B.W Stevenson - Don't Go To Mexico (1972)

2021.09.21 20:21 WhoDey_69 B.W Stevenson - Don't Go To Mexico (1972)

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2021.09.21 20:21 shakabuee23 Looking so beautiful yet so sad 😭

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2021.09.21 20:21 SwimmingAd2979 I kissed a girl when I was drunk and I don’t know what to do (18, m)

I got way too drunk at a nightclub during freshers week. I don’t even get that drunk usually, or go to clubs. I don’t even remember anything from the night, I only know because my friends told me. I’m in a long distance relationship and I love my girlfriend with all my heart. It happened a week ago and I’ve been putting off telling her because every time I go to do so I just see how happy she is; I can’t bear to break her heart like that. I messed up worse than I’ve ever done before in my life and I am terrified of losing her. We always talk about being together for the rest of our lives and I want that more than anything, we are soulmates. Is there any chance she’ll forgive me? The only reason i think of not telling her is because the kiss meant nothing, but i can’t bear to lie to her. Will she ever trust me again? What do i do?
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2021.09.21 20:21 pumpkin2500 Win a Kuromi, My Melody and Cinnamoroll Halloween 2021 Plushies! {WW} (9/29/21)

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2021.09.21 20:21 zenquest Follow-up elaboration to DD. Why direct registration at Computershare exposes DTCC's complicity in naked shorting.

There are two type of shares, one original shares issued by Gamestop (say GMEGME) and the other issued by DTCC (say GMEDTC). GMEGME is a property (partial ownership of Gamestop) and is cumbersome to sell and settle because US states have different property laws. GMEDTC is a DTCC issued derivative and is easy to sell and settle.
All Gamestop insiders like Ryan Cohen and Matt Furlong have GMEGME at Computershare. Most institutional investors also hold GMEGME at Computershare. The remaining GMEGME shares are held by DTCC at it's subsidiary Cede & Co.
Let's say for the sake of argument DTCC holds 50M GMEGME at Cede & Co. (the float). They then issues 50M GMEDTC to the market that is easy to trade. We buy GMEDTC, thinking it's as good as GMEGME, but there are differences because one is share by Gamestop and the other is a derivative share issued by DTCC. It's like a casino issuing chips for cash in their house. Both are equivalent in value and it's easy to trade chips in the casino, but can't be used outside the casino.
DTCC lets brokers and market makers, sell more GMEDTC than what exists for additional cash deposit (lenders love to earn interest). Let's say, market makers have created additional 200M GMEDTC by putting up cash collateral hoping the company goes bust and short positions never have to be closed. So now DTCC has 250M GMEDTC issued against 50M GMEGME they hold – 4x borrow leverage.
When apes transfer 25M GMEGME from DTCC to Computershare, DTCC has 225M GMEDTC issued against 25M GMEGME in their depository – 8x borrow leverage. When apes transfer additional 15M GMEGME from DTCC to Computershare, DTCC has 210M GMEDTC issued against 10M GMEGME they hold – 21x borrow leverage. When apes transfer the last 10M GMEGME from DTCC to Computershare. DTCC now has 200M GMEDTC issued against ZERO GMEGME they hold – ∞ borrow leverage.
Now, there are apes holding 200M GMEDTC in brokerage accounts which is backed by nothing but cash collateral and $500K SIPC insurance. Gamestop sees that all company issued GMEGME shares are now at Computershare, and DTCC should not be allowing any trade in GMEDTC because they are bogus, and it dilutes share price hurting investors. So they issue a recall, meaning, asking DTCC to close out all GMEDTC positions because none should exist at their end.
This is the moass situation because, market makers and hedge funds who sold GMEDTC shares have to buy back to close out their positions. They have limited time window to close out, but they cannot name their price, apes name the price.
Apes don't know math, so they keep adding ZEROES to the price (zeroes have no value right). First few hedge funds throw in the towel and buy back some shares. This increases the share price. Now all other hedge funds and MMs have to post additional cash collateral with borrowers. Some cannot, marge calls and they are liquidated. When they are liquidated, the liquidators will buy back GMEDTC at any asked price quickly. This further raises the price. Cash collateral requirement goes up higher and more short hedge funds/MMs who cannot pony up money get liquidated. Apes get confused and keep adding more ZEROES to the ask price. Houston, we have a problem.
If DTCC were honest, they would never allow more GMEDTC share to trade than there are GMEGME. If DTCC implements risk management, they will not allow borrow leverage to get out of control and force shorts to close some of their positions. But will they? Or are they waiting for apes to transfer full float to Computershare and RC to hit the ignition button. It's hard to guess.
Oh no, according to congressional testimony shorts closed their positions way back in Jan, let's see if they were honest under oath.
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2021.09.21 20:20 jurassicworld3000 A nurse is making Holocaust comparisons calling out a children’s hospital due to the vaccine… Public profile, so I am not blurring her name.

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2021.09.21 20:20 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 20:20 OgiDW iOS 15 lag and delay

Does anyone else experience lags and delay? For example when using keyboard, clicks and sound are not sycned and they like have delay?
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2021.09.21 20:20 CringeLord11 Ina in Linus Tech Tips video :D

Ina in Linus Tech Tips video :D
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2021.09.21 20:20 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - ‘We’re in lockstep’: Biden hails Australia at meeting with Morrison | Sydney Morning Herald

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2021.09.21 20:20 suzieeeeq13 Paebaek Korean Ceremony ❤️. My FH is Korean and we had this ceremony for his grandmother who cannot travel for our wedding next year.

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2021.09.21 20:20 beany117 Oem ornament came out for bright dust a few days after I bought it for silver

Is there any chance I can refund it?
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2021.09.21 20:20 roht93 Top 10 Rappers Better Than NBA YoungBoy

Thanks for watching
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2021.09.21 20:20 Tarazetty You could say the same about this sub

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2021.09.21 20:20 M3M3L4F Pregunta sériales normal que se me vean las venas en las manos?

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2021.09.21 20:20 beardedleo89 ASUHHHHH

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2021.09.21 20:20 MustyLlamaFart Anybody know how to get to Liftime Fitness at the Target Center?

I've never been to this one but I work near it and it would be nice to go workout some days to break up the day.
Directions say to go to target center, is it in the target center? Which side do I enter and how do I get to the lifetime once I'm there? I figure I'll probably have to pay for parking
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2021.09.21 20:20 ShivyAU Dressing loose

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2021.09.21 20:20 hard2resist Asking the teachers of Reddit, Why do parents ask a teacher whether they are married or not?

Why do parents want to know about a teacher's relationship status?
And how do you approach their answers without being rude.
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2021.09.21 20:20 kiwisfly1031 Roof Leak or Shower Steam Problem?

We moved into this house about 2 years ago and this weekend came back from out of town and noticed weird ceiling discoloration above the window, next to the shower. Pictures attached. My first inclination was to suspect a roof leak but after further research I am wondering if this is a shower steam/condensation problem since it is so many small brown spots instead of the normal large water spot. Can anyone help me decipher?

[Pictures of spots on ceiling](https://imgur.com/a/Mget8bn)
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2021.09.21 20:20 lemonhazefordayss Could anybody please help diagnose this? Info in comments

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2021.09.21 20:20 iMiindz She insisted that I used this photo filter

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2021.09.21 20:20 achilleschant What should I do?

English it's not my first language, ignore the typos please
I love astrophysics. I actually love a lot of things, but I think astrophysics it's the main thing I love. I love math and physics, so I think it would be the right thing for me to do. But I know that it's really difficult, specially in Brazil, and I don't think I have enough capacity to be successful on the field. And the salary it's not huge thing, and I know I know, "I should do what I want not what gives me money". But is it really a thing? I love many things, astrophysics it's not enough for me, and without money I can't do the other things I like hahaha. So I thought about doing aerospace engineering, I know it's really different, 'cause we don't learn about the theory or about the planets, stars, nebulas... but this is the only course highly paid that I can see myself doing, I was considering medicine but I don't think I am the right person for it, maybe psychiatry but it's a long journey and I am not sure if it's going to be worth it. I also thought about doing astrophysics after engineering using my knowledge in physics, but I don't think they would accept me 'cause my habilities would be limited and I also think it's not worth it. What do you think?
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2021.09.21 20:20 Holotraverse At the end of my rope

This is honestly my last resort, I hate asking for help, always have.
I had to move back in with my parents last year, got sick, struggled to hold onto my job, then COVID happened and I lost my job. I was able to get food stamps, my mom gets a social security check and my dad has bad knees and have also struggled to keep a job, because he can only do jobs that allow him to be seated and the turn-over rate on selling insurance is pretty terrible.
I just got back from a Plasma Center and was declined because I had a high temperature. I was betting on being able to cover my car note with the money I got from donating plasma.
All we need is $50 to cover the car note, so we don’t lose my car. It’s due in 2 days. We have other bills due, such as internet, however AT&T has been very understanding.
My cash app is ——— $manderson1215
Anything helps
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2021.09.21 20:20 HotIncrease H: B2525, AAE15r .50cal, I2525 Fixer HM W: Ve15r HM or Q2515r/90 Tesla or V2515r Plasma Gun

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