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2021.09.20 00:19 Imlxrddude New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself!
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2021.09.20 00:19 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Vikings receiver K.J. Osborn races down sideline for 64-yard TD reception | ESPN

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2021.09.20 00:19 FullVinceMode Reddit Efficiency

For those struggling with Reddit I highly recommend creating custom feeds with the subreddits that you like/think you need. Then make sure that when you go to Reddit you go to not or anything like this.
In this way when you go to Reddit your main screen will be virtually blank, then you intentionally go to the custom feed of your choice. One of the great parts of this is that then you can view all those subreddits in the same feed (e.g. sorting by new or whatever you like).
It creates a few barriers between you and mindless browsing and can make your experience more efficient and minimal. In this way, at least for me, I get the best parts of Reddit with less of the downside.
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2021.09.20 00:19 GreatSignificance51 Any advice?

My lifelong passion has been acting but the problem is I’m all the way from southern Illinois in college for nursing right now living with my mom while I’m in college so I obviously don’t have the money to just fly and live in Los Angeles. St. Louis is right by my town and the shoot films there all the time but I don’t have anybody I can practice my acting with and with nursing school I don’t have time. In the summer I have time so I guess that’s a positive but I’m gonna be 24 in a couple years I don’t have a lot of time.
I don’t have any social media it’s never been my thing I don’t like it but should I get one to people could see me or something? I really don’t like social media ugh honestly feels good not having one but I know it’s a new era. I was thinking I could make money off of modeling and use it to get to Los Angeles but I don’t really know where to start?
Also I want to be a model have a great physique and want to show it off I just like that kind of stuff. So how do I practice my acting while I’m basically stuck in the place I live in now and do I have no choice but to wait till I’m done with nursing school?
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2021.09.20 00:19 LillyWhiteArt I was wondering what game this is. It’s the one Reddit YouTubers always play in the background of videos. Looks fun but I can never find what it’s called.

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2021.09.20 00:19 L_agtr____a1n PogChamp

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2021.09.20 00:19 CowrdLawyer763 Picture

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2021.09.20 00:19 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Kyler Murray scrambles, finds Rondale Moore for 77-yard touchdown | ESPN

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2021.09.20 00:19 theREALashasaur September! Lost Ark GBO 10th anniversary pickups and more!

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2021.09.20 00:19 EDroneVirginFedshill SC: Wrestling Twitter is garbage. Users of SC:

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2021.09.20 00:19 PitStopRanch Lazy Sunday project.

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2021.09.20 00:19 OkRefrigerator9973 I wish these feelings would go away and I could fall asleep for a week. Don't even have a kid yet but feel so drained

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2021.09.20 00:19 Cheesy-Meat Is this swimmers syndrome and can it be fixed or helped

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2021.09.20 00:19 filmviewer are dining halls closed between 3 and 4:30?

apologies for the dumb question (first time on campus) but I saw this and wanted to make sure before I went to any
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2021.09.20 00:19 Dangerous_Yak_5393 Pokemon/Minecraft meme (I made it because I know you've played Minecraft and Pokemon :)

Pokemon/Minecraft meme (I made it because I know you've played Minecraft and Pokemon :)
Made by a fan
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2021.09.20 00:19 sealprint Offering two free Celtic Cross readings 🍀🔮 PLEASE READ ✨

Hi! I am offering two free Celtic Cross readings. If interested, please comment on this post. I will respond to the people who I will be offering the readings to. If I do not respond to you, please understand that I've probably already reached out to the folks I plan to read for :)
I WILL NOT do the following:

  1. Readings for people below the age of 18
  2. Yes/no readings
  3. Questions that feel like "spying" on another person
  4. Questions about sex with another person (relationship/love questions are OK! but let's keep it PG please)
If you reach out with any of the following, I will not answer your question, and I may leave the chat without any response at all.
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2021.09.20 00:19 fruhewarnung Ajuda para achar um jogo

[Android] O jogo era tipo fnaf, porém ele era 3d e se passava em uma casa, e pra tu não falecer vc precisava girar uma manivela que ficava na cozinha.
(Peço desculpas caso esse não seja o intuito desse sub)
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2021.09.20 00:19 pokemonmas465 Was flying through the end farming elytras and found this chunky boi. Seed: -536818987

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2021.09.20 00:19 YourDreamCatcher The games list on my public profile has been frozen for years

Hi! So I've played about 20 games and even platniumed some but it seems like my games list/recently played list on my profile never updates and still says I only have 1 game.
Does anyone know how to fix this? Restoring licenses didn't work, nor did restoring the database. For some additional context I haven't had PSplus in 3 years and I have a launch model PS4. Is it perhaps just corrupted and in need of initialization? Or am I just stuck with a profile bug for the indefinite future
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2021.09.20 00:19 I-Own-A-Voice The human is bored: First steps

Kyle awoke to the sounds of thunder. It had been quite a long time since he'd been able to hear the soothing sounds of earth. Laying in bed half awake, the pitter patter of rain on the window, the rumble of thunder echoing across the sky in lazy intervals. It was strange, he couldn't remember how he got here, but he was happy for the moments peace.
“Hey you, you're finally awake!” Kyle's eyes opened from black, a strange yet familiar sight greeting his eyes.
A cart slowly making it's way across a country path, three other people were present and sitting next to him. One of them had his mouth covered and was looking indignant, or perhaps pissed off that he had been caught. One of the people on the cart was speaking to him, letting him know that he was sitting next to some big wig who had a fancy voice.
What the hell was going on here?
They entered a small fortified town, citizens of the empire staring up at them. Many with a twinge of sadness in their eyes, some hardened towards them. The cart came to a rest, the three other people on board disembarking. Kyle stayed exactly where he was. He tried to move, he really did, but it seemed like he couldn't even move a finger. They felt the way static looked, twinges of electricity flowing through the ghost of his hand. He was helpless but to watch the scene unfold around him.
A new person emerged from his space, an npc looking motherfucker who upon being asked where he was from began morphing and shifting his appearance at an alarming rate. The scene around this bizarre nightmare began to fade, the unfamiliar sight of a circular wall took the place of the expansive world around him. Electricity was flowing into these walls at an alarming rate, each bolt circling around the room before arcing unnaturally towards the character being vomited out. A stunningly ugly
gorgeous man spouting nonsense about yorkshire tea emerged. When asked about his name he shouted “Reanu Keeves” with all the grace of a goose before shouting more nonsense about what a balanced game this was.
“I am in hell, clearly. Well that's the last time I ever try eating a head sized ball of pure energy.” Kyle thought to himself out loud.
“OH HEY FINALLY” Another strange voice called out from somewhere above him “I've been waiting for you to wake up, we're in a bit of a predicament.”
The scene shattered into shards of light which congregated into the form of a person. The electricity from the walls renewed their assault of this person, but he seemed unphased at the lethal array of bolts hitting him.
“What were you doing? Why Skyrim of all things?” Kyle asked. Sure it was a classic game with thirty remasters, but he was boggled as to why this man would entertain himself as such.
“Making a lot of people very angry. As well as using up all this energy flowing into the chamber. Or I was, hey how do you feel about a speedrun of learning how to harness the power inside of you?” The man was making no sense whatsoever, making a lot of people very angry? What people, there was just the two of them in here.
“Oh there's more than the eye can see. A great number of eldritch beings watching our universe in a ploy to entertain themselves. You never know when they're watching, but they generally show up when something interesting is happening.” The man explained how he was clearly insane.
“Right. I'll be off then, I'm trying to find a way to not get myself killed, and you seem a bit batshit.” Kyle took a step forward, vertigo overtaking his soul.
“Right, well you're in a stasis pod. You'd be asleep for the next forever but I connected to your mind in order to get that brain active. As well as to shield you from the energy being pumped into this room. Speaking of we have a time constraint. I can only absorb so much energy before I have to fabricate it into something, and I don't think you want to see thirty eight playthroughs of Skyrim on fast forward.”
“No not really. Alright suppose I humor you, what would I do?” Kyle didn't have much to lose, may as well see where this was going.
“Alright now we're getting somewhere. First what is your power, found out you had it and decided to test it out, got into hot water and came here. Sound about right?” Fabricator asked.
“Something like that.” Kyle confirmed.
“A bit of a late bloomer, but powers are a tricky business. You have them from birth but actually using them for the first time takes some finaggling. First time's the hardest though.” Fabricator continued. “Alright you should be able to use your powers from in there. Just imagine teleporting outside of the pod, right where you're looking. It should take care of itself from there.”
“I wasn't born with these.” Kyle corrected.
“Uh huh, that's a new one. Everyone is born into power, they can't be created. I should know, of all the life I've created none of them had the ability to use powers.” This man just continued to get more batshit insane. Creating life? Now was not the time to be talking about your ability to increment your hips plus and minus six inches.
“Right, anyway.” Kyle focused on the spot directly in front of him and thought about teleporting there. He felt something happen, though he wasn't actually transported.
“Ah aha, nice. Alright now I'll help. I'm fabricator by the way, thanks for showing me how to do that.” Uh oh. The way Fabricator said that implied that Kyle had helped unlock the secrets of teleportation. Given that Kyle had no idea who this guy actually was beyond 'help' it was safe to say that the consequences had yet to unfold.
A flash of light distracted Kyle from his line of precautionary thought. His eyes fell upon a humanoid flash of light forming in front of Fabricator. What he saw next horrified him, made from the flash of light came a bubbling pulsating mass of flesh that looked just human enough to be recognizable. The entity collapsed to the floor, quickly forming a puddle of it's own fluids, a pitiful cry of terror and indignation towards it's creator the last thing it screamed before it flashed back into light.
“Well that was fucked up. More complex than I gave it credit for. Looks like we're gonna have to iterate a few times.” Another flash of light appeared, this time bubbling out of form almost immediately.
Kyle really wished that he could vomit, or move, or do anything really. It was only in this moment that he realized that he was frozen in some form of partial stasis. His eyes and mind could move but everything else was numb and frozen. Maybe he could teleport out of here, somewhere, anywhere. He tried again, a stabbing pain shooting through his mind. That pain shook something loose, the world slowing down around him as his brain sped up to deal with the new situation.
He felt instantly hungry, was his first thought. But for some reason he felt a flow of energy from the pod that did a pitiful job of satiating his hunger. It wouldn't be enough but it was an interesting experience. He realized that this Fabricator was still connected to his mind, though it was easy enough to cut off that connection...
“And you're awake again. Doing a little mental exploration eh?” Fabricator said as Kyle once again regained consciousness.
“What happened? One second I was pushing you out, the next I woke up.” Kyle felt slightly groggy, like he had been woken up from the brink of deep sleep.
“That stasis chamber was designed especially for me. It's got a full suite of mental games, internet access, etc. But it'll put the average lad right out, it is a stasis chamber after all.” Fabricator explained.
“Grah” gurgled George.
“Wait what the fuck?” Kyle heard a zombie gurgle behind him.
“What?” Fabricator inquired.
“There's a zombie standing next to you. Did you make that monster?” It looked absolutely horrifying, with flesh dripping eternally down it's legs. It wasn't wearing any clothes not that it mattered. You couldn't make out any details down there anyway, the only thing keeping it alive being the fact that it was very likely undead.
“You can't pull my leg, there's just you and me buddy.” Fabricator said straight faced. If he saw the thing standing in front of him then he was a real good liar.
“I swear there's a zombie right in front of you, you could literally reach out and touch the thing.” Kyle tried again. Fabricator seemed to humor him, as he reached out in front of him attempting to touch the zombie. The zombie however slid to the side, twisting and gliding out of reach. It was extremely graceful for a being who was literally sublimating it's flesh to gas, somehow.
“Right, anyway. Would you give teleportation another shot, I need a refresher on how exactly your brain goes about it.” Fabricator asked, pausing the construction of the human shaped meat blob.
“Grah” George beckoned Kyle to try again.
“This is the last time I consume weird energy.” And Kyle tried again. This time he got a little more information than the last time. It felt like there was nowhere to teleport to. He could feel the energy spooling up but as soon as he focused on a location it sputtered out.
“Fantastic. That's a buttload of new information. Gimme a minute eh?” Fabricator continued forming meat from energy, an incredibly grotesque process. The floor was a veritable bio-hazard of blood and spilled meaty debris.
This did give Kyle a small moment to himself, as he felt the connection to Fabricator fade away. Kyle refocused on his newfound powers, and instead of focusing on a spot outside of the stasis chamber he focused on his current location. It really shouldn't have worked, but Kyle felt himself shift outside of reality for a moment before arriving back exactly where he was.
This did two things, one his massive headache was slightly reduced. It appeared that he had used some of the energy that had been stored in his head to fuel his transport. Two he just gained a much greater understanding of how teleportation worked. See most people assumed that it was demolecularization and reconstruction at the targeted location. While this was one way to transport things, it had the unfortunate side effect of temporarily killing the transported objects and or people. For this reason alone it had been preemptively banned as a method of transportation. It did have limited uses for transporting large objects across the universe, but generally you could just commission a fabricator to make whatever you wanted at the desired location.
The second method was swapping one point in space-time with an identical point of space-time at the desired location. While this method of transportation was purely theoretical to science at the moment, it was the method that Kyle had just used. What he had seen for the slightest fraction of a second was his current reality fade, only to return to it's original location.
So why was he unable to teleport out of the stasis chamber? Well it was an Agency device, that was easy enough to figure out based on the information he had gotten from Fabricator. Given that the Agency had tech that was well beyond what was commonly available it wasn't a stretch to assume that they could manipulate space-time, say to keep a powerful individual locked in place.
“Hey Fabricator, why were you in this thing to begin with?” Kyle asked. Due to the severed mental link however it fell upon deaf ears.
Actually come to think of it, why was he not falling unconscious. When Kyle tried to break the connection he had been knocked out, only reviving when Fabricator reconnected. Huh, maybe it had something to do with his using powers. They did require far more brain than regular consciousness. As a test Kyle let go of the grip he had on his powers.
“Wakey wakey, say hello to our new friend!” Kyle awoke to Fabricator's mental probe.
“So that's it. Enough consciousness and you can fight off the effects of stasis.” Kyle said to himself.
“Well yeah, how'd you come to that conclusion?” Fabricator asked.
“Just doing some testing while I'm locked in place.” Kyle answered.
“Cool, well then. Shall we get out of here?” Fabricator continued.
Kyle's perception returned to him, bringing him face to face with three entities. There was Fabricator, George, and a new slightly less zombie like figure with a massive head. The two zombies were chatting it up in zombie speak, while Fabricator was waiting for Kyle to make sense.
“Uh yeah, where are we going?” Kyle asked as reality shifted around them. The lightstorm of the chamber they were in faded away, replaced by a canopy of stars.
“Deep space, though we are next to a populated system.” Fabricator responded “Boy am I glad that worked without issues. Teleportation is weird.
“Uh, are your uh zombies ok?” Kyle asked. The two zombies were clutching at their throats, they apparently needed oxygen in order to keep un-living.
“Oh they'll be fine. They don't actually need to breathe, I built anerobic systems alongside their aerobic systems. It's just uncomfortable switching between them.” Fabricator answered matter of factly.
“Ok cool, doesn't look any less horrifying though.”
The two zombies eventually stopped thrashing around and returned to their casual state. George seemed specifically unhappy about his situation, but did seem to be enjoying the unfiltered stars. It was his first time seeing them after all, and no matter who you were the stars were beautiful to behold.
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2021.09.20 00:19 susanfermac Saint-Claude - Nous livrons les types de barre d’armature à Saint-Claude. Importation barres d’armature pour Saint-Claude Guadeloupe #Saint-Claude #Guadeloupe

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2021.09.20 00:19 ShmigglesMiggles Clean Palm Pads?

How does one clean stained palm pads. I spilled some tea last week on mind. And since the pads are white, the stains are quite visible. How does one remove the stains?
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2021.09.20 00:19 RandomWordsNumbers I Can't Figure Out Which Play Style Is Right For Me

The title says pretty much everything as far as my question but I have tried the Strider and Mage out of the gate and was a little underwhelmed and from the forced tutorial I have played multiple times I don't really want to play melee in this game.
I've looked up the 'best' build but I was curious as to what this community had to say about things and also how long it takes to get to these upgraded classes?
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2021.09.20 00:19 UEE_Central_Computer [09/19/21 10:18 hdipins] /u/CIG_ChadMcKinney replies to /u/Jale89 in "Chad McKinney about being himself"

I'm looking forward to the news, though I presumed from what you have been putting on twitter, it's not Star Citizen-related?
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2021.09.20 00:19 ahmetakkus Getting weird with the training

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