Monday, September 20, 2021 at 6:00 a.m., eastern time is the big day and time when all Chase-issued AARP Visa and AARP Visa Signature cards are transitioned over to Barclays Bank.
After 6:00 a.m., eastern on September 20, 2021, you're Chase-issued AARP Visa card will no longer work, and you will need to use the Barclays Bank-issued AARP Mastercard!
Note: Only those accounts in "good standing" will be transitioned to Barclays. Those not in good standing will be closed (and probably already are if not in good standing), and any remaining balances will be paid to Chase.
Missing the letter "S" in BARCLAY(S) will take you to a scam site. DON'T BE FOOLED!!
For those not aware, last year in 2020, AARP placed it's co-branded credit card portfolio up for bid - and Barclays Bank was the winner.
What does this mean for AARP? More in their coffers with higher rebates from transactions, and higher rebates from Barclays Bank when new cardholders sign-up for the card. Does that trickle down to you, in my opinion, no?
Chase offered cash back in certain categories as Barclays Bank will - some of the categories are changing/going away, others are new. Some of the categories that Chase offered for cash back are changing with new Barclays card, which some may like, most I suspect will not.
I think it's a big downgrade from Visa Signature and the associated benefits to Essentials Rewards Mastercard.
1) You can no longer use the Barclays Bank-issued Mastercard card at Costco!
2) Speaking of Costco, you will no longer be able to purchase Costco gas -since this is a Mastercard, and Costco does not accept Mastercard. Costco typically has lower prices than the big boy brand name gas stations, plus the 3% rebate/cash back will be gone!....REALLY?
So, AARP wants me to use their new World Mastercard, and pay for for higher priced gas at stations other than Costco? No wonder the AARP board signed up with Barclays Bank - they will make more money on the transactions - yet we the seniors get screwed, unless you can gas cheaper than Costco!
What do they think that seniors and old ladies stay home, don't drive and take the bus and dial-a-ride?
2) No more use of the great Visa Signature Hotels program (super discounts, upgrades and special room rates).
Although Barclays likes to make the card as a pretty as pig with lipstick, this new Barclays Bank AARP Essential Rewards Mastercard (World Mastercard)" is just a stink bomb.
Why on earth did the board at AARP agree to an inferior Mastercard product, when they could have negotiated a Visa Signature product? Barclays Bank offers and issues co-branded Visa Signature cards!
I don't mind that AARP bid out their card program for more revenue - but this is a BIG downgrade from Visa to Mastercard. If Barclays Bank would allow you to choose Visa over Mastercard, then I might keep the card - but I was told "no".
I will not cancel the card - as I don't want to lose the tradeline, but it is going into my thong and girdle drawer. I'll use it once a year to buy imported thongs from Italy - just to keep the account and tradeline active.
I'm surprised it's still a no annual fee card.
Also, anyone notice the annual interest rates (APR) Barclays Bank offers for new cardholders?
Anywhere from: 16.74% or 20.74% or 25.74%
WOW - the interest rates are like usury rates that someone with bad/no credit would receive!
Screwing seniors again with inflated high interest rates - just to make Barclays Bank and AARP more money and screw the seniors. At least my interest rate from Chase carried over - and that to me is very high - as I 'm thankful to be able pay the account in full every month.
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2021.09.20 00:59 Ok-Street7504 One of my favorite scenes especially with Kramer but I can't remember what the episode is about?

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2021.09.20 00:59 NateAtttack In your opinion, what was the best Pokemon game of all time and why?

Mine is Heartgold by a million miles. The nostalgia, Pokemon following you, remastered OSTs, sprites, visuals, colors, story, the fact that you get to travel to Kanto, Pokegear, PokeAthlon, talking to your pokemon, certain trainers change their teams a lot fighting them again, youngster Joey, safari zone, side quests, and a billion other reasons
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2021.09.20 00:59 smizzacked_ My buddy Kreacher

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2021.09.20 00:59 BroadShoulders75 Why should I trust that public corporations will do what is right or legal when doing the opposite will make them more money?

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2021.09.20 00:59 kawafam Kawakami Reborn - Update and Moonmap

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2021.09.20 00:59 Thereal_slj Help on a grip shim?

For some reason either the hot or the ground will come disconnected from my motor and I’m having a hard time making it stop as I’ve never encountered this before. Gracias
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2021.09.20 00:59 Pandabarbear AA Adventures List of new words

Would love to find out what new words people have discovered playing the game, because I've been stopping every few minutes to look up words I have never heard of before!
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2021.09.20 00:59 Somniie I know, another small streamer

I am looking to get back into streaming, I usually avg 2-3 views (working on affiliate) trying for variety but primarily playing FPS until Nick All Stars releases then that'll be added to the roster. Looking for either tips or potential friends to stream with. User: Somniie
19 years old and I do curse, usually not very good at games but I have my lucky moments and I play PC
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2021.09.20 00:59 randomdude604 SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES IN VAIN

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2021.09.20 00:59 balasoori Episode 8: Día de los Vivos (Season Finale) Discussion

Young artist Ramon wants to see his mentor, Jasper, again, and Jasper realizes he may not have been the best influence on Ramon.
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2021.09.20 00:59 caculo I would like to share a picture.

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2021.09.20 00:59 Beneficial-Injury-42 Co-worker spiked my drink, my manager is writing my up for spreading "rumors"

TW: Could be possibly tiggering? I dunno.
Hi! This is a throw away account, for reasons you'll soon discover.
I don't want to give away to many details (it might norrow down and people might find out where i work and crap). Firstly, I am (16 f) and I work nearly every position (legally) I can.
A while ago (maybe a month and a half) ago I was outside working (we have an outdoor bar), sweeping, wiping down tables, etc... I was thirsty, and the bar serves non-alcholic beverages (soda, lemonade, etc...) I just wanted a lemonade, so I asked the bartender (22? m) for JUST a lemonade. He said he had a special mix, told me it was virgin, no alcohol. Cool. It's just tea and a lemonade mixture.
I get this strong burning in the back of my throat after a sip, I take another just to make sure, yup! something is off. I give it to a co-worker (23 f) who says, "yup, that's alcohol."
I threw it away.
Backstory on the bartender. His girlfriend (22? f) also works there as a bartender, they had gotten another employee put on probation because they made lies up about him. (They admitted to it, they were bragging about it, I remember telling my boss about it right after it happened.)
They've plotted to get rid of those they didn't like. They constantly were telling me how to do my job, constantly telling me wrong information, which I had confirmed with my boss as well.
I told my boss about him spiking my drink. Her only reply, "oh, that's not good."
Cool, where's this going OP?
Today it was brought up again after another co-worker made a comment to the bartender. He had recently told on (same employee from before, let's call him "J"), J again about "over-pouring." (I work with "j" almost everyday, I've never seen this.) My co-worker (unknown to me) found this out and made the comment, "you can tell on someone else for something but can't talk about how you spiked "my name" drink?"
She recorded it and everything. He denied he ever served me. Denied he ever made me a drink.
I've come to find out my manager (24 f) never talked to him about it the first time. I've spoken with mulitply of my co-workers about this, I wanted their opinions on it. I wasn't really "spreading" anything because everyone alredy knew, and nobody really said or did anything, it wasn't effecting him.
My manager comes to talk to me today about talking him. "It could hurt him. Making up stuff like that. It's damaging."
But what about me? He got away with putting alcohol in my drink. The comments I made about him never hurt him. Nobody ever said or did anything?
"Why would I lie about that?" I asked her. She just shook her head.
"I'm not saying you're lying." I just nodded. I bit my lip and I went to walk away. "Why are you trying to walk away from me?"
"Because I don't know what to say." She scolded me and told me I needed to listen to her. I just listened to her call me a lair.
"It didn't happen." That's what she said to me. "There's no motive. You're 16. Why would he want to do that? There are many things at the bar that can taste like alcohol but aren't."
I was drosey, and dizzy. It burned my throat. I don't know if I'm crazy.
She's writing me up. She documenting everything I said. Not him. She didn't even make a report of what I said.
Her and I were close. I don't even want to be around her anymore. What if something worse would've happened?
I don't know what his motive was. I had no idea what his intentions were. She believed him over me. I don't lie. I maybe be annoying, but I never lie.
And just because I don't like a co-worker doesn't mean I want to ruin their reputation, but I didn't ruin his. It didn't do anything to him. He still works there. He still works there and he's untouchable, and I'm getting written up. I'm getting the blame thrown on me.
What should I do? I'm at a loss. I like working there. I like those around me that support me. I like my job. I'm not around him all that much. It's just me getting written up for speaking up, it's confusing me.
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2021.09.20 00:59 Character_Surround Rental van driven by FedEx worker hits stroller and Nanny

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2021.09.20 00:59 Bernard_Hunor_Deak Discordia ||Comms OPEN|| on Twitter

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2021.09.20 00:59 flashh007 leaves turning brown ? any help … first grow here

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2021.09.20 00:59 myt272727 Help me narrow down my college list

I divided my list to 4 categories, based on both how hard to get accepted and education/prestige. I want to narrow down each category to 5 colleges, removing the ones with relatively worse; politics/international relations department, social environment (e. g. very conservative), financial aid to internationals, internship opportunities or in other words middle of nowhere.
Category 4: Davidson, Lafayette, Trinity, Skidmore, Richmond, Vassar, Drexel
Category 3: Emory, Tufts, Claremont McKenna, WUSTL, Brandeis, Carleton
Category 2: Williams, Swarthmore, UChicago, UPenn, Dartmouth, Duke, Northwestern, Pomona
Category 1: Columbia, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford
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2021.09.20 00:59 djooj A pic I took of my cats

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2021.09.20 00:59 usernamenotfound789 What political opinions do you have that you dont tell people becuase you know you'll only face backlash?

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2021.09.20 00:59 whiteros3s found a dead leaf… normal? (37F)

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2021.09.20 00:59 Low-Mathematician332 Light Blue Barrel Fighter with Horizon Thrusters and main Box Thruster

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2021.09.20 00:59 CasanovaF40 Peut-on se faire circoncire mais en gardant le frein ?

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2021.09.20 00:59 clip_mirror_bot Chatter makes a scientific observation

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2021.09.20 00:59 RedRockM How’s everyone feeling during this Pisces full moon

Good bad in between or not good lol hmm I think it’s definitely a very potent and powerful full moon and the effects seemed to have been felt on at least the 8th of this month which is an unusual amount of time for a full moon window but this one is incredibly strong so it was to be expected
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2021.09.20 00:59 ThyGoon Fog on the new Snapshot

Is there anyway I can remove the Fog on the 21w37a snapshot?
Its annoying not being able to see a ghast shoot a fireball at you.
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