Oh shit, it’s me!

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2021.09.20 02:12 fakename1998 Oh shit, it’s me!

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2021.09.20 02:12 splurgurnurk Half-Life 2 Thematic Cuisine???

My wife is loosely interested in experiencing the HL2 and has suggested that we make a themed night out of it, including refreshments. As you might guess, we are having a HARD TIME thinking of any food or drink that could be remotely related to the game thematically. Anyone have any ideas, no matter how far fetched? Could be related to any little thing in HL1, HL2, or the episodes. Below is a list of our dead end ideas. I admit we did find some cocktails, though sadly they are not to our taste.
Cocktails: -The Crowbar (arguably the most solid choice; unfortunately doesn't sound yummy to us) -Red Snapper (I think of a crab -> head crab? Unfortunately she doesn't like Bloody Marys) -Corpse Reviver (zombies. Worth a shot, though we'd need to buy a bunch of ingredients we don't have)
Food: -anything rationed from an automated dispenser?
Other (references to game moments, but hardly party-worthy): -soda can -microwave casserole
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2021.09.20 02:12 megatronus_11 Parliamentarian Says no , so if Immigrants dont help the economy then please stop taxing the shit out of my Paycheck

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2021.09.20 02:12 TooZeroLeft I really hope we get to see an MCU Pet Avengers in a Disney+ show or project

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2021.09.20 02:11 C00kie96 April 2006 Month In Review

April was a huge month in the world of professional wrestling as WWE produced their biggest show of the year and Ring Of Honor showed the big boys how it's done. I love a good top 10 and I've compiled my own personal list of the top 10 matches and then top 5's for the funniest moment, shockers, top superstars and more. There were many hours to go through so it's inevitable that whoever reads this will have a different opinion to mine and if that's the case then feel free to let me know your thoughts!
Top 10 Matches

  1. Rob Van Dam vs Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship and the Money In The Bank briefcase - WWE Backlash 2006. ***¾(L)
  2. Christopher Daniels vs Senchi - TNA Lockdown 2006. ***¾
  3. Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton vs Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship - WWE Wrestlemania 22. ***¾
  4. Matt Sydal and Samoa Joe vs Roderick Strong and Austin Aries for the Ring Of Honor Tag Team Championships - ROH Weekend Of Champions Night One. ***¾(H)
  5. Christian Cage vs Abyss for the NWA Heavyweight Championship - TNA Lockdown 2006. ****(L)
  6. Homicide vs Colt Cabana in a Chicago Street Fight - ROH Better Than Our Best. ****
  7. John Cena vs Triple H for the WWE Championship - WWE Wrestlemania 22. ****
  8. Austin Aries and Roderick Strong vs Naruki Doi and CIMA for the Ring Of Honor Tag Team Championships - ROH Better Than Our Best. ****(H)
  9. Edge vs Mick Foley in a Hardcore Match - WWE Wrestlemania 22. ****¼(L)
  10. Triple H vs John Cena vs Edge for the WWE Championship - WWE Backlash 2006. ****½(L)
There were so many matches that could have made this list but I do feel my top 5 are justified. John Cena gets a lot of flack for not being a great wrestler but he and Triple H were part of two fantastic matches that really elevated Cena as a fantastic champion. That brings me to…
Top 5 WWE Raw Superstars
  1. The Spirit Squad - Don't get me wrong, I hate the gimmick but that's the whole point. They've been Vince McMahon's sidekicks and as a result have been included in the biggest storylines coming from the red brand. They also defeated Big Show and Kane to win the world tag team titles in a shocker so it's hard to deny that the male cheerleaders haven't made a big impact.
  2. Rob Van Dam - RVD has had a slow start after returning from injury but he shot up the ranks after winning the Money In The Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania and then even adding the Intercontinental title to his repertoire before the month was out. He isn't the greatest on the mic but promised that when he cashes the contract in, it's going to be extreme.
  3. Edge - Rob can probably feel hard done to by missing out on the top three but I couldn't not include the three men that have carried Raw through April. Edge wasn't involved in the decision in the triple threat match but he put on a great display, he also stole the show at Wrestlemania with Mick Foley getting one of the biggest wins of his career. Edge has been dynamite on the mic since becoming the Rated R Superstar and I can only see good things for the remainder of 2006.
  4. Triple H - Trips may have taken both the L's in the PPV main events but he sure has been impressive. He's been one of the most consistent bad guys in the WWE since 2003 but it looks like he's finally going to become an all out good guy. The fans have exploded every time he or Shawn Michaels have done the DX crotch chop and the reunion looks like a question of when rather than if. Hunter has shown his comedic side on the mic and a ruthless and brutal side in the ring.
  5. John Cena - You can't win two brilliant main event title matches and not be number one. Cena's mixed reactions from crowds have only gotten louder but the WWE champ seems to be evolving with them. He's a happy go lucky baby face by all intents and purposes but has an edge to him that not many have. April has been great for Cena and it's interesting to see where his next challenger will be coming from.
Shawn Michaels should probably get an honorable mention too, it's not his fault that he's involved in a ridiculous storyline with the McMahon's but he's made the best out of it, providing us with some awesome moments much like these…
Top 5 Shocking Moments
  1. Shawn Michaels' dive onto the Spirit Squad - HBK would climb a huge ladder in the ring with Shane and Vince lay on a table each, Shawn would then turn around and dive to the floor onto the five members of the Spirit Squad. The camera's didn't show the annoying bastards arriving so for us watching at home you wondered if Shawn went a bit doolally for a moment. (WWE Backlash)
  2. Chairs are thrown into the ring - Homicide and Colt Cabana finally had the blow off to their extraordinary feud and during the street fight Homicide would stupidly ask for a chair and what followed was a brilliant visual. Each and every fan launched their chair into the ring, burying the canvas and it actually put the match on hold for a minute or two. Homicide definitely knew what he was doing and it came off exactly how he planned. (ROH Better Than Our Best)
  3. Chase Stevens' Shooting Star Press off the cage - Chase Stevens pulled off an amazing moonsault during a steel cage match between The Naturals and America's Most Wanted back in 2004. This time he one upped himself and performed a Shooting Star Press only for his fellow competitors to side step and let Chase land hard on his face. The move looked pretty but totally not worth it. (TNA Lockdown)
  4. Rey Mysterio wins the world title - 5 feet 6 inches, 175lbs. This is not the profile fitting of a Vince McMahon world champion but the ultimate underdog broke down barriers by winning the big gold belt which some may argue weighs more than the champion carrying it. Eddie Guerrero passing away obviously had a lot to do with Rey's win but what people forget is that Rey has worked his arse off for over a decade and has performed at an elite level for the duration of that time. He's a champion that everyone can relate to and the moment he pinned Randy Orton's shoulders to the mat is iconic and the pop from the Wrestlemania crowd, who by the way seemed to be against Rey the whole match, was thunderous to say the least. (WWE Wrestlemania 22)
  5. The spear through the flaming table - When you think of Mick Foley at Wrestlemania you don't think of Wrestlemania 2000, you don't think of Big Show at XV and you don't even think of Rock and Sock vs Evolution from XX which to be fair is a forgotten classic! You think of Edge spearing him off the apron through a table that was up in flames. You don't need me to explain the dangers that surround that and the consequences that probably followed but Edge and Foley gave us a Wrestlemania moment that no one will ever forget. (WWE Wrestlemania 22)
Top 5 Ring Of Honor Wrestlers
  1. Colt Cabana - Colt had a very mixed month as he won the war against Homicide to start off on the right track but then finished the month by working his way up from the bottom of the card after losing a world title match in just 6 minutes. Colt is an ROH man through and through.
  2. BJ Whitmer - BJ has given his body for the ongoing war between Combat Zone Wrestling and Ring of Honor. He's been piledriven off the apron through a table, he's been curb stomped into a steel chair and he's been stapled whilst having his hands tied to the ropes. Whitmer got one of his best wins at the Weekend Of Champions when he defeated Super Dragon in a good match. Super Dragon also deserves an honorable mention as he's been the main threat from CZW so far.
  3. Claudio Castagnoli - Claudio has always been a unique member of the ROH roster with his wrestling style. He lost a very good match against Christopher Daniels who named him the future of ROH only to then turn his back on the company and join forces with his long time partner and friend Chris Hero and side with CZW. In one night he became the biggest heel in the company.
  4. Austin Aries and Roderick Strong - These two are without a doubt the tag team of the year so far and the most consistent duo in wrestling. They have had two phenomenal title defenses that were in my top 10 and soundly defeated the Embassy at the most recent show. The leaders of Generation Next are, in my opinion, the greatest tag team in Ring Of Honor history, up until this point.
  5. Bryan Danielson - Once again the ROH champ is number one and how could he not be? He's defended his title against almost everyone and his challengers from April include Lance Storm, Colt Cabana, Delirious and Nigel McGuiness. Bryan is amongst the best wrestlers on the planet and much like Aries and Strong, he makes the case of being the best champ that the company has ever seen.
So many stars have had a good month for ROH like Delirious, Matt Sydal and Nigel MxGuinness. ROH's roster is stacked!
Top 5 Funny Moments
  1. Vince flips everyone off from the stretcher - Vince just went through hell at the hands of Shawn Michaels on the show that he created but despite his pain and embarrassment, he just had to let the fans and HBK know what he thought of them. (WWE Wrestlemania 22)
  2. The Melina Scream-o-meter - This one is good. The red cap guy that somehow affords a front row seat in every city that WWE travels to brought his own handmade gauge of how loud Melina could scream at ringside. Melina would even acknowledge this and have a pretty funny exchange with Mr. Red Cap. (WWE Smackdown - 07/04)
  3. "I think both you bitches are crazy" - Trish Stratus and Mickie James would week in and week out dress up like the other. On Raw, Trish, dressed up as Mickie, would kidnap her own boyfriend/ex-boyfriend to see if Mickie, who was dressed as Trish, would really care about him. You lost yet? I am! Anyway Jack would get his chance to speak and he would tell the girls exactly what we were all thinking. (WWE Raw - 17/04)
  4. William Regal and his costumes - This isn't for everyone, but I'm a sucker for this type of comedy and William Regal is the master of timing and facial expressions. Not much more to say about this but if you fancy a chuckle then go and check it out (WWE Smackdown - 21/04)
  5. "Joe's gonna wrestle you" - Samoa Joe wanted revenge against ROH turncoat Claudio Castagnoli but the Swissman wanted assurance that it was not going to be a fight, but a wrestling match. Joe would hilariously mock Claudio's accent and 'promised' not to fight. The crowd are used to chanting about Joe killing people but the fans changed to "Joe's gonna wrestle you" in one of the best crowd chants I've ever heard. (ROH Weekend Of Champions Night Two)
There's nothing exactly side splitting here but each of these moments did get a chuckle out of me. Triple H, Edge and John Cena all deserve a mention as they all had great exchanges that got the crowd laughing on every episode of Raw building up to the big showdown at Backlash.
Top 5 WWE Smackdown Superstars
  1. Booker T - Booker had a lousy Wrestlemania but bounced back by getting himself into the final of the King Of The Ring tournament. He may not have won a lot of matches but he's certainly been pushed as the man to beat for the crown, and the robe, and the scepter. Oh and the throne!
  2. Brian Kendrick and Paul London - Not much can be said about the tag division for either show, that's because there isn't one! However London and Kendrick have pinned the tag team champions on Smackdown and have also beaten them in one on one competition respectively. They have had the most consistent month out of everyone I'd say.
  3. Rey Mysterio - Rey started the month on cloud 9 but has since been brought back down to Earth. Mysterio has made it no secret that his days as champion are numbered and hasn't exactly been booked that strong either. He technically retained his title against Kurt Angle but only because of a run in by Mark Henry.
  4. The Great Khali - This mother is huge! He debuted by destroying the Undertaker but hasn't really done much since. He's definitely the most visually impressive member of the blue brand but at the moment doesn't look all that mobile
  5. JBL - Bradshaw won the United States Title by beating Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania and has been a model champion ever since. Just joking, he's actually quite racist. He has a world title opportunity against Mysterio set for Judgement Day and it doesn't look too unlikely that he could walk out as a double champion.
Smackdown has had to do without Batista, The Undertaker, Randy Orton and Kurt Angle for all of, if not the majority of April so the top 5 really isn't that impressive once you dissect it.
Top 3 Best Moments
  1. Rey Mysterio celebrates with Vickie and Chavo Guerrero - Not much to say about this. Rey celebrating the world title with the wife and nephew of Eddie Guerrero is a beautiful moment. (WWE Wrestlemania 22)
  2. The splash from AJ Styles to James Storm - Styles is a human highlight reel and despite having an unusually quiet month for TNA he is still the main source of their best moment. AJ would climb a ladder that was on top of a steel cage, he would monkey bar across a support beam hanging from the roof and would then drop down through James Storm through a table! One of the most memorable TNA spots I've ever seen. (TNA Lockdown)
  3. CIMA says that he loves ROH - The stars from Dragon Gate came over to ROH for a three show deal and from that we had some of the best matches in Ring Of Honor history. At the end of the final night CIMA, who was one of Dragon Gate's biggest stars, would profoundly express his love for ROH. It was a moment that really felt like Ring Of Honor had reached the next step, the fans went wild and thanked the Japanese group for what they helped create. Sure it's not a Wrestlemania moment but it was a huge pat on the back for a company that seemed to be heading the opposite way just one year prior. (ROH Better Than Our Best)
Unintentionally I listed the biggest moment for each company there and as usual TNA had AJ Styles to thank for theirs but strangely enough he's not on my list for the top 5 this month..
Top 5 TNA Stars
  1. Sting - Sting would make his long awaited return to professional wrestling at Final Resolution before seemingly retiring straight after. Jeff Jarrett would then piss off Stinger enough to make him make his return and what a return it was. The Lethal Lockdown match was a hell of a lot of fun and it was the Stinger who secured the winning pinfall against his rival team.
  2. Alex Shelley - Shelley had a busy month, if he wasn't alongside Jimmy Rave as part of the Embassy in ROH then he was busy being part of Team America in TNA. He's also the man that filmed Sting and his family along with Abyss' attempted murder on Christian. Throw in the fact that he's good to watch in the ring then there's the justification for the number 4 spot.
  3. Abyss - Abyss may have lost against Christian at Lockdown but he looked bloody impressive in doing so. He ended the night by taking the world title hostage to guarantee his rematch. James Mitchell has worked wonders for his career and I really wouldn't mind seeing the big man as champion.
  4. Christian Cage - The world champ hasn't been on Impact that much in April and that's why he isn't in the number one position. Captain Charisma defended his title in a great match but hasn't been seen on Impact enough.
  5. Samoa Joe - Joe lost his title in the Ultimate X match but won it back at the first time of asking. He soundly defeated Sabu at the PPV and remains undefeated in one on one competition. Joe is a badass and is being booked brilliantly it has to be said.
I will now rank the top 5 shows that have been produced in April. Each show is rated out of 10 by there's many factors that go into that, factors like match quality, crowd reaction, shock factor, value for money and the overall enjoyment from minute one to last.
  1. WWE Smackdown 07/04/06 - The first Smackdown after Wrestlemania saw two really good TV matches and the debut of The Great Khali. This edition narrowly edged out Raw of the same week due to the quality of the main event between Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio. 6.5/10
  2. WWE Backlash 2006 - I've spoken a lot about the triple threat main event but that wasn't the only thing to happen on the show. We saw RVD win the IC Title, we saw Shawn Michaels and the McMahon's in a classic WWE spotfest and we also saw God get booked in a match. Plenty of the show belonged on Raw but the good certainly outweighed the bad. 6.5/10
  3. TNA Lockdown 2006 - Every match was a steel cage match and TNA did a great job of making that gimmick work. There was nothing mind blowing about the show, except the AJ bit, but it was a solid 3 hour show that was such an easy watch. 7/10
  4. WWE Wrestlemania 22 - Wrestlemania is the biggest show of the year, no doubt, but that doesn't mean it was the best. Of course we had the usual high spots that a Wrestlemania should have like the title matches, the Money In The Bank Ladder match and Edge vs Foley but it also had the slow moments like Boogeyman vs Booker T that stop this event from being faultless. It's an extremely enjoyable Wrestlemania that is amongst many people's favourites. WWE will have to do something special to overtake this as their show of the year. 7.5/10
  5. ROH Better Than Our Best - For the record, I love WWE, have done for the past 15 years and I will always be a fan no matter how frustrating the current product is. That being said, I feel that 'Better Than Our Best' set an example of how every pay-per-view should be. We had so many main event worthy matches. We had the Dragon Gate guys leave it all in the ring before they went back to Japan. We had Lance Storm come out of retirement for his last ever match. We had the culmination of one of the bloodiest feuds in ROH history and a moment that elevated Ring Of Honor just 12 months after looking like the end of the road for the company. One of the best wrestling shows that I've watched from the first bell up until the last, it's just a shame that it didn't happen on a bigger stage. 8.5/10
Lastly I will rank Raw, Smackdown, TNA and ROH in order of how they've performed in the month of April.
  1. WWE Smackdown - It started so well as the blue brand crowned a new world champion and debuted a 7 foot monster but then injuries cost them. Kurt Angle and Randy Orton were both part of the Smackdown main event of Wrestlemania but are both now sidelined, mix that with the fact that they had no PPV to build to meant that Smackdown was solid, just not all that exciting.
  2. TNA - It feels like a strange time for TNA. They made the jump from Friday night to Thursday night for Impact but still only have 1 hour to work with but they produce stellar PPV's month after month. TNA certainly isn't stale but Impact does feel like a carbon copy of each other week after week.
  3. Ring Of Honor - April started with one of the best shows ever but kind of fell off track a little bit with an underwhelming 100th show. Weekend Of Champions turned out to be a bit of a waste of time but did solidify the fact that ROH currently have the strongest set of champions in their history. CZW vs ROH is a rivalry that keeps getting better and the future now looks bright for Gabe and his men.
  4. WWE Raw - Raw hasn't been great this year, largely down to a lack of time going into the wrestling side of things but once we get to the PPV's the red brand shined in the main events. Triple H, Edge and Cena carried the flagship show so well this month and with a DX reunion looking more and more likely we could be in for a refreshing change on Monday nights! It's definitely the show that I look forward to watching the most and that says a lot when compared to March and prior.
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2021.09.20 02:11 nummooping Super Funny Cats - Cat Videos - Cute Kitten - Cat Reaction - Cat Compila...

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2021.09.20 02:11 ghettowayqueen I appreciate y’all sooooo much! Thanks to everyone for sharing your insight for all plants!! My Hoya has finally unwrinkled!!

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2021.09.20 02:11 miguelverdu_ Looking for my First piano

I’m about to get my first piano and wanted to ask if my current choice is a good one to start, I see the bundle of the Casio CDP-S100 on thomman.de and as a newbie I think is perfect to practice, is this a good price/option?
PD: I don’t have more money
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2021.09.20 02:11 M0N0G0N You all have been very cute lately! Here, have a moth :3 (Art by me, Monogon <3)

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2021.09.20 02:11 Due-Okra-3529 What do you call this yellow and black insect that flies, kills caterpillars, nests underground, and is considered a pest by the general population?

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2021.09.20 02:11 grepzilla Bike Recommendations - $500 - $700 Budget

I just got back from another cycling trip with my kids scout troop and I'm now convinced I will be much less miserable with better equipment than the Wal-Mart Roadmaster I borrowed from my oldest kid.
First question, I'm 6ft with a 32 in inseam. I know the bike I was riding was undersized. What is a recommended size for my height?
Second, we don't do aggressive mountain biking so my inclination would be something with a hybrid tire. This weekend was a good example where we did 1/2 or more on the road and fairly flat dirt paths. The other half had some trees roots. The group I'm riding with is a mix of low to medium skilled and we wouldn't choose a trial with big hils or technical complexity on purpose. Personally, I'm more likely to ride on the road than a trail to get the most use out of the bike since I live in an urban area.
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2021.09.20 02:11 helpinky How do I play/record the Tracker chromatically?

I'm still learning the workflow on the Tracker and would appreciate any help, thanks
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2021.09.20 02:11 legalrancher How Quickly Should I Finish My Ward Quests And How Do I Complete Them Faster

Hi guys,
I main Kai'sa in solo queue but I play support in a party with 3-4 of my friends where we usually play high silver to low gold players. I used to basically only play Leona unless she got picked/banned in which case I would play either Rakan or Maokai. I've recently expanded my champ pool to include Lulu, Janna, Morg and I want to learn Bard and possibly Rell. Sometimes in games I have trouble finishing my ward quests, as I feel like I complete them really late and that puts me behind in vision score as well as gold generation, but there are situations in which I feel like it is very difficult to do it. For example, I had a game where I was playing Janna into Ashe and Lux and I got barely any spellthief's procs in lane because they both had solid range and were able to harass me back whenever I stepped up. I didn't end up finishing my ward quest until like 23 minutes in because I couldn't get many Ws or Qs in on them. Do you guys have any idea as to what my target time should be for finishing support items, and if so do you have any tips for how I could speed up finishing them?
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2021.09.20 02:11 gf120581 "Trick 'r' Treat" has a lot to recommend it, but one thing you appreciate on repeat viewings is the little details in the background.

This is, after all, the "Pulp Fiction" of horror anthologies, since the stories are not separate but weave in and out of each other, as well as having the Tarantino trait of being set out of order (the opening scene being chronologically the last scene in the film). And as such, you have a lot of little details that you catch in the background that relate to other stories or foreshadow what is to come. Like when Anna Paquin is walking around looking for a guy and in the background, you can see the out of focus shape of a certain dark-cloaked figure noticing her and beginning to stalk her. Or at the beginning when Leslie Bibb is watching trick or treaters out and about and you can see a certain group of trick or treaters walking away from a neighborhood house where (as the very end of the film would later show) they've just committed a very nasty act of revenge. Or this opening statement from the TV news reporter in her piece on the Warren Valley Halloween celebrations:
"Werewolves, zombies and demons of every sort, they've all descended on the normally sleepy town of Warren Valley, Ohio..."
She just told you what you're going to get in the movie. Werewolves? You got it. Zombies? Them too. And demons? Well, there's dear old Sam for that... But why not vampires? That's more foreshadowing that the "vampire" in the film is not what he seems.
Little details like that are another reason to love the film. Michael Dougherty really did make an absolute Halloween treat with this one.
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2021.09.20 02:11 pizzerizzo Shakespearean Criterions?

I’m looking for either Shakespearean films in the collection or films that feel like they should be. Any recs would be appreciated!
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2021.09.20 02:11 RelevantMode Rocket can land on Rocket preparing to take off

for some weird reason, you can let a rocket land on a launch pad where a rocket is standing already, if it currently is preparing (e.g. refuel or loading) for a special assignment.
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2021.09.20 02:11 theruley I’m a grown man and i am playing with a hot wheels track in my living room.

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2021.09.20 02:11 _mr0 Democrats blocked from including immigration reform in spending bill

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2021.09.20 02:11 schmasee Long boarding?

Hey, I live in the Portage/Valparaiso area, and I was wondering if anybody knew of some fun either loop trails or hills for me to try out? I ask, look around, and try everything I see but I haven’t found anything I liked yet.
Anything is honestly helpful. Help a bored man out.
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2021.09.20 02:11 LittleCherub97 What makes an amazing man (upbringing/schooling/etc)?

My man is amazing. And if/when I have a child(ren), I want my kid(s) to be his clones more or less. So I'm asking, what environment turns (turned you) a child into an amazing person?
What environment would do the opposite (make a man a narcissistic arsehole)?
Examples for context: 1. He will tell me not not help with chores frequently enough that it is noticeable (even though he works a full week, so I do try to help out)

  1. I am a horny woman, but once in the middle of sex, I wasn't feeling it, and he handled it perfectly
  2. He loves me for who I am, even when I cut/dye my hair or talk a lot about a particular subject (yay autism!)
  3. He will always (more or less) bring me my dinner first, before his, what a fucking gentleman!
  4. He will drop me off/pick me up from places (recently: first vaccine dose, my home, driving lessons, university), not all the time but when it makes sense
  5. He gives me the physical contact I need: back rubs and cuddles
  6. He pays for things. He will rationalise that the food/groceries (or other things) is mostly for him, so I don't have to spend beyond my means. Very considerate!
  7. This is an important one: he supports me in being an independent woman, not making me dependent/reliant on him
Note: obviously I do things for myself, I just think he is an epic guy ☺️
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2021.09.20 02:11 Pointsevenfour Why are there 3 Str vegitos available at different costs? I just bought the first one for 20, was that a mistake

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2021.09.20 02:11 Evening-Wishbone-954 New channel please subscribe 🙏

Hey guys I’ve started a YouTube channel and would like feedback please I want to grow and creat entertaining content with everyone so if you’d like to collab please hit me up it’ll be fun!
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2021.09.20 02:11 random_numb 5.64650982305

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2021.09.20 02:11 BloominBudz420 New piece what u think?

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2021.09.20 02:11 SnoopNcat Why is it a single lifetime purchase, i want his full set.. will it come out later or what :(

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