Cogeco in Toronto

2021.09.21 19:27 Sam33000 Cogeco in Toronto

I am moving from Muskoka to Toronto soon and I would like to know if Cogeco operates in downtown Toronto.
I'm getting a lot of different answers.
Does it run well there if at all?
Is it worth keeping or is it better to switch?
Thank you very much
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2021.09.21 19:27 AdvertisingOk Leggi il meme!

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2021.09.21 19:27 AmagicFish Dog randomly anxious/shaking

My dog is usually scared of thunderstorms, and since we had them last night she was. But even well after they ended, and randomly today she will still shake out of fear and/or breathe heavier. Is there anything that could be the cause? Or that could help her? We havent changed anything with her diet or medicine.
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2021.09.21 19:27 Dry-Bend1387 Season 4 the end? Possibly there will be a Season 5.

Will there be season 5? As of now Emma is not interested in continuing the series. Now try to connect it with Maeve leaving to America. Will the writers write her off the series and continue it with Ruby. The main problem they will face the next season is balancing Rotis and Motis for sure. If Maeve continues in America, Rotis will develop for sure and it might be the Endgame.
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2021.09.21 19:27 paradise1A My boyfriend of 2 years doesn’t like me getting high.

25 female, I’ve been smoking / taking edibles since I was in the tenth grade. I love getting high, and in all honesty I don’t even smoke that much. A bowl right after work and right before bed. It hasn’t been a problem in my relationship since I can just smoke at my house when we aren’t together. However we are planning on moving in with each other in April and I just feel like this is going to create tension. Whenever I’ve smoked around him and gotten high he makes it known it doesn’t make him happy. However he doesn’t seem to mind if I take an edible, but I like edibles once in awhile since the high is for a long time. Other couples who have had/ is having this issue where one of you is a stoner and the other isn’t? How do you compromise?
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2021.09.21 19:27 momwhitcock69 My first madness day fanart

This is my first madness day fanart i ever drawn.
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2021.09.21 19:27 rahli-dati Time Complexity && Space Complexity

I’m wondering how can I prove that space complexity isn’t higher than the time complexity
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2021.09.21 19:27 Al_Gorithm101 Last Of The Mohicans question.

I haven't watched TLOTM in years, and forgot how goddamn good it is.
Spoilers Ahead
What do you think about the scene where Alice jumps off the cliff, and Magua tries to stop her? I found it to be the most profound scene/touching moment in the whole movie.
It seemed to be the only glint of humanity recognizable in Magua, if I was reading it right. Was I reading it right? He lowers the knife, and looks legitimately concerned for her. He tries to entice her back from the cliff's edge.
Was he, though? Where did that sudden compassion come from? He spent the whole movie trying/wanting to kill her & her sister. How/why was he concerned for her now? What was the motivation? Also, if she had walked back to him, what do you think would have happened to her? (Let her go? Make her part of the tribe, or something maybe?)
Finally, do you think that was an odd bit of direction from Michael Mann? I appreciate the moment (if that's indeed what it was), but shouldn't we have had some sort of tip off or subtle hint that Magua might realize what he's doing is evil? Maybe a quick flashback of Magua's kids or something? (Before they were killed)
What do you think, fam?
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2021.09.21 19:27 LuxeClub The Hastens Vividus $149,000 Mattress!

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2021.09.21 19:27 BoardGamesNews Zoo Regatta Review - with Chris Yi -[The Dice Tower]- (VR)

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2021.09.21 19:27 Zealousideal_Bit_267 Como eu faço para parar de consumir pornografia?, eu não aguento mais oque ela esta fazendo comigo peço ajuda de quem esta vencendo ela.

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2021.09.21 19:27 ReinhardtEichenvalde Jesus christ people at least look at the float of something before you invest in it.

That is literally one of the most important metrics for a short squeeze to happen. Short interest is completely meaningless without looking at the float
" The term float refers to the regular shares a company has issued to the public that are available for investors to trade. This figure is derived by taking a company's outstanding shares and subtracting any restricted stock, which is stock that is under some sort of sales restriction. Restricted stock can include stock held by insiders but cannot be traded because they are in a lock-up period following an initial public offering (IPO). "
You guys are just throwing out random tickers without even looking at the float. If something has for example a 100 million float and a market cap of 1 bilion, that would put each share at $10. you would need enough buy pressure to increase the market cap to 2 billion for those shares to be $20.
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2021.09.21 19:27 mcgrhr1 Pen advice - looking for a fountain pen (set with mechanical pencil) as a celebration gift to myself - so something nice but not too £££

I'm a pen/stationary newbie and I'm just in the process of finishing a big qualification and I'm thinking of getting myself a fountain pen/set to celebrate all the words I've written.
Ideally, I'd like something that's quite light, will tolerate being in a bag/is everyday enough to live on my desk and come out occasionally, but still looks nice. I've used fountain pens before, but we're talking like WHS cheap ones/basic lammy. Nothing overwhelmingly fancy. I tend to prefer lighter thinner pens to hold to write with if that helps. When I've used fountain pens before, I do seem to get covered in ink thought, but I don't know if that's just because I'm useless and messy though...
I'd also like a pen that's reasonably easy/cheaper to refill. Preferably without those small plastic cartridge things, I work in sustainability so that seems to defeat the purpose of sustainability. If it's possible because I'm feeling fancy, it would also be nice to get a matching mechanical pencil/rollerball.
I've been looking at Kaweco, but there's so many series, I have no idea which is a good idea. It seems to be about the right budget of around £100 to get what I'm looking for.
If you've got any thoughts I'd be grateful, and please forgive me if I've used the wrong terminology, I'm learning!
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2021.09.21 19:27 GooeyGhoblini The one thing thats hindering me from moving on.

All my life, I really had no one who loved me. My dad always only cared about my older sister and my mom only ever cared about drugs. Then I met this girl and we hit it off, I felt something I never felt before, Like I was loved. And like Blue Swede once said, I got hooked on a feeling. But that all blew up in my face. I was dumped. Now it feels like Im missing a piece of my puzzle that a year ago I didnt even realize was missing.
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2021.09.21 19:27 raceorachase strike the match

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2021.09.21 19:27 nosenseofdanger Is it weird to wear a beanie in 10°C (50°F) weather?

I just bought a cool ass beanie but I don't wanna wait another two months or so until it actually gets cold enough outside to be beanie weather.
View Poll
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2021.09.21 19:27 VoodooDE New VoodooDE VR video: Besser kann man das Hand-Tracking nicht ausnutzen!! Unplugged auf der Oculus Quest 2

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2021.09.21 19:27 berkosh Noob needs help

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2021.09.21 19:27 Subject_Spite_8403 Spent all weekend redoing my funk playlist. Check it out :)

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2021.09.21 19:27 TwentyFour7 For a fun offseason distraction, cast your vote for the Inaugural NHL Hockey Jersey Superlative Awards!

In conjunction with HockeyJerseys, GuitarGuy93, and myself, welcome to the INAUGURAL HockeyJerseys’ Superlative Awards! Who was the best in show? What jersey is the most likely to cause blindness? You decide!
Cast your vote for the Inaugural NHL Hockey Jersey Superlative Awards! Only one choice per category can be made. You can only vote once!
Voting period will end on 10/2. Results will announced during the HockeyJerseys Discord Happy Hour on 10/2 and be posted to the HockeyJerseys sub (with an x-post here) on 10/12, Opening Night of NHL Hockey!!!
Thank you all for your nominations and your participation! Best of luck to all competitors!
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2021.09.21 19:27 nickatnight_8 How do I recover my team/league

I can't find my leagues. I got an error code one time. I changed my password and now I can't see my teams. How do I get them back?
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2021.09.21 19:27 DiversityisOverrated I had an operation and now only have a semi-colon.

Oops. I thought this was the punctuation subreddit.
My bad. Carry on, ladies.
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2021.09.21 19:27 Niceguy4186 How are TIF handled with new land development?

Lets say you have 20 acres of prime land location, 5 million to develop into sellable lots and 4 million in TIF funds. How does the TIF funds transfer into the final value? Assuming they will sell the lots in a normal sell out period.
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2021.09.21 19:27 pestelikki EdenFantasys Coupon Code

Here is the EdenFantasys Coupon Code
Best deals, coupons and discount you can find there. You can find great discounts on there too.
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2021.09.21 19:27 Designer-Exchange933 ADAM FAIR LAUNCH NOW


ADAM start with 1 BNB liquidity, so don't miss the first shoot.

Token Information :

Name : AdamToken

Symbol : ADAM

Blockchain : BSC

Total Supply :

Burn : 500.000.000.000

Liquidity locked

Contract Verified

Contract Address : 0x76690867FD4A7b34Cf0270A3ff26442aB7769E94

Pancakeswap :

Contract :
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