Admissions Question

2021.09.20 01:04 Teptolemus Admissions Question

Hey all,
I applied to PSU Fayette on Sept. 1st. A lot of Penn Staters have told me they got their decision pretty quickly. How long did it take for your decision? I’m a pretty impatient person as you can tell
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2021.09.20 01:04 TheMayMayMakers back to the good days, (Post by u/dcxr)

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2021.09.20 01:04 torgosmaster My two little angels snuggling with each other

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2021.09.20 01:04 EdPeggJr Einstein's favorite TV show

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2021.09.20 01:04 foodenthusiast87 Grilled Polynesian Pork Tenderloin w/ Stir Fry Veg & Coconut Sticky Rice

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2021.09.20 01:04 HealthMotor8651 What do y'all think of my plan?

hi all!
I am a libertarian market socialist. Basically, I believe in free markets with firms owned by the workers who work at them competing in a competitive market economy. Believe it or not, this is a lot closer to what the original "capitalist" thinkers had in mind (if you're curious, google Ricardian Socialism, the socialism of David Ricardo & Adam smith). My views line up with John Stuart Mill and a more moderate version of Proudhorn.
Anyways, I spend a great deal of my time thinking about economics, markets, production, that sorta thing. See, ever since I was a kid (long before I became a socialist), I wanted to be an entrepreneur because it meant I could live my life as I pleased and not be tied to the wage system, and plus, who doesn't want some extra $$$.
I still really like the idea of being an entrepreneur but for a while I had trouble coupling that with my socialist beliefs. I have posted about my idea in several anarchist/libertarian socialist subs, so I figured I ought to post here. Ok so here's the idea:
The classic argument that wages/capitalism is inherently exploitative goes like this: Basically, say you are a worker making chairs that sell for $20. Wood costs $5, and the capitalist pays you $5. So at the end of the day, you produced a chair that has a value of (20-5 = 15) $15 but only got $5 of that value, meanwhile Mr. Capitalist sat around doing nothing and got 20-(5+5) = $10 of the value. In short, they got paid $10 of value for doing literally nothing. And because workers don't own the MOP they are forced to sell their labor at below the value it produces. Hence, capitalism is exploitative.
Now, I largely agree with this argument, however I do think it misses something.
This argument relies on the idea that the capitalist profits off of doing nothing.
However, the keyword here is profit.
According to microeconomic theory, there are two kinds of profit: accounting and economic. Accounting profit is defined as revenue - all costs other than opportunity costs. The stuff you'd see on paper at a firm. Economic profit is different because it is defined as revenue - all costs including opportunity cost.
Alright, so why does this matter?
Because, according to microeconomic theory, in a perfectly competitive market there is no economic profit. There is still ACCOUNTING profit, but NOT ECONOMIC. This is something that really confused me when I first learned about it because people use the word profit to refer to both. From here on out, when I say profit I mean economic profit, unless otherwise specified.
So in such a market, exploitation in the manner described above is impossible. Let me explain: In order for there to be exploitation the capitalist must profit right? But if there is no profit, then they don't profit, so they can't exploit. Opportunity costs are real costs. Say they could use the wood for doors. Doors sell for $25 and use $5 wood as before. So 25-5 = $20 return. 10 = 20 - 10. We have a $10 opportunity cost. Therefore, to calculate profit we say: $20-($5+$5+$10) =$20-$20 = 0. Thus the capitalist makes 0 profit. This is how a perfectly competitive market works. If there is profit to be made, firms move in, increasing competition and reducing profit for all. If firms lose money, they leave the market, increasing profits for all. This value stabilizes at $0. Thus, in a perfectly competitive market, profit is 0, so exploitation is 0.
The issue is that we don't have perfectly competitive markets in the real world, at best we have approximations, and at worse we have consolidated markets (like those of today). So how do we get rid of exploitation? Simple, worker ownership.
So here's my idea for entrepreneurship:
Say I want to start a shoe company. I invest my capital, say $100. This starts the firm and buys the capital goods. I have created/allocated $100 of value for the firm (yes, I did buy the goods of someone else's labor, so they created the value, but they willingly traded their labor for that money and I also assumed all risk and upkeep costs of the shoe making machine). This means I have a right to whatever portion of the profits my $100 investment produced, BUT NOTHING MORE. So I go and find a worker to work on the machine. They then receive a share of the profits. This isn't a wage, they are paid according to the value they produce. So say the company sells 10 shoes for $20 each. Let's say the material used to produce the shoe costs $5 and my opportunity cost per shoe is $5 (meaning that my next best option, selling my labor to a door company for $5 or something would generate $5 in revenue). So I created $10, and the worker created $10. Thus we split the profit on each shoe. The worker isn't exploited because neither me nor the worker is paid less than we produce. However I made an accounting profit of $5 per shoe, so $50 total, but an economic profit of $0. Let's say the opportunity cost for the worker is $2, so the worker made 10*20-2*20 = 200-40=$160. Does that make sense? Labor is compensated what it's worth and me as the investor is compensated what I put in. You don't need a perfectly competitive market for this to work (though you do need a competitive one) because it gives workers power because they co-own the firm (just not the machine), meaning they are entitled to make business decisions and profit in democratic manners.
Thus we can still have entrepreneurship and all the good that comes from that and have no worker exploitation. Anti-capitalist free markets. So yeah, the key to understanding this is to understand the idea of economic and accounting profit, opportunity cost, and competition. Profit (in the economic sense) is naught but unearned income for an investor. Workers should get any economic profit produced because they are the ones producing it. Competitive pressure and worker power causes firms to shift control of profits and the firm according to the value produced by the workers and nothing more than the value that the MOP produces.
What's your thoughts? I'd be more than happy to elaborate on investment and stuff and how all of that would work. Would love to hear your thoughts!
Sorry I know this is long-winded and kinda dense, but this is like my personal life plan for business so tryna work out all the kinks you know?
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2021.09.20 01:04 therealtruepirates Has any pirate treasure been found yet? Ours is hidden on Discord! 🥵😬

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2021.09.20 01:04 ElectronicFudge5 Unsolved murders haunt councilor Glenn

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2021.09.20 01:04 Motuo9995 So happy, Got another one rescued from a neighborhood breeder! He looks like a crossover between Pakistani and Persian!

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2021.09.20 01:04 Temporary_Author_255 Dpdr vision

Can you guys describe how you dpdr vision is like? For me it looks like everything is closer but not, like the depth is off. Also everything looks either crispy or blurry and just dreamy
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2021.09.20 01:04 Mauser_od sub 4 sub
jeep grand cherokee vs tempered glass
my video ) pls subscribe and like
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2021.09.20 01:04 Pitiful-Performer962 H: new plans W: offers

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2021.09.20 01:04 AnimeTeGo Is it safe to plug my computer into the wall socket under the AC? More info in replies.

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2021.09.20 01:04 jellybeanbazooka The Marauder, Ch 12.5.1 (SUPER NSFW)

(Kinky Chapter, NSFW WARNING: Bondage, assjob, face sitting, footjob, edging, denial play, pegging, cuckquean? Does it count?
Anyway, disclaimer as always: This is my fanfic based on u/BlueFishcake 's story Sexy space Babes, I have his permission to make this and post here, go check out his original story, enjoy!)
Gray tried to swallow down his apprehension, his thoughts going a million times the speed of light trying to think of what Vii’a’s punishment was going to be. She told him to wait for her in her quarters on the bed, and to leave his clothes and gear folded neatly and by the foot of the bed, an order which he followed to the letter. He checked the clock on the nightstand again in anxious impatience, hissing when he saw that it had only been less than a handful of minutes. It felt like he had been waiting for hours.
"Gray? Are you ready" Vii'a called out sweetly from around the corner.
"Yes, Vii'a…" he responded, tensing a little at her tone after being brought here to 'pay her back.'
"Clothes put away?" she asked again.
"Yes, Vii’a." He nodded.
And did you follow my extra instructions, dear…?" she asked, her playful tone gaining a lower, huskier edge.
"... y-yes, Vii’a…" he grunted, shifting uncomfortably on the bed.
"Good boy." she purred, "There's a pair of padded handcuffs in the top drawer of the nightstand. I'm sure you know what to do next…"
Gray gulped and moved over to the nightstand to open it, pulled out a pair of sci-fi looking handcuffs with some soft, high quality, alien, synthetic wool-like padding. As he began fitting them around his wrists and forearms to secure himself to the headboard, he found them surprisingly comfortable and easy to put on, but no way for him to take them off.
"Okay… I'm ready."
There was a long pause afterwards, Gray sweating from the tension and suspense despite the cold air in the pitch black room. Suddenly, he could see the room with his naked eye, though in a dull red light. Vii’a leaning against the wall in a long dark coat, watching him squirm hungrily from afar as some sort of slow, low, sultry alien music played softly in the background.
"Perfect." She grinned, her reflective silver eye burning with restrained passion. "Like the lights? I got them installed while they were fixing the air conditioning. It's supposed to let us both see while we're together…"
"They really help set the mood, too," he chuckled slightly, "But what do you mean by 'us both see?'"
"Well, you can't see in the dark, and almost all of us Nighkru can't see red like the sun dwelling races, so this is a little bit of a middle ground for the two of us." She tilted her head, slowly strutting towards him with all the grace of royalty, and the sexuality and confidence of a hard-core pornstar on a soft-core set.
She finally made her way to the edge of the bed, climbing up and then crawling over him at a painfully slow pace like a jungle cat creeping up on its prey. She stopped, straddling his lap, casually draping her arms around his shoulders, and flipping her platinum blonde hair to one side.
"But enough of the biology lesson, I'm \much** more interested in ‘Human Anatomy’ right now…" she moaned breathlessly into his ear, playfully biting and licking it slowly before she made her way down, kissing and nibbling down his cheek, neck, then to his chest, then back up again to his lips.
Gray sighed and relaxed a little bit, all of his worries about what she might be planning for him fading away as they kissed. Eventually, they both had to come up for air, the two of them panting heavily and impatient for more. Despite this, Vii’a put a finger to Gray's lips when he tried to lean back in for more, pushing him down with a hush and a devious chuckle.
"Mmm, you know I can't get enough of that from you, baby," she purred, licking her lips before sitting up on his lap, and wedging his member between her firm, springy buttcheeks. "But, that has to wait till the end. This is your punishment for being a naughty boy, isn't it?"
"Y-yes," Gray gulped, "Vii'a, I'm-"
"Stop," she hissed, putting her finger back to his lips. "From now on, until your punishment is over, you will only address me as, 'Mistress.'
"Y-yes, Mistress," Gray nodded, deciding to not speak unless directed by her for the time being.
“Good boy,” she hummed, slowly grinding her hips against his as she hotdogged his partially erect shaft. "Oh, and one other thing before we start."
"What?" Gray grunted, fighting back the urge to buck his hips into her rump like a bull in rut.
"Triss'? You can come out now." The captain looked back as she called for his squadmate, slowly turning back to him. "I hope you don't mind if we make our own little video while we do this."
"N-not at all," Gray chuckled nervously, the violet-skinned Nighkru emerging from a nearby closet, naked as the day she was born and holding her omnipad up like a camera, blushing up a storm as she hastily looked away.
"Eyes forward, Triss’niss. I want you to make sure you get the best angles and focus," Vii'a said firmly, not taking her eyes off her prey for even a second.
"Y-yes ma’am," Triss’ gulped, trying her best to make herself look at them through her recording device.
“Funny, aren’t you usually watching stuff like this anyway?” Gray chuckled, immediately going silent as Vii’a hissed quietly.
“Thi-this is different!” the younger Nighkru stammered in protest.
“You two, hush," Vii'a calmly commanded before turning around to face away from Gray to stand up. "This is both of your punishments, after all. Gray for sleeping around as he says, and you, Triss', for revealing his face to the whole planet on your podcast."
She then knelt down at the foot of her bed, dragging out a footlocker from underneath and opening it before she stood up again with a devious smirk directed at Gray.
"But before we get started, why don't I slip into something more… comfortable?"
With that, the sultry music just barely playing in the background turned up and went into full swing, Vii’a slowly swaying her hips as she played with the belt and buttons of her long coat. Her lone silver eye locked on Gray’s bright green ones with a hooded gaze and a knowing smirk as she gave him a striptease, peeling off a little bit of her covering to reveal a sliver of her cleavage or thigh before covering herself up again and leaving him wanting more. Her little appetizer was working on him, his member twitching as it slowly sprung to life. Triss' kept her device focused on the two lovers as the captain revealed just a little more at a time, deliberately trying to avoid staring at either of them while also keeping the angle and focus spot on.
Finally, the trench coat came off for good, Vii’a standing before Gray as she radiated confidence and sex appeal like a quasar in her new lingerie. A sea green and black laced corset fitted to accentuate her natural curves, matching push-up bra that made her already perfectly proportioned breasts seem just a little more perky and full to his lower brain, a garter belt holding up her thigh high sheer stockings as she slowly strutted towards the bed, and a pair of elegant yet illicitly scandalous crotchless panties to complete the set, the strings of pearls lining her entrance wetted and dripping with her desire.
"Woah," Gray murmured, that single word more eloquent than any great speech from history. Vii’a's eye and confident grin widened at the faint declaration of her victory over him.
"Oh, you haven't seen anything yet," she purred, picking up a bottle of clear lube and letting it ooze out slowly onto her chrome and rubber tipped fingers.
She climbed back onto the bed before seating herself on his lap, a small gasp escaping both their lips as they felt each other's nethers touching one another. Gray fought the urge to thrust or grind against her as she lightly frotted with him. Triss’niss creeped just a little bit closer, keeping the camera on them as Vii’a slowly ground against her male's length, gently stroking the tip and top half of his shaft with one of her bionic limbs.
Gray groaned and arched his back. She was a hell of a lot better than he wanted to admit, and he was damned if he would let her get away with making him look like a virgin quickshot with the way she teased just under the head with her thumb or the way she expertly milked him. His own personal pride and the reputation of his species was on the line, and he refused to fail.
"My, my, are you struggling to keep it in baby?" Vii’a teased, releasing him from her grip right before he thought he was reaching his limit. "The fun's just beginning."
Gray panted as Vii’a sat up on her knees and turned around, straddling him with her back to him as she lowered herself again, sandwiching his cock between her firm, full, heart-shaped grey buns. She wiggled herself deeper into his lap before resuming her grind against him with much greater vigor. Gray groaned louder as he fought against his restraints, every fiber of his body demanding he take hold of her child-bearing hips and plunge himself in, but he couldn't. All he could do was lie there and submit to her sexual torment.
"Now Gray, until I'm done with you, any time you cum without permission, I will give you a punishment. Is that clear?" Vii’a said, squeezing and rubbing into him a little harder.
"Y-yes, Mistress…" Gray winced, tensing up his lower muscles to hold back even as pre already began to leak out.
"Good boy." She purred, giving him a devilish and sultry grin as she rolled and slid her hips up and down his length.
Gray’s grunts of futile resistance filled the room as she continued to tease him, the only other sounds being her soft, sadistic chuckling, and occasionally a small whine from Triss as she kept recording.
“That order goes for you too, Triss, so try not to play with your clam too much.” Vii’a hissed, gripping Gray’s cock just a little tighter.
“Y-yes ma'am.” Triss’niss moaned, putting both hands back on her omni pad as Vii’a went harder on Gray and his dick trapped underneath.
Gray clenched his fists as he fought hard to hold back, but it was no use. Vii’a was just too good at this, and he had a feeling she knew that. He let out a ragged, defeated gasp as he unloaded all over her backside, glazing her buns with thick ropes of his cum. When he was finished, he was left a panting mess. Vii’a gasped and froze completely still as she felt what just happened, slowly turning back to him as she gave him another sinister smirk. She slowly got up on her hands and knees, creeping backwards and shaking her ass invitingly at him with every movement before sitting on his face and smothering him before he could say a word, resuming her grind there.
“Aw, did you cum? I’m not done with you yet, now show your Mistress how sorry you really are…” she growled, making herself comfortable on top of him as she crossed her legs, toying with his still sensitive head with her toes as her other foot held his shaft up and stroked.
Gray’ response was muffled, but the way he began to kiss and lick her glowing lower lips was all she needed from him. She let out a satisfied moan as he made love to and worshipped his goddess using his mouth.
“Fffffuck that’s hot…” Triss shuddered, keeping the camera focused and angled to show both Vii’a edging him, lightly stepping on his cock, as well as Gray eating her out from under her perch. It didn’t take long before she noticed exactly what Vii’a meant earlier by ‘extra instructions,’ “Wait, is that a butt plug?”
“Nff!” Gray protested, his blush visible even underneath Vii’as ass to the Nighkru filming them.
Vii’a simply chuckled and flipped her hair to one side again, grinding into his face and gently abusing his throbbing erection with her feet. “Yes it is, though he won’t be wearing it for that much longer… if he’s a good boy and learns to hold on for a little longer.”
Gray winced and shifted a little underneath her, continuing to lap up her sweet and tart juices from her peach. He tugged harder at his chains as she continued to draw out another orgasm from him with the mix of tender pleasure from her stroking his shaft and dull pain of stepping on him. He wouldn’t consider himself a masochist or into giving or receiving pain. However, the way she toyed with him and treated him, on top of the way she was being careful not to go anywhere too far and make sure he’s still enjoying it… needless to say, it was doing things for him he would never freely admit.
"Oooh Gray!" the silver-eyed temptress using his face as her throne moaned, grinding harder into his lips as her feet kept him at just the brink and her voice climbed in pitch, "I'm, I-I'm-"
Vii’a howled in ecstasy, clawing at the bedsheets as she arched her back in climax, her body shivering as she struggled to remain seated on Gray's suddenly slippery face. Eventually when her high finally subsided, she climbed off of him and sat beside him, panting a little from her own exertion.
"Very… good, Gray…" she gasped, turning to Triss’niss who was still recording in the corner and squirming impatiently before giving her a nod, "Though if you want your reward, you're going to have to work for it…"
"Work for it, how?" Gray asked, catching his breath after being under her for that long.
"You'll see…" Vii'a tittered villainously, turning back to Triss’niss, "No, the blue one with the knot, that one is too big for his first time."
"What's too b-" Gray asked, sitting up to see what was going on before going bug eyed by what he saw, "Jesus H. Fucking Christ."
Lying across the younger Nighkru's arms was a big, fat, black base and neon green tipped, glow-in-the-dark strap-on.
"... why?" Was all Gray could muster, turning towards Vii’a but unable to take his eyes off the sex toy that was almost as long and thick as her forearm.
"I could tell you," Vii'a shrugged, turning to face Gray, "Or I could *not* talk about one of my ex girlfriends while I'm enjoying an evening with my boyfriend…"
"Noted." Gray gulped as Triss’niss put down the rubber dinosaur horse dick and picked up a much smaller, though still intimidating looking glowing blue one with a tapered tip, and ridges along the shaft leading to a veiny bulb at the base.
Seeing his hesitation, Vii'a rolled over to cuddle up to him, petting his hair and stroking his chest as she whispered in a soft and soothing voice, "If you're not comfortable with this, just say the safe word, and we'll stop or find something else to do…"
Gray looked to Vii'a, then back to the toy, then stared at her again, swallowing the last bit of apprehension and pride as he shakily nodded his head.
"Okay… okay, w-we can keep going." Vii'a sighed before giving him a warm smile, kissing him on the top of his head and standing up to take the dildo and harness from Triss.
"There's my brave boy. Don't worry, just relax, we'll use plenty of lube, and Charity will take good care of you."
"Okay, I'll tr-" Gray nodded before pausing, "... Charity?"
"Yes, Charity." Vii'a nodded, tightening the last few straps around her upper thighs and waist before holding up the glowing blue tentacle that was going to enter him as she applied a fat glob of slimy white lube all over.
"... right." Gray shook his head, shifting in place against his handcuffs as he tried to get comfortable, She named her sex toy the one thing I thought Nighkru didn't have a concept or word for…
Vii’a climbed back on the bed and straddled him as she undid his bindings, rubbing her new accessory against his member. It wasn't that much bigger, maybe a few inches here or there, though the little extra bits to it didn’t help him not feel insecure as it pressed against his cock. Vii’a smiled as she released his hands and slid hers against his sides and thighs, lifting them up to grab hold of her as she teased his ass with the tip of her dildo.
Vii’a eyed up her human boyfriend with a predatory hunger in her eye as he readied himself for her toy, running her fingers up and down his thighs idly. Him being a Human male already had the alien allure of him being dangerously androgynous by the galaxy’s standards. The bizarre combination of acting feminine and dominant in the bedroom while doing male acts, made having him like this, a whole new and exciting level.
“Are you ready, my love?” She said, poking his entrance with the tip of her toy. Sheepishly, he nodded slowly, prompting her to nod in turn. “I promise I’ll be gentle.” She said, before grabbing hold of his hips, and slowly pushed down into him.
“F-fuck!” Gray gasped out, as the well lubricated toy slid inside of him. The sensation was odd to him, no doubt about it, but it was also very pleasurable. Even more so as she slowly began thrusting in and out of him, with such skill and precision that let him know she’d done this before. It wasn’t long until she had found exactly what she was aiming for, judging by the moans that escaped Gray’s lips, as well as his eyes darting to the back of his head.
“Not so fast,” She said with a sadistic smirk, slowing her roll, wanting to draw out his orgasm for as long as she could. She leaned forward, spreading his legs as wide as they could go, before leaning in to kiss him. Her tongue battled for dominance with Gray’s, all the while she slowly, but expertly pounded him, each thrust hitting his prostate. She snaked her hand down his abdomen, slowly caressing his pecs and core muscles, before reaching her target, and began stroking.
“Mistress,” Gray moaned out, the gray skinned Nighkru atop him delivering him pleasure on levels he’d never felt before. The ridges of her toy were expertly gliding along and rubbing against parts of him he never knew could feel so good.
“Yes, Gray!” She purred, backing her hips out, and slamming back into Gray, hard, and grinding her strapon vigorously against his insides, making him grip the sheets of the bed tightly. The knot was finally inside, the act of which made Gray yelp in surprise, and arch his back. Her smile only got wider as she realized just how crazy she was making him, without even trying. She shifted her strapon inside of him, relentlessly, making him squirm and buck under her ministrations. She enjoyed watching his face shift into so many expressions of pleasure in such a short time.
“Please,” He moaned out, his hands reaching down to squeeze her plump ass cheeks, an action that made Vii’a moan loudly. She locked her lips with his once more, her hands pinning his wrists to the bed as she quickened her pace. Gray writhed and shifted beneath her as her toy’s tip rammed into his prostate over and over, causing him to see stars as she drove him to new heights of pleasure.
“Please, what, my darling?” She asked, a devious grin on her face as she broke the kiss. Pulling out, she rammed her strapon into him again, battering his prostate as she grinded the toy as deeply as she could, as his insides clamped around the intruding toy.
“Please, Mistress, don’t stop!” Gray pleaded, causing Vii’a’s eyes to widen in both lust and hunger. He was enjoying this more than either of them thought they would, and Vii’a was enjoying this just as much as he was. “R-right there!” He moaned out, as her strapon kept grinding against his poor prostate.
“Not, yet, Gray!” She said, her lips finding his once more, as she began to speed up her thrusting. Taking his member in one hand, she gently began stroking it, causing his back to arch even more, and for her to push him back down onto the bed.
"F-fu-uck!” Triss’niss moaned, an orgasm shooting through her body from witnessing the sight before her. Her thighs were soaked as her wet, dripping cunt, coated them in her fluids, as her right hand continued to rub her cunt raw.
“Triss’niss, what did I say?” Vii’a said in a singsong voice, an animalistic grin written across her face as she eyed her subordinate.
“N-not to cum ma’am!” Triss replied, trying not to look her Captain in the eye.
“So now I have to punish you as well,” She said evilly, before turning back to Gray, as she grinded even harder into him, making him groan even louder. “But first, I have to finish punishing Gray, isn’t that right, my darling?”
“Y-yes, Mistress.” He moaned out.
“Good boy,” She purred, leaning forward to nibble his ear as she quickened her thrusts. She slammed her hips forward as hard as she could, enjoying how each thrust knocked the breath out of Gray as she drove him closer to his peak. She enjoyed it even more as his legs shot up and wrapped around her waist, and pulled her in closer. “Hmm, your very eager, Gray. I think I might decide to do this more often.” She said huskily, lapping at his earlobe with her tongue.
“Mistress, I-I’m going to-” He was silenced by her finger to his lips.
“Your forgetting a word, my love,” Vii’a said, her hand retreating down to his groin, and gripping his member tightly. Slowly, she began stroking his hard, throbbing member, realizing just how close he was to orgasm.
“Please, Mistress, I can’t hold it any longer!” Gray begged, desperately trying to hold back the tidal wave that was building up inside of him.
“More,” She whispered in his ear. “Beg for it, baby!” She said, slowing her thrusting and stroking to a glacial pace.
“Please, Mistress, please let me cum!” Gray begged even louder, which by the look on Vii’a face, satisfied her enough for her to get back to her previous tempo, as she began slamming back into him with full force.
“Very well, my love!” She purred, slamming her lips into his own, pinning his hands to his sides, and plowing into him as hard as she could. From there, it didn’t take long for Gray to finally reach a second orgasm. The tapered tip of the strapon pounding his prostate relentlessly, and the ridges rubbing against his insides, forced his orgasm out from him. He moaned loudly into Vii’a mouth as he erupted, her hand helping to coax his seed from within him.
“So fucking hot!” Triss’niss moaned out, her hand back to rubbing her clit as she watched her Captain bring the Human male to ruin with her strapon.
“Cum for me, Gray!” She breathed out, her hand rapidly sliding up and down his shaft, as he shot rope after thick rope of cum all over his stomach and chest, even reaching as far up as his neck.
“O-oh my god!” Gray moaned out as Vii’a got from atop him, holding herself up with her arms as she watched his cock twitch unceasingly, shooting his seed all across his body. Finally, as the last rope shot forth, Vii’a slowly pulled out, stood on her knees, and admired the sight before her. His torso was covered in his cum, a sight that made both Nighkru present, extremely horny. Gray, however, was left a soaked covered, panting mess, a result of his Captain fucking him in a way he’d enever experienced before. While there was no doubt he enjoyed this, he’d be damned if he ever told anyone about it though. "Thank you… Mistress…" Gray panted, "I-I… I can't feel my legs."
"My my, how the tables have turned." Vii'a chuckled to herself before snapping her fingers at Triss and pointing down at Gray’s cum soaked pecs and abs. "Triss’niss, clean. With your tongue."
"Yes Mistress! Thank you, Mistress!" She squeaked. She rushed over to the bed, climbing atop Gray, handing the camera off to him, and began running her tongue across his abdomen.
"Ah ah ah, slower…" Vii'a ordered, grabbing a handful of the younger drow alien's hair and pulling it back like a leash.
Triss’niss mumbled incoherently as she nodded her head and lolled her tongue out, licking the crevices of his muscles much slower and more sensually as she savored every drop she could get off of him.
"Holy shit…" Gray whispered as he was the one recording now, watching her long, pink tongue dart out, before taking a mouthful of his cum back behind her luscious dark lips. He winced from how sore and battered he was, despite how hot it was to watch this.
Vii’a chuckled as she took a quick glance down before meeting his gaze again, "Oh me, oh my, is the human up for another round already?"
"M-maybe some other time, Vii’a, It actually hurts a little bit to have that erection right now." Gray said, shifting uncomfortably, as Triss whined in protest as she finished licking him clean.
The Captain made no effort hiding her disappointment as she sighed, "Very well Gray, you can go now…"
Gray sighed in relief before pulling in his girlfriend for one last kiss goodbye, whispering as they touched foreheads and rubbed noses. "Thank you. I love you, Vii’a"
Vii’a blinked and blushed a deep dark purple before smiling and kissing him back again. "Anytime, my love…"
Gray rolled over on the bed and made an attempt to sit up, only finding that his legs had gone completely numb as he fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. The Nighkru females rushed to the edge of the bed in response, to make sure he was okay.
"I'm fine, I'm fine." He raised a hand up, trying to calm them down. "Can somebody call Ara or the Doc? I think I'm the one with jelly legs for once…"
The two alien women both sighed and laughed together at Gray’s misfortune. The Human looked down in shame before hearing a yelp from Triss and the sound of the handcuffs clasping again.
"Since Gray’s feeling too saddle-sore to keep going…" Vii'a grinned, grabbing a few wipes to clean Charity up from her time inside of Gray, and gave Triss a hard spank. "I think I'll be taking your ass for a ride now…"
Gray went wide eyed at her willingness to keep going, wondering if she also had robotic hips in order to keep going at this. He looked down and found himself hard again, but decided he had enough of this kind of fun for at least a month as he grabbed his things and desperately tried to crawl for the door. Realizing he couldn’t get out alone, he sent a quick text to Ara, as Vii’a began preparing Triss for the ride of her life.
A: Where?
G: Captain’s Quarters, Triss is next after she kills me!
A: On my way!
"Gray, what are you doing?" Vii’a asked, causing him to immediately snap towards her as she finished locking Triss up.
"Uh," Gray paused, not knowing why he suddenly felt guilty. "I'm calling Ara to help me get back to my dorm."
Vii’a sighed and shrugged sadly, "Very well, get some rest. You still owe me a few times getting off to break even."
With that, she turned back to Triss’niss, leering down at her with a sinister grin as she prodded her freshly cleaned and lubed strapon against her propped up ass.
"W-wait wait!" She protested, trying to pull against her restraints. "I-It's my first time!"
"Really?" Gray and Vii’a asked, completely caught off guard.
"Well, I've done it with fingers and vibes. she admitted with a bashful blush, "And this one time I almost gave this Helkam guy a blowie, but I've never-"
"Aw, poor thing." Vii'a tutted, giving the younger woman's spanked red backside some tender rubbing love. "All this talk over the years, and that's all it was?"
"W-well, I mean-"
"In that case, I'll be a little merciful to you, pet," Vii'a shushed her, rubbing her dark wine colored body soothingly before taking her by the hips and slowly pushing her way into her backdoor much to her surprise. "And save that virgin cunt of yours for when you earn the privilege of fucking a real cock!"
Triss’niss gasped and cried out as she was slowly ripped wide open, with Vii'a taking great care to ease her into it before she could have fun getting rough with her. Gray watched as Triss gripped the ribbing of the toy tightly as it went in and out. Before long, the door busted open, with Ara looking around in a frenzy.
"CAPTAIN! Don't hurt him, he's just an id-" she shouted, stopping mid sentence as she saw the scene playing before her. "... oh."
"I need help." Gray said, looking down in shame and defeat.
"Funny, I thought you Humans were supposed to have near infinite stamina." Ara tilted her head with a neutral expression, Gray swearing she was doing some subtle Rakiri equivalent of silently mocking and laughing at him.
"Near infinite still has a limit, besides I can still fall and hurt-"
"Oooh, fuck my ass like you plowed Gray's, my Mistress!" Triss moaned and arched her back as Vii’a mounted her and began pounding her into the floor, cutting Gray off.
"... like I said, I fell and hit my hip. Nothing else."
"If that's the story you want to tell, it's the one we'll tell the Medic." Ara snickered, squatting down closer to him, "Can you walk?"
"Legs went numb when I hit the ground." He said, yelping as she effortlessly picked him up in a bridal carry.
"Uh huh, tell D'voraa all about how you hit the floor." Ara shook her head, closing the door behind her as Triss’niss moaned and screamed louder from her punishment.
"Promise you won't say anything?" Gray asked as she marched down the halls with him.
"Not one word." She hummed, chuckling a little bit. "No one would believe me anyway."
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