on stove) topped with their pumpkin ice cream and whipped cream 😋 it was so good!

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2021.09.20 01:52 kiski_daily_garfield I feel like someone left a watermelon in a car for 3 days

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