Just finished prophecy dungeon for the first time

2021.09.20 01:05 LLoggiins Just finished prophecy dungeon for the first time

And I got a sudden death with corkscrew rifling,steady rounds,slide shot and snapshot sights wondering if this is a good roll
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2021.09.20 01:05 sarebears112584 Anemia

Hey has anyone here been put on ferrous sulfate for low iron? I'm worried about how bad this is gonna constipate me. Lol.
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2021.09.20 01:05 Mister_E69 I wanted to make a mod for this show, but I soon learned that I can't make mods. Any tips or suggestions?

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2021.09.20 01:05 Wide_Cust4rd US occupation transfers new group of Daesh terrorists to its base in al-Shadadi

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2021.09.20 01:05 Ouroboros612 I saw something not meant to be seen by any man who wishes to retain his sanity [Part 2]

Part 1
The chief executive started playing the video from Mary and Joseph’s trip through the portal. It was not the paradise they were talking about. As they walked through the portal there was a moment of static in the cameras. Mary and Joseph took only a few steps and abruptly stopped half-way towards each other. So that their faces were partly revealed to each other by the cameras. Despite their suits, sweat was running down their faces, their facial expressions uncanny as if having a stroke. An absolutely disgusting creature stood there looking at them. It was like a giant centipede with hundred of legs, with a large almost humanoid looking head with one single oversized eyeball. The eye had no lids. It had antennas on the top, and tentacles hanging from the bottom of its head looking sort of like a beard, for the lack of better words. Dark tentacles with some kind of liquid dripping from it. Mary and Joseph were shaking a bit and stood stiff. Mary said «W-what a b-beaut... full... p-place». Stuttering while her glassy eyes had a thousand yard stare. Joseph too seemed to be in some kind of trance, muttering nonsense like «L-look at those fruit trees... the... waterfalls...». But the paradise around them was nothing short of orange stone and black mist in the air. This creature seemed to have them enthralled. The reality they had seen, an illusion.
«It’s 4 hours of this» the chief executive said as he proceeded to fast forward the recording to something happening. The creature would reveal two long slimy tentacles with finger like ends, and started taking off their suits. We just... sat there. Watching this. The cameras were attached to the suits, so they were now on the ground, actually giving a more complete view. As one camera is pointing directly up at the creature, and the other towards the landscape in the background that was now a little bit more visible. As the creature started moving, it was revealed that further back on its body – there was a huge sack of yellow liquid. The creature continued to undress Mary and Joseph carefully. Then it used its tentacles to turn around and put their bodies in the yellow liquid. Lowering them gently into it. They were still not waking up. As if this place, or this creature – was causing this.
Seeing this - one of the scientists in the room threw up and ran out. The rest of us remained. This was horrible, disgusting. But I couldn’t look away. I just then realized that they were able to breathe and talk without the suits on as they were in this... state. Hours passed. Mary and Joseph seemed to finally wake up inside the liquid, with strangely enough had not drowned them. The terror in their eyes is something forever imprinted on my mind as they naked and helplessly were punching the transparent barrier. I’m not a man with much empathy, but I truly hoped for their sake, that the creature would not turn its head around so they had to see it as they were trapped in this yellow liquid inside of it. But I had no more than given it a thought before the creature turned its hideous one lidless eye around, looking at them. I’ve been to war. I’ve seen horrible things. But nothing like this. There was some sort of reaction in the liquid and their skin started to melt of, and the flesh. It seemed to happen very slowly for a time, then rapidly accelerating. They just completely dissolved inside the creature.
At this moment I paused the video and lost my composure, as well as any semblance of my usual professional and cool demeanor I had always taken pride in. «If that happened to them, who the FUCK do we have in our quarantine cells?» I yelled. The chief executive was shaking and avoided eye contact with me. It wasn’t me he was concerned with. «Watch...» he said and I could do nothing but to sit down and with morbid curiosity continue to watch. Hours were fast forwarded. Mary and Joseph comes from outside the cameras view, taking their suits back on. They got back to just standing there facing the creature. The creature is also just standing there. Not looking at them, but the portal. This goes on for some time, until Mary and Joseph – or whatever those things were came back through the portal.
«We need to kill them. Immediately.» the chief executive told me, his hands still trembling. I asked him to test them first. Check for anything and everything I told him. «And whatever you do, don’t let those things – whatever they are – out». As I went for my room for the night, I felt uneasy. Knowing those... human like imposters were down there. Alive. Planning to do God knows what. Even with double the security and the entrance to the cave with the quarantine chamber and the portal closed with a blash shield. The «stupid» safety measures as I had called them did not feel sufficient. When I put my head on the pillow and went to sleep that night, I had the strangest dream. I dreamt of an Aztec temple, the stone itself was on fire. People screaming. A warrior with a spear looked down on me with unsynchronized weird eyes looking in opposite directions when talking to me. I couldn’t remember all of it. I do remember though what he told me in the dream. «Why can you not remember the future?» he said. As I drifted into darkness again.
The next morning I had to stop the chief executive twice from communicating with earth. The second time I directly threatened to have him executed for insubordination. I had never been so happy to have authority. I needed to see this madness through. The doctor and some of the scientists finally came with their report as I was sitting in the command center watching «Mary» and «Joseph» on the security cameras. «We found nothing to indicate they are not human. Their blood tests, as well as anything else is... well... normal». The doctor had said as he handed me the papers. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I tried to think of something else we could do to make sure when the doctor continued. «We did find an abnormality though. Some of the engineers who were working down here came to pick up some of the gear they left, one of them were messing with his infrared goggles and... I’ll just skip straight to it – Mary and Joseph does not show up in infrared light». I asked them what it could mean. When they didn’t know - I assembled a meeting. So far I didn’t think that I had made any bad decisions. But on this I needed advice. The result was that we decided to have them executed and ejected out the airlock. We simply could not risk it. We SAW them melt to death, we SAW some kind of copies of them walking back in here. It was put to a vote and thankfully the other people in charge there agreed with me on this.
Before having them executed I needed to talk with them. I spoke to Mary first. I asked her what her daughter’s name was to see if it matched her files. «Isabella» she said and smiled. «Can we get out now? We’ve been here for days. What’s taking so long?». I talked to Joseph too. He too had a child. A son. Or rather – Joseph HAD a son. Before he died. Now this thing is here pretending to be him. «Do you remember anything unusual?» I asked him. «No. It was a paradise in there. It was beautiful. Didn’t you see the samples we brought back?» he had replied. They were so convincing I almost changed my mind. But then I let them out, told them to wait, and as I exited I gave the security personnel the sign. As I sat down I saw them getting shot to death on the cameras. I had killed people in war and I had ordered deaths before. But this felt wrong. I didn’t know why, it shouldn’t. It’s not like I ever had much empathy for others. These were imposters. Alien entities. But the little doubt I had, made me sick. Still. I've never had much empathy for people, but I just felt wrong about this on a fundamental and primal level I could not understand.
The next day in one of the bigger bathrooms, as I washed my hands in the sink and splashed cold water in my face to wake up. I saw something weird in the mirror. The innermost bathroom stall had blood coming out from under it, but as I turned to look – nothing. And when I looked back in the mirror – nothing. I was questioning if I had started to hallucinate. If this was too much for my head to handle. I looked up in the mirror to meet my own eyes. I let out a long heavy breath. My mirror image suddenly grabbed me, and threw me into the other side of the mirror. I do know how it sounds. It then jumped through to my side, and crushed the mirror from the side I was originally standing. I woke up later in the sickbay and I was told they found me unconscious on the floor. I had asked if I had damaged the mirror and they said yes. «Don’t worry we stitched you up» the nurse said. It was a relief to see bandages around my knuckles. Thinking then that this was probably just taking a toll on my mental health at a subconscious level.
In the next meeting later that evening I told them I had a plan. It was rather simple. One person will enter the portal. They wouldn’t need an environmental suit if the footage was real I argued. They would need a security vest and a rifle. I asked the chief engineer to make a timed explosive, as well as an extremely bright flash lamp, as well as an EMP grenade. All activating on a timed motion sensor. It was done in only a day. The chief executive had volunteered, or rather I volunteered him – as security had informed me that yet again he had tried contacting earth without my approval. I had taken full command, and thankfully the security personnel did not object or question my authority. From the security station I saw him go through the portal on the cameras, obeying my every instruction to the letter as to not end up on the wrong side of an airlock. I didn’t fully expect this to work, but the joy I felt was incredible when it did. The chief executive came stumbling back out. Some kind of brown and yellow slimy substance on him. We got him into quarantine and washed him down. We checked with infrared and he showed up on it. Everything looked good. The chief executive had stated that when he went through, he saw a beautiful paradise just like Mary and Joseph had. But suddenly the world had seemed to disappear before him, and the horrific creature was dead. My gamble had paid off. The creature, not the world itself was causing the trance like illusion. The camera footage showed the chief executive coming through, stopping and talking to himself like in some sort of trance like the others. Seeing visions of a false reality. When the creature attempted to approach him, appearing harmless. The explosives, the bright flash, the EMP grenade and the makeshift flame bomb the engineer had put in for good measure – all ejected at it. It destroyed the creature leaving only a disgusting carcass behind. I felt so proud at that moment. Of myself, and the ingenuity of the people working there. If they hadn’t been as competent as they were, it wouldn’t have worked. Credit where credit is due.
The crew had now missed 2 crew shifts, and there couldn’t be a third. The director was angry when I contacted him, asking why I had not made a new report. I told him I was almost done. I was running out of time. There was only one last thing to do. The other staff thought it a horrible idea, and I thought this might actually be the end of me. But worth it even so. The obstacle was removed. I could now explore and if we were to see more of those things we could just retreat. I was tired and just wanted to go home. I was sick of all this. At the same time it was the discovery of a lifetime, maybe the greatest discovery mankind had ever done. My sense of logic told me not to go, but my heart told me to go - which is strange because I've never followed my heart before. I've always been cold. I would not let anyone take this from me. The director would not allow this I'm certain. I had to go. Before heading home to earth - I told security that I planned to go in there and plant the US flag on a hill if I could find one. That I needed two of their best with me as guards. I reassured them that if ANY sight was made of more of those creatures, we would immediately retreat. Just a quick trip in to plant the flag.
Almost over. We went in. The red dusty ground. Red rocks. Black mist everywhere, but it seemed less dense now. The security guards, Carlson and Miller were with me. Just for protection. It was so exciting I could die. We proceeded very carefully. Incase more of those things were lurking around. «What is this place?» Miller had asked. They too were amazed by this place. A black obelisk was in front of us. «Not made by nature or accident» Carlson said as he took one step closer to it. He then touched it and he fell down to his knees. First I panicked, thinking it was another of those disgusting things creeping around. But it seemed like he came too again quickly. The strange smooth stone did whatever it did to him. Miller asked him what was wrong. Carlson looked frightened and started shouting in French. We tried to ask him to calm down when he ran into the black mist. I told Miller this was a bad time for him to lose his mind. That we couldn’t guarantee any rescue mission. Miller was more concerned by the fact that Carlson didn’t know French. «So the weird black pillar teaches us French and makes us mad, great» Miller continued, wanting to search for him. I couldn’t allow it. «Just up on that hill, plant the flag, and back» I had told her. «We can look for Carlson from up there too, it’s a good vantage point». We climbed up and planted the flag firmly into the ground. Miller had some binoculars and scouted for Carlson, and suddenly out of nowhere the mist faded away so we could see a lot more of the place. «Do you see him?» Miller asked. What kind of simpletons were these people? We were standing on God knows what, another planet? Another dimension? This was history in the making, we stood here witnessing history happening right in front of our eyes and she is concerned with Carlson having lost his mind apparently having learned French and running off. I got dizzy for a moment. As in a somber moment I realized how absurd and insane this really was.
We could see the portal behind us in the distance. No signs of any more of those monsters or other creatures. Some growths that looked like trees and bushes with strange otherworldly colors. Mostly flat with some hills. We stood on one of the higher ones. Looking up I realized something strange. Which was to be expected in such a place of course. The sky was pitch black. Not a dark sky, it didn’t look like a sky at all. It looked more like a liquid ocean. «Look!» Miller shouted at me. Having spotted Carlson running towards one of the only visible landmarks in the area. Another, bigger, black obelisk. The smart thing would be to just abandon them, but I was also curious about that thing. Far from me to to stand in the way of a willing experiment. At any sign of danger I'd just leave them I thought. I couldn’t see anything threatening, so we followed him. For a moment I was starting to question what I was thinking. Never leave anyone behind was my attitude when deployed in war, when did I stop caring about my team? It was never an emotional or empathetic thing for me. It was a principle.
Out of the black liquid sky, an absolutely enormous white sphere started descending in front of us, slowly coming down towards the ground. Carlson stood there with his hand on the black obelisk, this one bigger than the last. «What the hell were you thinking? And where the hell did you learn French?» Miller shouted at him before trying to calm him down and comfort him. Carlson shook his head. He was crying. He was trying to explain. Explain that he lost consciousness and had lived an entire life in a French village in the year 1624’s. He woke up as someone else. He lived his life and raised a family, then when he died he was back here. I quietly told Miller that he had lost it. Praying she would keep her cool. The more urgent matter at hand was the giant sphere now in front of us hovering over the ground. The white sphere turned into a sort of oval form. Two golden metal ring came out of its center. One going up, and one going down. It flattens, and then a big black void like a perfect circle appears in the middle of it surrounded by a gleaming floating riverlike stream of emerald colors. It looked like an eye. The white in the eye with the green flow of energy an iris. The gold colored metal above and below the eyelids. The black in the center of the eye the pupil. It looked... alive. But was clearly some kind of mechanical construct. At least it looked that way to me. As if the object was imitating organic life.
I wanted to attempt to communicate with it, but Miller had beaten me to it. Asking it directly and bluntly «Are you God?». I was never religious, so the idea was dumb to me. It was clearly an alien entity or AI construct. The eye looks down on her, at me, at Carlson. Carlson was still in shock trying to regain his senses. «I want to know EVERY secret of the universe!» Miller shouts at it. I couldn’t tell if she was serious. She acted fearless if nothing else. This all felt beyond crazy, beyond absurd. She stopped smiling then started smiling again. «Fuck me, it works!» she had proclaimed. I didn’t believe her but then she started speaking out what I THINK was mathematical formulas. Her stating as such and that she could now provide lightspeed technology and free energy. Her excitement was almost second hand energizing. Imagine if true, how we could have weaponized this? She laughed and smiled. Then the last of her words started to part from her lips. They were... «Oh no, does THAT happen when we die?» and a quick jerk of her head towards me instantly locking eyes with mine. I could see her struggle hard to say something. «SATURN» she screamed at me as if a warning. The look in her eye wasn’t happiness or fear, just... sadness. I’m no empath but having been in war I know what sadness looks like. Not sadness over something trivial, real deep rooted sadness. The next was incoherent screams of pain. She was bleeding out her eyes, her nose, her ears. Whatever happened to her seemed to speed up and she fell down. Dead. I was physically and mentally exhausted at that point as if this place was draining my energy on all levels. It happened so fast. I couldn’t struggle against this thing. If it wanted to kill me I knew I stood no chance. I let Carlson go first. Sending him a look and a nod as to go ahead. He shouted something in French again and just disappeared out of thin air.
I fell to my knees. I asked whatever the hell that thing was, why it killed them. It didn’t speak with a voice. It was more like – it responded to me in some way that made me instantly know what it wanted to convey. It was strange. Not like an inner voice or some kind of telepathy, but as if the knowledge of what it was supposed to say just appeared in my head. It told me Miller got her wish. But before even the smallest fraction of the total knowledge she asked for became known to her, she died because her brain physically could not survive that amount of knowledge. Even IF she could survive it – she would go mad, because the senses we possess as an organism were insufficient to even conceive most of it. I was told that even the smallest of the knowledge she had asked, would destroy her sense of identity. It told me she would have wanted to know the answers she was looking for to life, even if only for the briefest moment. Maybe Miller at the very least, was not the simpleton I first thought. Even if it meant death she wanted this. IF this thing is to be trusted that is. As for Carlson, I was told that his mind was merged with another. He wanted to go back to France, to his family. In his timeline.
How do you even start asking everything you ever wanted to ask to a creature like this which seemingly has the answers to everything? First I asked if I could ask it questions, and let me live through the process. The arced golden bars looking like eyelids slowly descend and ascend as if a normal blinking eye. Looking at it was mesmerizing. Maybe it was doing this to give me a sense of familiarity. Maybe as a false sense of security? The «pupil» if I could call it that, all the tiny lights inside looked like galaxies. «That... looks like a universe inside your eye» I clumsily blurted out. The thing answered that it wasn’t A universe, it was THE universe. When I argued that it couldn’t hold the universe inside it, because we were in it and the universe was much larger. It didn’t reply. Whatever this thing was, I couldn’t trust it. The desire for knowledge previously unobtainable by humans pulled me back into focus. But what if? When I asked why it couldn’t answer it retorted with «You told me not to kill you, and if I told you, you would die. Not your physical form. But your IDENTITY would be shattered. You would have no sense of self. Effectively killing you based on your definition of what YOU are». Hundreds of questions entered my mind. Did this THING know everything? What was it? I had to ask the question... what it was. It looked around and then back at me. «Strange question» it told me. It was way ahead of me following up with «The question is WHEN are we?». I shrugged and asked exactly that, trying to suppress the insanity of the situation. I still had no idea if this thing had any truth or benevolence to it. «I can not remember the future, and I wonder what the past will bring» it told me. It started staring up at the ocean of liquid dark substance. «You got it the wrong way...» I told it, explaining to it how it got the past and future confused. Maybe it was broken. It told me back, that I was the one experiencing time in the wrong direction. Bullshit I thought to myself. Still... there is so much I could ask this thing. So much I wanted to ask. But at that time I choked. I was lost for words. So I blurted out «Are you lonely here?» as a means to buy time to think. I didn’t think that this question would give any significant information. «Not anymore» it told me. As the entire eye sphere or whatever the fuck this thing was descended down further, the bottom half going through the ground as if it was immaterial. It’s pupil was now directly in front of me gazing at me. The green energy river floating around what looked like a window into an entire universe. Mostly black, covered by many small tiny bright lights that could be stars or galaxies. I assumed this too could also be an illusion. Or advanced alien technology. Maybe a map of the galaxy? It looked immensely beautiful in any case, as well as terrifying. I had never felt such divine terror, such awe. So small. So everything. «I’m going to create you all and then live you all so I don’t have to be lonely» it told me. I pinched my arm. The madness of this was overwhelming. It couldn’t be real. It had to be a dream? What else? It infuriated me that it spoke in riddles but I dared not challenge it.
I told it I didn’t know what to ask it. I knew whatever I would ask I would regret not asking something else. It merely looked at me, telling me «GET HIM OUT OF HERE». Get me out of here? It sounded like the voice came from elsewhere. The last thing it said was «I will sate your insatiable hunger for knowledge without killing you». I felt as if the seams of reality tore to pieces, as I awoke covered in yellow slime. My feeble limbs trembling. My heart nearly stopped when I saw it. I was being rescued out of another one of those disgusting creatures that had made clones out of Mary and Joseph. Its dull dead eye staring lifelessly at me. I recognized the security personnel from the lunar base, as they dragged my naked body out of one of those disgusting creatures. I saw my skin was disfigured and I could smell the putrid stench of the yellow mass as they washed it off me as I slipped in and out of darkness.
When I finally awoke I was told I had been in a coma for a while and sent back here to earth. Some suits came in after the nurse ran off to talk to the doctors, and told me that my employment had been terminated for unspecified reasons. And that's my story.
The secrecy I swore to. The oaths of silence on the threat of death. Professionalism. Whatever. I don’t even care anymore. I need to leave this behind so someone can find it while I can still somewhat trust my own senses and memories. At times I can’t see my mirror image in the mirror and I keep telling myself it’s only Hallucinations. To top this madness off, if my sanity wasn’t broken enough as is, I’ve started to remember. Not the past, but the future. The past I’m starting to forget so I had to write this down regardless of how it sounds. I’ve received a letter addressed to me with the date 1624. Written in French, which I haven’t gotten translated yet. Just someone fucking with me I’m sure of it. Though the date feels eerily familiar. I’ve noticed strange behavior from people living in my apartment block. Edna on the 2nd floor standing on the balcony for hours staring out into nothing. Jacob from that sales firm walking in a strange pace as if slowed down. Sometimes I open my eyes, and I see the portal. It was beautiful. It IS beautiful. I could stare at it in my mind’s eye forever. Is it dementia? Did the government fry my brain? I can’t recall having green eyes. I seem to recall they were brown. No one will believe this when they find it. It would be a one way ticket to the insane asylum to even try to tell someone. I’ve started to see future events happen before they happen, the news on TV confirming it. While the past becomes more and more slippery and unclear. I feel more and more alone. I had a lucid dream only two nights ago. I dreamt I was born. Not from a living human. But through the carcass of a dead Elk. In the dream I was born old and became younger, and I saw a mirror image of myself in the dream which didn’t move like I did. In the dream I got scared and fought, even throwing it out of the mirror as the last thing I recall before I woke up. Fragmented lingering visual memories are being torn from my mind. Each like the final autumn leaf falling from a tree, being violently ripped apart by the first winter winds.
If they offer commercial space flights to the moon in the future as I have seen, do not book them. Do not go to the moon. If you hear a ringing in your ears, a tone. It isn’t tinnitus. It’s the portal. It whispers you secrets in forbidden code as it is sung from from the depths of Saturn’s storms. The song sings to us but our senses can not interpret it. That’s where the portal goes... to Saturn. Or so I... know? When did I learn this?
If the universe is infinite and cyclic, then anything that we can imagine in our minds, any fiction, no matter how disturbing or how great... It has and will happen at some point as someone’s reality. Someone has and will experience my reality. And in our world, someone's imaginary world, has and will become someone’s actual reality at some point. All possibilities have happened and will happen in an infinite cosmic timespan. So there is no imagined people, worlds or events. Everything will in an infinite timespan in a cyclic universe, eventually happen as it has happened before. Anything I think is someone’s reality. Incoherent ramblings. Cacophony. I can feel this piece of paper on the tip of my finger as if it was a window through time. Trapped in eternity. I was never religious but I feel as if some divine truth from beyond the portal left me a scar upon my soul. A scar which makes me feel the folding of realities pressing against each other like an unstoppable headache inside a skull pressing against a wall. The black cube is not divine. Not meant. Not meant for this. Not meant to experience reality as fiction. Not meant to experience fiction as reality. Not meant to experience reality as reality. Saturn is feeding – always feeding. Always feeding. Always feeding. Always feeding. Always feeding. Minds intertwined like carnivorous plants strangling and eating dead corpses under the cold rotten earth for nourishment. I am no longer in control of myself. As if someone is controlling my hands, my words, my mind. I wanted to share my story, I wanted to let people know the truth. I’ll finish it now and sent it around to random places. I can’t live like this. After posting them... a razor and a final trip to the bathroom should do the trick.
I can’t recall writing the last parts of my letters. I’m afraid. I don’t know who I am and worse I don’t know when I am. When I die when will I be? Please don’t remember me as crazy. It happened. It has happened before and will happen again. You will experience this yourself when your consciousness assembles in this current configuration. I was never supposed to see it. I don’t mean the portal or the gatekeeper behind it. I was never supposed to see the knowledge transcribed on the black cube of Saturn. I lived as myself but I will die as someone else. Whoever reads this you are too late. You are cursed with the truth and the knowledge now, and the scars will last upon your soul until the day you die. There is no personal identity only a deterministically assembled construct experiencing itself in every configuration forever and ever and ever and ever and ever end ever and ever and ever.
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2021.09.20 01:05 HurryUpIts419 Vampires!? Aliens!? The Bridge that Connects the TWO…

I’m almost certain that TB Karen is aware of the aliens and is a plant by the government. She can move pretty much anywhere throughout the Cape because everyone has written her off as a funky junky, giving her the anonymity to move unnoticed, while keeping tabs on how the Black Beauties effect the subjects. I just can’t shake the fact that with Belle breathing down her neck and Mickey having taken the pill is poised to leave town. Her one friend has written her off she’s got no incentive to stay so why does she?
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2021.09.20 01:05 kokomil0ver Thoughts, y’all? 2 days til Her Excellency!

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2021.09.20 01:05 RC46 Very Clean Alfa [Alfa Romeo Alfetta] GTV6?

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2021.09.20 01:05 ajisanma Elo inflating champion and knowing how to play the game

As someone that one tricks one of the biggest elo inflator (Kassadin), I don't actually know how good I am at the game. I don't even know what is being good at the game to be honest. I feel like my game awareness is pretty crap despite having peaked Masters. My Master peak was pretty much just abusing one playstyle, the Kassadin level 4 solo kill back in season 7.
So which brings us the question, what do you consider as being good at the game? Because I am obviously not, cause as soon as the Kassadin level 4 solo kill became less reliable, I have not been anywhere near Masters.
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2021.09.20 01:05 Artxstic-is-loved So my mum took this pic like when I was 3-4 with me and my cat but it’s terrifying

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2021.09.20 01:05 bj_1986 Using mythic lockout and reclearing

Hey everyone.
Currently on KT and considering going and reclearing next reset due to roster issues.
I have heard there’s a way to get an alt saved to your lockout, so we could go back and kill 5/6/7 out of 10 next reset, then the following reset activate old one for KT or sylv prog, is this correct ? How do we do it?
Thanks !
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2021.09.20 01:05 AlabamaMayan Indian food recommendations

New in Bellingham and looking to get some takeout tonight
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2021.09.20 01:05 StoneColdMadeMeDoIt Impact Insider Ultimate

Hi, i was about to subscribe to the membership mainly to watch old TNA stuff, i’m aware of the lack of content between 2008 and 2016 but it seems that only the old PPVs are available on YouTube, i can’t find the weekly shows, can anybody help me ?
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2021.09.20 01:05 NathanG1030 28 M Michigan/Anywhere - Michigan/Anywhere - Kitten dad looking for new people in my life :)

Hello, fellow Redditors! My name is Nathan. I've been feeling rather lonely lately and could use some new people in my life. I work as a medical assistant and enjoy what I do. Looking for someone I can talk to regularly. You'll also notice how quick of a responder I am. I also live in Michigan so bonus points if you're there, too.
A bit more about me: I'm a homeowner. I love sushi and cheesecake, my favorite color is blue, I play League of Legends, and enjoy rock music. I adopted two kittens and will definitely show them if you'd like! I'm a genuinely kind and caring person who will talk about anything. If you think we'd click, shoot me a message! I use Kik, Snapchat, and Discord so mention those in your message.
I'm pretty boring and am very much a homebody, but I'd like to change that and put myself out there and start experiencing life.
If you decide to reach out, please include your name, location, and age. Looking forward to hearing from you wonderful people! :)
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2021.09.20 01:05 CzechThisOut Alberta exploring whether COVID-19 infection could offer exemption to proof of vaccination, Kenney says

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2021.09.20 01:05 TrinityLocust95 stop posting about your horniness im tired of seeing it

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2021.09.20 01:05 An_INTERNET_NOOB game won't start at all

It stays at title card, it used to be fixable when I uninstalled the game files, redownloaded the game, and then played it but I'd have to do that every time I started up my computer. Now it just blatantly will not work and will not leave title card. Any help?
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