Indeed it is

2021.09.20 00:18 IEDWINZ Indeed it is

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2021.09.20 00:18 Goody91 If you had to start a new account what order would you do things?

So I'm a new player and a bit overwhelmed by everything. Basically would like to now what I should be prioritizing, so far I have just focused on story but seeing some videos on YouTube I see there's some nice items I can get like the 32 slot bag or some position rewinder thing.
So if you had to start fresh tomorrow what would be your main goals to do asap?
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2021.09.20 00:18 Miss_Sin69 Waiting for him to tell me if we’re over.

I want to make my relationship work but I think he’s done and just doesn’t want to have the convo knowing I want to fight for us.
I’m preparing myself for the break up. I truly truly believe I will not want to ever be in a relationship again and I’m only 26. I’ve spent 5 years with him and thought he was my future. I can’t do this again. I don’t want to feel this way again.
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2021.09.20 00:17 ma-name-jeff1234 Falcon 9 image for week 22

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2021.09.20 00:17 HamishWarne How man city fans go to the bathroom at the Etihad

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2021.09.20 00:17 SpookMorgan Anyone still use Gen 1 units?

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2021.09.20 00:17 FlyingFlpJck Anal or just sex

I've heard many different opinions on this but they are mostly biased. Gay men saying anal. Straight men saying vaginal sex. Which is actually better
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2021.09.20 00:17 squishy_cheeseball Can someone id? About 3 inches

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2021.09.20 00:17 moninaaa I’m turning 17 in a few days I already feel old 👍

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2021.09.20 00:17 drunksciencehoorah [info] r/first(worldproblems)

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2021.09.20 00:17 Kils89 38 million shares let’s hit that $0.01!!!

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2021.09.20 00:17 pepelesadbot The Golden Disk chapter 44

Date: 501 Standard Galactic Cycle; 2 days since the return of the Hope Finder crew
Location: Chief Capital Station of the Pan Galactic Federal Union; District 13; Diplomatic residential area ,,The Club,,
John exited the antigravity car, it was long and black, not to dissimilar to a Human design. His driver, bodyguard and assistant Aram exited with him.
Aram stood next to John, standing slightly taller than him, even with her species trademark hunch. Aram used her tail to tap John on the back.
"Let's get inside" she said
"Yeah" said John sounding absent minded.
They approached the house which looked like a stereotypical American suburban house. They entered through the door which used facial recognition instead of a key.
John went inside and looked around, not saying a word.
"Something wrong?" asked Aram
"Where did you guys get the idea for the house?" asked John not really looking at her
"You've been told about the disk, right?"
"Yeah?" he said, finally looking at her
"This was the house from one of the images in it, it's probably not what your used to, but it's the best we can give you" she answered
"I...see" said John, looking around once again. The house looked like a normal house from the time, plus some modern additions. A white stasis fridge, a holographic projector and a cleaning droid.
"Should...I leave you alone for a bit?" asked Aram
"I.... yeah...if you could" he said
"Sure, I'll be in the car" said Aram, as she exited the door and left John alone.
He took his shoes off, plain black shoes. He looked at the mirror in the hallway, which stood next to the small closet. His dark skinned contrasted the form fitting white shirt. He didn't look like a powerful and deadly predator, he looked tired. The bags under his eyes, the messy short black hair, the weak posture, all things which didn't fit on a man of his strength and build.
He rubbed his eyes and went into the living room. The living room was connected to the kitchen, which had a bar in it and on the other side a cooking stove and a dishwasher. He went past the couch and to the stairs which lead to the second floor. He got to the second floor and saw two bedrooms and a bathroom. He entered one of the rooms, took of his shirt and pants and layed down in the king sized bed.
Date: 501 Standard Galactic Cycle; 2 days since the return of the Hope Finder crew
Location: Chief Capital Station of the Pan Galactic Federal Union; District 13; Union Government Palace; Oni's office
"The sudden return of the Hope Finder crew has left many in shock. In the report released by the Federal Government, it states that the ship encountered a still operational automatic Human combat station, which proceeded to attack the ship, leading to the deaths of the mercenary band hired to protect the crew as well as the ASIU team onboard" said the news anchor
The expedition did however uncover the fate of the Humans. In the report it's stated that Humanity wiped itself out in a devastating war. For more details r.......Oni turned the holographic projector off.
He face was completely blank, the only emotions she gave off was a strong melancholy. She breathed slowly and layed down in her floor cushion, looking through her window.
"Madame Speaker" said Noni on the other side of her door
She suddenly got up "Come in!"
Noni opened the door and slithered in "It's the report ma'me, on the whereabouts of Doctor Awaret"
Only took a breath "Yes, let me see it" she said, trying to sound as professional and calm as she could
Noni sent the report to her neural implant and excused himself out of the room. Oni was alone, she took a deep breath and let the report enter her mind.
Conclusion: The most likely reason for the disappearance of Doctor Awaret Korkuwi, based on the information available, is that his escape pod suffered a malfunction, making it unable to Wormhole jump back to Union space. The pod was most likely destroyed by the reaming Sili forces present at the time
Oni sat in her floor cushion in silence, not speaking, not moving, not even breathing. She closed her eyes and started to make a slow and short hissing sound.
Gods...... damnit Awaret....why couldn't you just fucking come back she thought
Date: 501 Standard Galactic Cycle; 3 days since the return of the Hope Finder crew
Location; Chief Capital Station of the Pan Galactic Federal Union; District 13; Union Government Palace bar
Both Amoweri and Froyn were sitting at the bar, each in the chairs designed for their species. Both sat in silence, staring blankly into nothing.
"What happens now?" asked Amoweri breaking the silence
"We were given as much fucking leave as we want, use it I guess" answered Foryn
"And....then what?"
"It's....back to fucking work" Froyn said
"That's it...Toni is dead, Kokiri is dead, Awaret is MISSING!" snapped Amoweri
Froyn said nothing to her
"I....I'm sorry....I always snap at you"
"It's alright, part of the fucking friendship with you" said Froyn
"I must be a shity friend then" she said
"Your fucking alright, fucking Awaret always thought highly of you"
Amoweri was silent this time, taking a drink if her Korah, before sighing
"I wish I was like you, you Korkory don't have to deal with so much emotion"
"We have fucking emotions, maybe not as fucking strong as you fucking Unraky, but we do. I lost a friend too Amoweri"
I'm sorry.... I didn't.....she was cut off
"You really are a fucking xenophobe sometimes" said Froyn jokingly
"Hahaha....I guess I am sometimes, I don't mean to be you guys are just so......"
"Alien?" asked Froyn
"Hard to read... Yeah that. You don't have any facial features or body language I can recognize, with your four eyes, each looking in a different direction"
"Hey, they give us an almost a complete fucking picture of everything around us, for instance I can see that the Normani female behind us is about to fucking fall"
A loud thud is heard and Amoweri turned her head to see the poor Normani girl, flat on her face
"I guess they can be useful" said Amoweri before turning her head and sighing
"I just hope he's safe" she said
"He survived fucking Norkan, I'm sure he's fucking fine" said Froyn
"I hope so" said Amoweri
Date: 505 Standard Galactic Cycle
Location: Sole system; Standard Union escape pod
The stasis was turned off and Awaret was woken up by the alarm. The first thing he felt was the pain from his wound, given to him by a Sili soldier.
The pain killers are wearing off he thought
He looked at the console and saw the current date and location, and his eyes widened It's Terra, we're here!"
He looked to the window and saw nothing, where there was supposed to be a beautiful blue planet, there was nothing but the void of space. He turned his head and saw Terra's sun but the planet and it's moon were nowhere. No space debris or anything to signal the destruction of the planet
What.....what is this? he thought, while the pain got worse
With a grunt and plenty of effort he got to the console and looked to the map of the area. Mars was missing as well, while the rest of the planets were there, just like the information on the disk described.
"What is this?" he said out loud while his breathing became faster and more panicked. He took a step back and his back touched something, something cold. He turned and saw the lifeless body of Terra, still in her stasis pod. Her one still good eye looked directly at him.
He looked at her in silence not moving or blinking, before finally saying "I'm.... sorry"
I'm sorry.....I tried.... I'm sorry!" he said with tears rolling down his face, all the while the pain got worse and worse
His breathing became more and more erratic, his heart beat becoming faster and faster and the pain got worse and worse. His vision started to get blurry while he continued to speak.
"I'm sorry... please... please... forgive me...I'm sorry"
He turned around to look at the void once again, and again saw nothing, but his eyes narrowed as he saw a small red light.
"Wha....what?" he said, before feeling the worst jolt of pain, his vision gave out and he began to collapse, as the escape pods AI said something
"Unknown space time distortion detected"
The red light for brighter, before Awaret lost consciousness
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2021.09.20 00:17 tommysthename Working on painting my gat. first time for everything, just starting with a solid green for now. i’ll add a pattern later

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2021.09.20 00:17 bulk666 Biscotti Convoy s2+ doesn't go past 2 in programming?

No matter how much I try it seems it just doesn't want to go to over three blinks in group selection mode. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?
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2021.09.20 00:17 shannonator96 [Oshawa, ON] [H] Cash [W] PSU, MOBO, CPU and GPU

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2021.09.20 00:17 ohsweetwin A little park in my village. Popular with freeloading children.

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2021.09.20 00:17 cookieclickerboy Hey does anyone know what the orange stuff on his beard is? I've just been curious since I got him

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2021.09.20 00:17 Silentbobni Fantasy League Update - Game Week 5

Big thanks to all 187 of you who signed up.
Bragging rights this week stay with TeamAI as has been since week 1 with 406 points. New faces in joint second place with 393 points, Triple Craptain and Manila City.
MVP of the week goes to Stockport Iniesta with 85 points.
No Friday night game this week so cut off for transfers is Saturday at 11:00 GMT.
Future notes: Chelsea will be playing the world club cup in December and the African CON runs through January into February so plan your squads for this.
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