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2021.09.21 19:54 Stunning_Purchase480 Link posts

My link posts are not visible
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2021.09.21 19:54 MrBigHotNasty AZELF RAID ADDING 10 WhatTheJakeALX - 3462 1420 3964 emilyred35 - 5551 7366 4697

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2021.09.21 19:54 The_Hype_007 What is the point? Why up a sell order of this size for ONLY 30 seconds.

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2021.09.21 19:54 dmattjmu [WTB] 5 oz Silver ATBs - 2014 Arches, 2010 Yosemite, 2010 Grand Canyon, 2010 Yellowstone

Looking for the 4 National Park Silver 5 oz ATBs (America the Beautiful) in the title - Burnished or BU:
2014 Arches NP
2010 Yosemite NP
2010 Grand Canyon NP
2010 Yellowstone NP

Please send me your price for any of these coins. Can pay with Venmo, PPFF, or Zelle
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2021.09.21 19:54 lexirosie_ Seeking Advice

Hello, recently diagnosed with BPD. I’m 23 and non binary. Just really struggling with coping with things I’ve done in my past. I’m not blaming my BPD bc obviously I had a choice but how do y’all deal with feelings of shame and guilt? Sometimes it feels like I can never move forward bc I have all these things in my past that I did just to keep people in my life and some of them were lies, deception or manipulation. I carry it with me every day and it makes me feel like a really bad person. I want to be a better person and I’m learning about coping mechanisms but every time i think I’m getting better- i get intrusive thoughts about how I’m a shitty person. How do you deal with these kinds of feelings and move forward?
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2021.09.21 19:54 twweakk It works, try it

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2021.09.21 19:54 Stellar_Wings [DC Comics] Could Superman complete the cinnamon challenge without choking?

Old meme is old, but let's say a kid or teen asks Superman to do the Cinnamon challenge as part of a fundraiser and he agrees.
Could old Sups do it without suffering any of the typical negative reactions us mere humans have when attempting this feat? Or is kryptonian physiology close enough to humans that one of the mightiest beings in DC would still be defeated by a spoonful of cinnamon?
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2021.09.21 19:54 VinuPraneeth Raze Ult Fuse Off xD | VinuZ

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2021.09.21 19:54 VBDF123 H: BE90 flamer, Bsss power fist W: TS/50VH/50break broadsider

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2021.09.21 19:54 PCAT1998 Dynasty .5 PPR 1QB 2RB 2Wr 1TE 1Flex

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2021.09.21 19:54 deniss_1996 LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope OBI-Wan’s Hut 75270 Hot Toy Building Kit; Super Star Wars Starter Set for Young Kids (200 Pieces) : Toys & Games $23.99

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2021.09.21 19:54 Tiny-Rick93 MEng going for Masters In Water. What are your thoughts on career outlook?

Hi All,
I am currently in a Mechanical Engineer working in construction as a Project Engineer. I have been accepted into University of Stuttgart (Germany) in the WAREM (Water and Resouece Engineering Management) program and am signed up to attend this upcoming winter semester. I am having second thoughts about going and was wondering what experience engineers that work in the water industry have and what thoughts are on career outlook.
My thinking is that with all of the talk of global warming and climate change Water Management will be a huge issue in the upcoming 5 - 10 years.
FYI I am based in the Northeast U.S. and am approximately 30 years old.
Thank You
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2021.09.21 19:54 lolman533 hell yeah 5 year old meme

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2021.09.21 19:54 StunningComposer6905 Are the cities and locality in which the following universities are located safe for students? Any drawbacks to applying to these cities. Help out an intl student please!

I have done my possible research, ultimately an international student can only so much. All help is greatly appreciated.
Is there anything I should be aware of before going here? I am not talking about the weather btw. Think internship opportunities, work place environment, general opinion of the public (i understand that this would prolly result in a gross oversimplified but still). In short, any thing I should be aware of, in terms of the city.
If you have some specific detail about the university, do let me know that as well!
If you have any resources you would like to share that would be great too!
Demographics: Asian Indian Male, Applying for MechE. If that helps.
This is a complete list of unis i am considering.
Thank you 😊
Is punctuation of the first sentence in my title correct? Uhhh SAT prep. :)
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2021.09.21 19:54 ChrisBall44 Whale

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2021.09.21 19:54 Moxi_Time Myself as a youtooz

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2021.09.21 19:54 gumshooes ACL one step closer to final approval with health and safety plan greenlighted

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2021.09.21 19:54 Hgrapes_ I'm really proud of myself right now

I was bulimic from the age of 11 to 23. I had a baby at 20 and I was still purging through the pregnancy. I feel bad about it still, the baby came out healthy but I know it was still wrong to be doing that. I'm pregnant again and about 21 weeks and I haven't purged at all and I feel so proud about it. I feel gross and huge but I know it's going to be okay and it wont be forever. Just hoping I keep it up, but I'm pretty sure I will.
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2021.09.21 19:54 annie-harom96 $5 PRCY AIRDROP ON TELEGRAM - ENDS IN 9 DAYS!

Get $5 worth of PRCY coin on Telegram for free!
The price is really pumping now (+67% just today!!!!)
Don't miss it out, only 9 days left to claim!
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2021.09.21 19:54 NorthernMonkeh I know I’m biased, but come on… she’s just adorable.

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2021.09.21 19:54 sora-da-weeb Requesting r/Gachaclubedits. Only mod hasn’t been active for almost a year, and I really want to make this sub into something.

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2021.09.21 19:54 stankmanly How Do We Know that Birds are in Trouble?

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2021.09.21 19:54 ashtar123 I'm sick but it ain't covid yay

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2021.09.21 19:54 jjb8712 For those of you that can date but simply choose not to, why?

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2021.09.21 19:54 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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