pussy dealer

2021.09.20 01:08 555seanc555 pussy dealer

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2021.09.20 01:08 Ayayaya_qt drew remi without her bow :3

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2021.09.20 01:08 fandomgirl33 Which fanfic writers do you believe should be mentioned more?

Let the world (or how ever many people click this post) of fanfic writers you just need to share!
As a fellow fanfic writer, I'd be floored if someone mentioned me of all people on here as their fav or something. ;P
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2021.09.20 01:08 dr_juan Is my brake caliper seized?

Noticed some indents around my rotor that you can feel when you run a fingernail over it. I tried to get a picture of the brake pad. All other rotors/pads look fine and I had them replaced just two weeks ago. Anyone know if this is indicative of the caliper being seized? Is this safe to drive? I was going to take it to a shop on Monday after work, but Im not sure if its safe to drive in. (60 miles to work one way, right rear brake) The brake only squeaks sometimes when going slow, but otherwise no grinding noise yet.
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2021.09.20 01:08 Rosencrantz18 PLA Trooper & Norinco QBZ-20A1

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2021.09.20 01:08 WePlaye Foggy Fall on the Appalachian Trail (Western MA) - ReplayePhotos | Images, Photos, Pics, Replaye!

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2021.09.20 01:08 Infamous_Egg_9405 Same analog joysticks as Nintendo Switch?

I don't own a switch but recently bought an RG350P. The joysticks look identical to those on the Nintendo Switch. Are they really the same joystick? Theres quite a bit price difference between them and I imagine the switch sticks would have more travel or something?
Also, if they are the same joysticks; do I need to be worried about any stick drift?
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2021.09.20 01:08 durandjp New player here. Damage lacking on characters past my main.

Hello guys, started playing a few days ago. Just hit lvl 33 on my main (warrior) and progress is going fine, but I am having issues with my other characters (especially the archer).
I invested a lot of points to boost accuracy, but my damage is very low. I have not yet optimized all the gear, but at this point it takes so long to gather the material I wonder if I should just keep pushing for subclass or waste a day or 2 collecting ressources.
Any tips appreciated :)
Thank you
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2021.09.20 01:08 Misisdriscol How much should i explore?

So im at my first playthrough and I could get really obssesive with exploration sometimes, I just got released on the first open World section of the game and it seems huge. Should I wander around first or straight to the mission? Im I coming back to this place later in the game?
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2021.09.20 01:08 xsmars Wtt / AR 53 / NA

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2021.09.20 01:08 02K30C1 What’s your band’s response to “drum major, is your band ready?”

The band I marched in, the drum major would just do a sharp salute. But the band parents in the stands would yell “THEY’RE ALWAYS READY!” which was a huge boost for us on the field.
One of our regular rivals was a band called the R Troop. They were from a high school that started with an R, and wore uniforms similar to the Troopers drum corp. Their response was the entire band shouting “R TROOP!” Pretty sharp, actually.
The day of finals, they went on right before us. So we planned a little fun. Our entire band is waiting outside the gate to go on, while theirs is on the field waiting to start.
Announcer: “Drum major, is your band ready?”
Their band: “R TROOP!”
Our band: “BLESS YOU!”
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2021.09.20 01:08 VladSmusi00 Doubt about a logic deduction in the evaluation of a limit of a recursive sequence

Let (a_n) be a sequence such that for all natural numbers n it is 0 < a_n < 1 and a_n*[1-a_(n+1)] > 1/4. Prove that the sequence (a_n) has limit and evaluate it.
My textbook, after showing that a_n is decreasing, says that the limit of (a_n) must be real and calls it L and then says that it is L(1-L) >= 1/4 and so L = 1/2.
It is almost all clear to me, but I'm not sure about a step: what assures us that the limit is 1/2? We only know that the limit satisfies the condition L(1-L) >= 1/4, not that L = 1/2. It could be L = 6000 as far as we know.
In other words, my doubt is in the logic chain of deductions: what makes me deduce from all the informations I have that the limit is surely L = 1/2?
My idea is the following: we assume a_n*[1-a_(n+1)] > 1/4 true because it is the hypothesis of the problem, we know that a_n >= b_n implies lim a_n >= lim b_n and, since the implication p => q is such that q is true if p is true (and p here is true because is the hypothesis on the inequality) then it must be true that L(1-L) >= 1/4. But this is true if and only if L = 1/2, so it is necessary that L = 1/2 or the chain of true statements would break, giving a contradiction because we proved they are all true.
Is this correct? If not, can someone explain me this better? Thanks.
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2021.09.20 01:08 Neophyte06 GFCI for a hot tub, has a controller that connects to a plug disconnect, with the GFCI in between, are all the wires supposed to pass through here or just one?

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2021.09.20 01:08 brg1226 Sundays are for steaks

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2021.09.20 01:08 HamishWarne Sarajevo's local FC Željezničar celebrating 100th anniversary! The entire city was covered in fireworks!

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2021.09.20 01:08 RacksDiciprine Suggestions for Music City Open

Im arriving in Nashville Wednesday afternoon and only have time to practice 1 course. Of the 3 which should I try to get a practice round in at. Which one is the most difficult?
Naval Hill Two Rivers Seven Oaks
Any other local tips for those 3 courses would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.20 01:08 BryantMP “but remember together we stand strong, alone we die alone”- BryantMP’s impassioned speech overlooking the Auckland harbor in response to the AUKUS partnership.

BryantMP walks up to a camera with an overview of Auckland harbour.
Kia Ora Everyone,
The other day it was announced that the United States of America, Australia and the United Kingdom have all joined together and announced a new Defence pack. Many around New Zealand have criticised this pact as it leaves us out and many feel this is Australia, the UK and the US, leaving us to fend for ourselves.
I Disagree.
New Zealand has had an independent foreign policy that stems from our nuclear-free moment, our paths with the AUKUS diverged then, and we stay on our own now! But alas, this is not something to be concerned about! Our great grandfathers fought in Gallipoli during the first world war, our grandfathers fought side by side in the second world war, our fathers fought together in long tang in Vietnam and I think not for a moment that if we were in crisis, Australia wouldn’t come to our aid nor would we do the same for them. I can tell you that this pack doesn’t change that! But what it does challenge is New Zealand’s goal for a nuclear-free south pacific!
Under the AUKUS proposal, Australia will have nuclear power submarines. It is not our place to state our thoughts on Australian affairs but it is important to reiterate that we will not let these submarines into New Zealand water, and we have the capacity to reinforce this. New Zealand has an independent foreign policy and does not stand for nuclear weapons in our water! But we do wish to work with the AUKUS defence pact and wish to meet with them, and if I am in government we will do that.
This new pact has also opened up an opportunity for New Zealand. France and other indo-pacific nations have been left out of this pack, but remember together we stand strong, alone we die alone. I want to see New Zealand work with these nations as well, in order to join our interests together. We may be small but together we stand strong in our goals, we will not let the AUKUS or Chinna or anayone bully us around and we will stand together! We have made our position clear in 1987 and we can do it again now!
I also think it is imperative we take this chance to talk about evaluating our defence forces. Yes, it is up to the task now but will it be in 2030? Or 2050? I think its time we asked some proper questions. Hence I am supporting my colleague’s from across the aisle in having an urgent debate to find out how the government is going to react and to make sure they do not cave into the AUKUS alliance!
I will now be open to some questions..
Reporter 1 “Do you think the government was completely blindsided by the announcement by AUKUS?”
Bryant- “Yes and if Im shocked they are yet to respond to the announcement yet.”
Reporter 2 “So how would you respond if Austalia were to send a nuclear powerd ship into NZ waters? ”
Bryant- “Firstly I dont think it would happen, Australia has supported our independent foreign policy and I doubt they would change their mind because of this pack. But if they were to I would call them out on the international stage for a breach in international laws.”
Reporter 2 “Would you consider cutting of diplomatic ties?”
Bryant- “Im not going to play anymore with that hypothetically as I believe it may further weaken relations at this moment.”
Reporter 3 “So you feel our relations with Australia have been weakened?”
Bryant- “Yes and this government inability to do or say anything to Australia, the UK and the US is further damaging it.”
Thanks for your time and have a good day!
BryantMp walks off and jumps into car.
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2021.09.20 01:08 CKretty 25[M] Northern Virginia Cat Dad Looking For Friends :)

Hiiii all! 😊 My name is Connor and I am 25 and from Northern Virginia!
I have two cats that I absolutely adore and my main hobby is powerlifting. I also enjoy cooking, hiking, and scuba diving :)
I enjoy listening to people talk about their hobbies or anything they may love or have interest in!
Message me if you want to talk or learn more :)
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2021.09.20 01:08 gloop_yoinker shoutout god

being omnipotent is pretty based ngl
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2021.09.20 01:08 squanchando F😔, que ja passo por isso😔

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2021.09.20 01:08 Smooth-Ad2780 What do you wish you could tell your parents?

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2021.09.20 01:08 myrrhdock Occupied Shrine Entrance

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2021.09.20 01:08 KingLuffy5 Help my friend get more gifting friends! She play everyday

0573 9704 8073
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2021.09.20 01:08 gimmeafuckinguser (F14) I’m bored, so AMA while I blow off my homework

I’m a completely open book as long as you don’t ask for my name or address or whatever
DM’s open
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2021.09.20 01:08 quarterlifecr1sis How do i know if i'm being dramatic or not?

I (16F) wanted to get an ADHD assessment for a while now, since I have been doing terrible in school and after some research, I realized that it's probably because of undiagnosed ADHD.
I called my doctor back in April to refer me to a psychiatrist to get assessed (it's free), but he didn't want to because the wait list is long, so he referred me to a clinic where I have to pay. I never bothered calling because the reviews suck.
My mom recently got insurance, so it can cover some of the cost for diagnosis and a psychologist is going to call me sometime this week (don't know when) so that we can discuss the fee and process.
The thing is, my mom and sister don't believe me and it's making me second guess myself. I didn't even tell my mom that I've emailed a psychologist because I know she'll have a lot to say about it. I'm planning on just telling her after I find one that can be completely covered by her insurance, cause she probably won't complain if the testing is free. Whenever I tell her and my sister about how I think I have ADHD and I'd list symptoms, they'd tell me that I'm overreacting or that everyone does that, or that ADHD is over diagnosed. My mom said that I'm trying to get diagnosed so I can have an excuse for having bad grades. Should I even go through with getting assessed? I don't know if I actually have symptoms of ADHD or if I'm just making everything up so I can somewhat have an excuse for doing bad in school. I know every single person does some things that are a symptom of ADHD even if they don't have it, so how do I know if I actually might have it, or if I just have do a few ADHD related things like any other person? I hope I explained that last sentence properly. Here are a few ADHD related things that I do:
- Zoning out (during convos, boring stories, class, when I'm supposed to be doing work, etc)
- I get bored easily
- Start new hobbies/tasks and never follow through (Ex. bought a bullet journal that I was excited for and I filled 4 pages and stopped, got a ukulele and barely play it, I have 5 different paintings that I started and didnt finish)
- I always lose track of time or run out of time cause I underestimate how long I'd spend doing something
- My grades arent good, especially for subjects that I can't procrastinate on, have a lot of homework, or require a lot of thinking, such as math and sciences
- I always make careless mistakes in homework and on tests
- I always take way longer than others to finish tests and often hand in tests with incomplete answers
- I have a hard time staying on track if I don't enjoy what I'm doing
- I always forget what I'm about to say mid sentence or I forget what I'm about to do when I enter a room, open the fridge, or go to google a question
- I can't follow instructions unless if they're very specific, or I'll get confused
- Poor short term memory: I can remember random facts about people and a bunch of useless info from the past, but I can't remember things someone told me 5 minutes ago or if I've taken my vitamin today
- If someone asks me to do something for them, I forget if I don't do it right away
- I'm very forgetful (I forget appointments, I used to forget to renew my bus pass each month. I also once needed to take pics of my sister outside for my photography assignment and I left the lens cap on the car in the driveway since I had no pockets and I remember thinking "DON'T FORGET TO GET IT BACK WHEN YOU'RE DONE!" And I completely forgot about it until later that day when we were driving somewhere and I heard + saw something fly off the car hood and I was so confused until my sister said "ITS THE LENS CAP!" Similar thing happened last year at the dog park, the dog got wet and I put my phone on the car to dry him off with a towel and said out loud "I better not forget my phone when Im done" AND I STILL FORGOT! I only remembered when some people in a truck honked at us and pointed at the trunk when we just started driving.
- I fidget a lot (ex: picking at my skin, fingers, and hair)
- I always procrastinate on things that seem like it'll use a lot of my energy
- I wouldn't do anything and I'd be tired
- I always sleep late and get up late
- When i read, I often need to re-read sentences cause I wasn't actually thinking when I was reading, I was just reading the words (does that make sense at all???)
- I always tell mini stories when telling a story or remember extra info while I'm talking and I just ramble on and on and on
- I overshare
- Sensory issues: I hate when people are too loud or chew very loudly it just pisses me off and I always need my hands to be dry and feel clean (ex: I really don't like it if the handles of my mugs/spoons are wet cause it makes my hands wet and I don't like touching chalk)

So what do you think? I'm so confused at this point cause sometimes I'm 99% sure that I have it, but sometimes I think I'm making an excuse for being lazy and dumb. I know strangers online can't diagnose me, but I just need some people who actually have ADHD to give me their opinions. ALso sorry that this is so long. Thanks in advance!!

TLDR: I think that I have ADHD, but I keep second guessing myself. What do you think? (Look at list of symptoms above)
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