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‘It was shocking’: Video shows St. Johns County students yelling anti-gay slurs at classmates

2021.09.20 00:47 ---_-___ ‘It was shocking’: Video shows St. Johns County students yelling anti-gay slurs at classmates

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2021.09.20 00:47 revefresh Norman snoot

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2021.09.20 00:47 Ivy_will_escape Self-referrals to Anova being ignored

Essentially the title. I sent a self-referral to Anova at the end of May this year and have had no response from them since. I figured Sweden's notorious postal system had just lost the letter, so I sent another one in the middle of August. I have still had no response despite the website saying they send a notification that they received the referral within two weeks or receiving it.
Has anyone else had the same experience? Have they just stopped taking new self-referrals due to the increasing strain on their services?
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2021.09.20 00:47 kittyrocket BMW Manuals

Is there a place I can find an online service & body manual for my 2003 525i wagon? (Or should I just be searching for e39 wagon?) A while back, I was able to easily find PDFs for my 2007 Outback, but I'm not having the same luck with my 'new' e39. The only thing I've found is very expensive access at BMWtechinfo.com - expensive as in $30/day or $250 a month.
The specific thing I'm looking for is the part number for the left rear hinge to my tailgate. I made a stupid mistake of closing it while replacing the support struts.
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2021.09.20 00:47 Franklyn_Gage Omg have yall seen this IG??? Im cracking up.

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2021.09.20 00:47 CommodityMoney Bought again today. Someday, it will be the last dip before the massive run begins. We won’t know it at the time. No one rings a bell at the bottom.

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2021.09.20 00:47 IFistedABear Found this absolute unit at Wal-Mart today. My thirst would forever be quenched.

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2021.09.20 00:47 foreignstars Should I get a Leo?

Hello, friends! I want advice on whether I should get a leopard gecko. I am taking the year off before graduate school so that I can go to therapy and get my mental health under control. I have a job at a pet store. I see many wonderful critters there, and I love them all, but I’ve been daydreaming about getting a leo. They are so precious! I’m browsing Craigslist and fb marketplace for supplies every day. However, I will be in grad school next year and I don’t want to adopt a gecko only to not have time to give it the care it deserves a year from now... and for years in the future! I love to take care of things. I have two kitty cats that I plan to also take with me.
So, what do you think? On one hand, I find it soothing to take care of things, but on the other hand, I don’t want to do something that isn’t in a critter’s best interest.
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2021.09.20 00:47 throwaway_towelettes What do you think Logan going full fucking beast entails?

A smear campaign? Will it include the waiter, all his drug issues? Will it drag in Kendall's family and his kids?
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2021.09.20 00:47 Superbigeazy HBTD

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2021.09.20 00:47 Throwaway30XX Is mighty morphin treated as more of a spin of from the original boom series?

So I know power rangers is treated as the main continuation as they print the legacy covers and I know mighty morphin takes place at the same time but is mighty morphin more like what go go power rangers was to the original boom series and not overly necessary to read to follow the main story
Also will these be released in deluxe editions that contains both comics or will they get separate deluxe editions because I want to know if I should pick up Mighty morphin as trade backs or if I should pick up the singles along with power rangers and get the deluxe versions later to complete the deluxe collection
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2021.09.20 00:47 BedTiles If have a CARSSA membership and book a squash court, does my partner need to have a CARSSA membership as well?

Thanks in advance
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2021.09.20 00:47 sad_muffin13 Looking for active players!

Hi everyone! I'm an officer for the CrackTheSkye guild and we are recruiting! We are a relatively small platinum team (with atlas) trying to rebuild our ranks with active players from level 75 and over. War runs and event participation is mandatory so the entire team can reap as many benefits as possible. And of course if you require assistance with anything our more experienced members will be more than happy to help! If you're interested, dm me with your username or join us through the Team Meeting Hall!
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2021.09.20 00:47 Short-Professional84 Is it worth being admitted to both the NY and NJ bar?

I am entering my second year of practice in NY, currently working in the public sector. Would applying for admission to the NJ bar be of significant help if i wanted to transition to the private sector? Or would it be a waste of time and money?
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2021.09.20 00:47 heyykeeks messy room or whateva

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2021.09.20 00:47 GuardingxCross Do these grabbies count? 😇

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2021.09.20 00:47 itsprime FishCraft[SMP][Semi-vanilla]{Whitelist}{1.17.1}{21+}

Welcome to FishCraft
FishCraft is a 21 and over Vanilla SMP server, We have datapacks and plugins but it won't affect your vanilla gameplay. We have adjusted our server to be vanilla as possible. We are a fun mature community and we are looking for like-minded people to hang out with. Our map will never reset so feel safe to work on your big projects. The server's birthday is 3-16-2019 and we hope it lasts as long as Minecraft lasts. Hope to see you in-game o/
Server Rules

  1. No Griefing/Stealing. (Respectable pranks are allowed)
  2. Must be 21 and over
  3. No cheating or hacked clients.
OnePlayerSleep - allows one person to sleep the night off
Double shulker shells - shulkers drops 2 shells instead of 1
More mob heads - mobs heads will drop upon killing them
Player head drop - players head will drop upon killing them
CustomArmorStands - Customize your armorstands
AntiEnderManGrief - Stop Enderman griefing
EnderDragonDropElytra - EnderDragon will drop elytra upon death
UniversalDye - able to redye terracotta blocks
Coreprotect - Can find who griefed and can roll back any griefing.
Dynmap - live map of our server
Multiverse - More Worlds. (we have a Lab, its a creative world where we can test builds and etc..)
  1. Age:
  2. Minecraft Username:
  3. Discord ID:
  4. Why do you think you're a good fit for this community?:
  5. What do you look for in an ideal minecraft community?:
  6. What do you think about our server rules?:
  7. Tell us little about yourself!: (The effort you put into the application will determine your acceptance to the whitelist)
Discord is Mandatory Must Join to Get Accepted!!! https://discord.gg/kfWkMkE
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2021.09.20 00:47 themiamimarlins Rosario hits for the cycle, 2nd in the season.

2nd: Rosario doubled to deep right.
5th: Rosario tripled to deep right center.
7th: Rosario homered to right (373 feet).
9th: Rosario singled to center.
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2021.09.20 00:47 Polishrizer_07 Right or Left, you can’t lie this is funny

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2021.09.20 00:47 outgoshandy New episodes..

When do new episodes come out on Spotify? Just finished catching up.
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2021.09.20 00:47 BleachDrinkAndBook [Prompt Contest #5] Haschwalth is an amazing character(Bleach)

Jugram Haschwalth, Ywhach's 2nd in command, the commander of the Sternritter, and Bazz-B's former friend is one of the best antagonists I've seen.
I'll skip right to the juicy bits, because I'm sure you've seen his introduction and what I wanna focus on is what leads up to his death.
Starting off at Bazz-B and Haschwalth's flashback, we see how the 2 of them met. Haschwalth was hunting rabbits, and Bazz killed one while declaring himself to be a genius, and when he saw how scared Haschwalth was of his uncle, he gave him the rabbit to bring home and named Haschwalth his underling. When Bazz leaves Hachwalth's uncle comes up, and we see how terrified Haschwalth is of him.
Ge also says something that hints at what's be shown at the end of the flashback. "I'm useless without you. You know that. My sweet Jugo." A way of hinting that Haschwalth gives power to those around him.
Bazz's family home and the forest that they hung out in get burned down by Ywhach, and Bazz swears to get revenge. He says that if Haschwalth wants to stay in the ashes with his uncle, he can, but Haschwalth tells him that his uncle died in the fire. Bazz, even from the back of his head, is visibly sad for Haschwalth, due to not knowing the true situation Haschwalth was in with his uncle, who pretty obviously abused him.
They train for 5 years, and Bazz thinks that, as always, he's a genius, while Haschwalth had no talent. He thinks that partnering with Haschwalth won't help him kill Ywhach, but can't just leave his friend behind. Then the announcement comes that Ywhach is accepting new soldiers, and appears in front of them at last. Bazz-B, the son of the lord Ywhach killed, and Haschwalth, his best friend, finally get to meet the person they had been training to kill.
Ywahch then says that Haschwalth is his right hand, making him feel valued like his uncle never had, and needed like Bazz never did. When he looks at his friend to ask what he should do, Bazz looks angry and jealous, rather than happy that their goal was coming to fruition. Bazz's thoughts at this were that they were supposed to get close to him together, or if only one could make it that it would've been him, not the talentless Haschwalth. When Haschwalth sees this on Bazz's face, he says that Ywhach should've chosen Bazz instead, because he was the talented one, and Ywhach reveals that Haschwalth had the ability to give power to others and called Bazz talentless.
Bazz is enraged by this, and stands up under the crushing pressure of Ywhach's reiatsu and shoots him, only for Haschwalth to catch the arrow, saving the man they had been striving to kill.
Skip forward a few years, and Bazz is able to join the sternritter, where he tries to fight Haschwalth. Haschwalth refuses, citing Ywhach's rule of no infighting, and Hubert suggests that he could beat Bazz into submission since nobody is watching, and Haschwalth responds that he is always watching. Whether this is due to him still feeling that Bazz is a friend or if it's simply his loyalty to Ywhach is unclear, but he clearly treats Hubert differently from Bazz when infighting is brought up.
In the present, Haschwalth cuts down his one and only friend, a man who refused to abandon him despite not thinking he added anything. The man who valued him as a person, rather than as a tool. His dying words are "Jugo. Damn it...You win. Things don't always go the way you want them to, do they...? I thought losing to you would sting a whole lot more." Bazz truly valued his friendship with Haschwalth, and was the only person we ever see value him for who he is, as a person. The rest of the sternritter only care about him due to his position as their commander, while Ywhach views him as a disposable tool. Haschwalth chose to kill his one true connection to protect the feeling of being needed.
Kubo chooses not to show us Haschwalth's face for the end of their fight. He likely had an expression of deep regret and sorrow as he cut down his friend. Kubo not showing his face is something rare, as he is able to draw character expressions to an amazing effect, so choosing to forgo that means that his expression was something Haschwalth felt needed to be hidden from others.
The character poem of Volume 70 is the perfect way to close off this section: "There is no pain as long as I keep my eyes on the balance scale" Haschwalth is running away from his choices and regret by isolating his emotions and trying to make his decisions from a stance of pure benefit and detriment. He can't face his regret over betraying Bazz, and so he needs to convince himself that he wasn't wrong by staring at the scales, so he doesn't need to see the blood on his hands, so he doesn't need to face his sins.
When he and Uryu are about to clash, we see him using the Almighty to force Uryu to reveal his traitorous intent, while Uryu realizes that, in Haschwalth's hands, Almighty is far from almighty.
When we cut back, Uryu is on the ground, wounded, while Haschwalth is unscathed. Haschqalth says that we all place our decisions on a balance, that the accumulation of right and wrong on that balance upon which we stand is what makes us who we are. He says he can't see what form Uryu takes from his decisions, and asks who Uryu is, and if he truly wants to risk his life for his shallow friends. Uryu says he's not sure how to answer, and that he'll know when he beats the Vandenreich.
Uryu asks why he wants to know, and why he didn't kill him quickly and rush to Ywhach's side. Haschwalth answers by saying he's already seen that Ichugo and his friends will die, regardless of how much time he spends fighting Uryu. As he gets serious he tells Uryu to "put all that you are onto the balance, Uryu Ishida! On your broken balance that points to the path of no return!" He says this to Uryu, but it applies to him more than it does Uryu. Haschwalth's broken balance lead him to kill his friend and live as a tool, and now he can't fix his mistakes. He can no longer be Bazz's friend, nor can he follow through on Bazz's goal. He's gone down a path of no return, and his attempt to convince himself that he isn't wrong means he must deny that Uryu's desire to protect his friends is right.
When we cut back to the fight, Uryu finally uses his schrift, and we learn what it is and how poorly it matches up with the Balance. As Haschwalth is about to kill Uryu, he says that he can now see who Uryu is, and that he's just like those unbelievably foolish humans.
Uryu says that he felt he was the one who made logical decisions. That Ichigo is an idiot who will go help if he wants to, which makes Haschwalth grip his sword, clearly troubling him, reminding him of the friend he betrayed mere minutes ago. Uryu then calls Chad, Orihime, Rukia and Renji idiots. He then says that if he appears the same as them, it makes him happy. Uryu is glad to act like those idiots he likes, because he knows how great they are, and how fun they are to be around. He's glad because it means that he isn't someone who can't be like them, because he's able to act to defend his friends just the same as them.
Haschwalth's last attempt to hide his own regret comes when he says that being with them doesn't benefit Uryu, and that since friends are people who help each other grow, Ywhach should be the one he risks his life for. Uryu's response though, shows just how wrong Haschwalth is, and forces him to look at his mistakes, to see his betrayal, to acknowledge his sins. He says "You said the balance is a choice. Given the choice, I chose to be with them. There is no self-interest there. No right or wrong. Because we're friends." This idea is the antithesis of how Haschwalth viewed it. Uryu is the Antithesis to Haschwalth's Balance, almost like the 2 of them were designed to be foils of each other. Haschwalth's expression is one of a man who just realized that he had made the wrong decisions at every turn, rage, confusion and sadness are all present. Where Uryu would've sacrificed his life for his friends, Haschwalth killed his. Where Bazz couldn't abandon his friend, Haschwalth cast his aside the moment something else came up. Haschwalth had sacrificed everything to gain false recognition, to gain the illusion of being needed.
These decisions culminate in him being killed by Ywhach. Instead of admitting that he was wrong at every turn, he falls deeper into his delusion, claiming that Ywhach stole his power because he valued it. He got so caught up in his twisted idea of being valued that he even managed to delude himself into accepting death.
As Uryu goes to leave, Haschwalth asks him to transfer his wounds. He says that Uryu should place his decisions on a balance, and that decisions made hastily, without weighing them first, will all end up as regret, while thinking of the moment he betrayed Bazz. He says that Uryu should go help his friend. He thinks to himself as he dies that even if the results don't change, the point is to decide for yourself, and to move forward as you please. His final moments are him still trying to convince himself that he doesn't regret anything, and as his hand opens and we see the handle of his sword, we see the crest that Bazz had given him all those years ago placed on the weapon.
Haschwalth made every wrong decision, he betrayed his friend for a man he just met, worked against the goal they had been working towards for 5 years, and ultimately killed him in the service of a man who saw him as nothing more than a tool. He needed to hide those mistakes from his own eyes so he wouldn't need to feel the pain of them, so he focused on this idea of a balance he had. He tried convincing himself that he choices were right, despite deeply regretting all of them. He was a man who couldn't bear the weight of his own balance, and crumbled beneath its pressure.
Haschwalth and Bazz are the best example of friends being turned against each other I've ever seen, and Haschwalth is one of the best antagonists I've ever seen.
Tl;dr: Haschwalth big regret, so he lie to himself.
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2021.09.20 00:47 LilSquish8 Nightfall weapon dropped at 0

I finished a nightfall and got the Horror’s Least with a 0 light level but when I try to infuse higher level gear it gives me the warning that it won’t go up in level. I assume this is a bug right. What should I do?
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2021.09.20 00:47 Acabas Please. Call 911 next time.

So I was recently — and there goes my motivation to finish this story
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2021.09.20 00:47 SirStudMuffin (PS4) Need one for rec. mic only. Need a 4 that can shoot. NaE. Current gen

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2021.09.20 00:47 even_death_may_die What are some good examples of a more scrappy fighter being matched up with a more technical one and actually managing to drag them into the sort of dogfight that favors them?

Analysts and commentators alike often appeal to the need of a certain fighter, usually a perceived underdog. to "make things dirty" "turn this into a brawl" "make it ugly" etc. What are the best examples of this
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