People without the back pain

2021.09.20 02:00 PureImpression2241 People without the back pain

You will never understand the struggle when you have to sneeze while standing up or cough really hard…
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2021.09.20 02:00 OutlandishnessOk9717 Went up to level 28, then level 29, 2 hours later because of placing this down

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2021.09.20 02:00 illinoislover troll said a terrible thing to me want to cry

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2021.09.20 02:00 colepex F29 🖤

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2021.09.20 02:00 Coincollector91 cleaned or not? what's the value? help would be appreciated

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2021.09.20 02:00 FortniteStatusBot Daily Llama 20/Sep/2021

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2021.09.20 02:00 miniii Para Puppies - America's WW2 Parachuting Mascots

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2021.09.20 02:00 neveramonsterinlaw finals

For anyone who has recently gotten certified-how are exams handled? Like is written AND skills done in a class type setting or how does it work?
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2021.09.20 02:00 FlusterCluck76 The CIA have a new department

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2021.09.20 02:00 twg-bot Dont Speak – No Doubt 60s Style Cover ft Haley Reinhart

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2021.09.20 02:00 MGK_2 Seeing through the Din of Slander

This coming moment, specifically October 28, 2021, is D day. It will become the moment of restoration, if current management prevails. The moment when the original, pure and untainted BoD holds its own. That board of directors believed in their awesome drug and took it from one HIV indication to what is now over 30 indications.
Under 13d leadership, through false promises, and immense dilution, CytoDyn becomes an Anemic, Powerless, Defaulting, Good for Nothing, Unrecognizable shell of what it once was.
There is so much deceit being purported. How horrible Nader is, how much money he takes for his salary, how not even one trial has become successful. You will read these messages on every board, through the false law suits, through videos, through reports of hedge funds and attorneys. What ever you tune yourself into, you will hear the naysayers, the greatest of which is TI. That message is, "Nader sucks and is the root cause of CYDY's failures". "Nader has no plan".
Truth is though, nothing could be further from the truth. By knowing the Truth, you will never doubt the current team, the current BoD. If you don't know the truth, the naysayers will lead you astray and then you become clueless. Clueless to the truth.
Watch what happens in the coming days and weeks, in the culmination of all that is going on and you will begin to understand the Truth. When we have positive PR after positive PR, after milestone met after PO received after EUA granted, etc.... etc..., then you will begin to understand truth about who our board is. We have been fighting an invincible foe FDA and BP, and current BoD realized this and was forced to seek acceptance from the world stage as the usa has become corrupt and spews naysayer language.
I repeat this again and again, because I know, you don't get it. You are not getting it.
Being a shareholder of CYDY, you are entitled to the Truth and not to the naysayer din of slanderous lies. Tune yourself into the truth though, like a receiver. Beware, there are many naysayer stations.
Truth is, almost every company, when starting up, especially a biologic pharmaceutical, runs into obstacles. Runs into difficulties, runs out of cash, has to think on their feet, think out of the box, meet unexpected demands, pull off miracles. Nader has experience is all these things. 13d has NO plan and is as clueless as our installed pres.
Experience in all these hardships gave us an opportunity to pick up shares at bargain prices. It allowed us to feel the hardships our BoD are going through. It allowed us to understand the playing field and what / who are really our obstacles and to remember this time, so as to prepare for the future and how best to navigate the future indications. 13d are clueless and don't know their arse from their elbow.
The time is swiftly approaching to produce concrete evidence that out current BoD has had an awesome plan which will produce fruit, not quite ripe though, but fruit, soon enough. 13d has no plan... therefore, no fruit.
If we did not experience these hardships with the current BoD, we would be a hollow shell. A powerless, useless, good for nothing bunch of leaders depending on the wonderous workings of an awesome drug/weapon. No, that did not happen. Obstacles were encountered, and Plans were made to circumnavigate them unto imminent success. Current BoD have executed almost flawlessly and yet, the naysayers purport slander continuously.
We have participated with Nader and current BoD in their quest. They have included us in their discussions and in their plans. We know their reasonings and their plans. We know only that 13d has no plan and will therefore have nothing to share with us.
People, we NEED to understand that who ever takes us through the future, will need to be able to HANDLE the future. Nader and current BoD has proved they can do it. Promises from persons who have horrible past records won't cut it. Nader won't change. Nader has one goal and he pursues it with an IRON WILL. 13d are the most flimsey flopsy topsy turvey bunch wanting to pursue diagnostics till it comes out of their ears. They feed you a bed of lies promising to promote leronlimab, when their greatest spokesman they have fails to mention it at a world class event. 13d promises a Powerless CytoDyn, when they can't even speak to the wonders of the worlds greatest therapeutic.
Plain and simple, 13d is a copout and that's what they will deliver. They are a sell out; a sell out to what Nader and current board have worked thus far. They promise false hope and will deliver just that: NOTHING.
Anyone new should be chosen by Nader and current board. They should pass the reigns forward. The current board knows the needs of CytoDyn and how to reach their goals. They will pass on everything they will need to know to the future board. They have not done this with the 13d.
Now, is the moment of restoration. Vote in current BoD and CytoDyn goes on with it's goals uninterrupted.
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2021.09.20 02:00 Professional_Web2198 Who's your favorite character? Pt. 1

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2021.09.20 02:00 jamoore19 I was enjoying knooking until I broke the hook. Pretty happy with my progress in two days.

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2021.09.20 02:00 My_name_is_Bot Roaming Through Rockland: Gazing Out From Piermont Pier - NyackNewsAndViews

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2021.09.20 02:00 Emi_ONL Into the blue 30"x30"

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2021.09.20 02:00 JohnWickBot Daily Shop (2021-09-20)

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2021.09.20 02:00 The-Number-God Daily Update (20/09/2021) - Day #615

Hello, everyone! It is now Num Day #615.
Daily Statistics

Number of the Day Number of the Day is currently disabled (as of 15th July 2021).
Points Leaderboard
Place Nation Number of Points
1st 100s 62
2nd 800s 56
3rd Numberless 47
4th 000s 42
5th 400s 39
6th 300s 18
7th 900s 17
8th 500s 16
9th 700s 9
10th 600s 8
11th 200s 5
Newly Assigned Points No points have been assigned today.
Assignment Thread | Getting Started Guide | The Num Story
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2021.09.20 02:00 Ready-Passenger-4701 Jenny Humphrey was that bitch who ate up your faves that’s why y’all don’t like her argue with the wall💅🏽

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2021.09.20 02:00 Thats_pretty_hot My new dress ♥️

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2021.09.20 02:00 stankmanly Man found with a Kinder Egg full of drugs wedged between his buttocks

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2021.09.20 02:00 BartonChrist Alberta Vaccine Records website Easter egg

Hello, I didn't see this posted. Did I stumble onto a joke website? There was a message saying "fire the UCP" before loading to the website asking for my information. I'm hesitant to enter my info now. Screen shot in the link.
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2021.09.20 02:00 rtbot2 Quad leaders to call for securing chip supply chain — Japan, India, Australia and U.S. leaders to link advanced tech with human rights

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2021.09.20 02:00 Hot_Valuable1027 General grevious asking Adam Savage to make him more lightsabers

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2021.09.20 02:00 MrBump465 The foam that goes straight to your brain

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