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Who's next?

2021.10.25 21:37 notable_exception Who's next?

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2021.10.25 21:37 FaxandLies Isn’t housing getting more expensive in Brisbane?

Brisbane’s median house price is $678,000. It is predicted to be $1.5m by 2032, the year of our Olympics.
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2021.10.25 21:37 RapidGumisaRapidGum star wars

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2021.10.25 21:37 stanley_okita_89 Strange that I lose if my opponent runs out of cards

My opponent and I reached the bottom of the deck, and once he ran out of cards, I automatically lost even though I had cards on the playing field and he did not. That's strange, since he should have lost since he had no more army to defend his god. Was this a bug, or is this meant to happen?
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2021.10.25 21:37 SonuKansal94 अनमोल ज्ञान

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2021.10.25 21:37 DAREE__ Gubba Is LITERALLY The Best

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2021.10.25 21:37 Xnnihilator Just got my DR to g13 and r4 (gonna get him to r5 then cap it). Should I pause my JKR farm and grab maurder and SET? Or should I just farm JKR then worry ab it later. My current team is g13 DR lead, g11 bsf, g11 HK, r7 dooku, r4 asajj. Ik theres not synergy with dooku and asajj. They’re just good.

Just got my DR to g13 and r4 (gonna get him to r5 then cap it). Should I pause my JKR farm and grab maurder and SET? Or should I just farm JKR then worry ab it later. My current team is g13 DR lead, g11 bsf, g11 HK, r7 dooku, r4 asajj. Ik theres not synergy with dooku and asajj. They’re just good. submitted by Xnnihilator to SWGalaxyOfHeroes [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 21:37 _theravenqueen_1536 So much autistic joy enjoying my special interest at the Alabama Renaissance Faire

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2021.10.25 21:37 assignment_kings Looking for feedback on self Knowledge

Self Knowledge is my passion and I wanted to share it with the world. I’ve spent the last several months creating a simple free self knowledge course (no self promotion)
Just wanted some feedback.
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2021.10.25 21:37 No_Technology7003 WE now Officially ACCEPT DOGECOIN!!!!

Cryptocurrency Stuff- All Items Crypto! – cryptocurrencystuff.net
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2021.10.25 21:37 Beautiful_Current_50 Re-listed! Re-priced! Grab it for 0.005. More coming in the next couple of days. This is a 1of1 rare NFT. Link in description

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2021.10.25 21:37 SilentScream270 How to the players in beta get chosen?

How do they get chosen and how do they compete?
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2021.10.25 21:37 Aboutaburl Whip it Good(Looking for some advice)

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2021.10.25 21:37 BiteEffective7381 The King of the Bed

Just a photo of the dog being cute:)
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2021.10.25 21:37 HamSammich21 Is anyone else not a fan of anamorphic on Large Format (digital)?

I know I may be in the minority here, but I’m not a fan of anamorphic on Large Format (digital). To me it takes away from the clarity that the majority of these cameras can produce.
I just recently watched 4K version of The Suicide Squad (2021), which was shot spherical, primarily with the RED Monstro, and the clarity is outstanding. The same with Cruella which was shot on the Alexa 65 combined with Leitz Thalias and Leicas. If Beale Street Could Talk was also shot on the Alexa 65, and was gorgeous. James Laxton did a great job on that. Bohemian Rhapsody also used the 65 with spherical.
But when I see a movie like Black Widow, or Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers: Endgame (or on streaming Wandavision & TF&ATWS) using anamorphic on these Large Format systems, it confounds me since seeing these amazing colorful characters in a crisp focused view would be great. Instead, things look muddled and blurry.
I get that directors want the anamorphic aesthetic, but CinemaScope was used to make the image bigger…wider. To use it when you already have near IMAX clarity (to the eye) at your fingertips is weird because it rarely gets the old school 65mm look the directors are going for to me.
One of (if not the only) implementations of it done right IMHO is Rouge One. However, I think that the Ultra Panavision 70mm glass (the same used on The Hateful Eight) played a part in that. Most modern glass just can’t compare.
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2021.10.25 21:37 Particular_Fee_8987 Can’t make heads or tails of how my boss operates

I work at a small deli in the evening when it’s wayy less busy than the morning and I’m usually by myself or someone else. I was blown away seeing/hearing how the morning crew is treated vs me. A few examples:
) Everyone else clocks in and out, and gets their pay handed to them. I don’t and take my weekly pay out of the register at the end of the shift. (Don’t gotta worry about wage theft lmao)
) he gives me regular raises without me asking, while he tries to negotiate down with other people all the time.
)he does not give a shit about what I do on shift, walked in on me hitting a weed pen in the store one time and laughed
)he once threatened to turn the AC off on the morning crew if they don’t wear masks,that same day I showed up and worked maskless and he didn’t say a thing to me
)asks me to do something then one min later he does it himself (WTF!)
There’s so many more examples and I haven’t thought twice about it until now. I’m only 21, can someone with more work experience make sense of this?
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2021.10.25 21:37 FilmFan4816 25[M4F] Spartanburg/Greenville, S.C., USA - Newcomer Looking to Find a Companion

This is me, 25 years old, cisgender, straight, vanilla: http://imgur.com/a/dDrDvli
I am transitioning out of the military and will officially be out in December. Just got to the area and currently living with my parents until I am set up with a new job and an apartment. Would love to meet someone living nearby that I can connect with.
I am very much a nerd and would like to find another fellow nerd. I know that saying that "I'm a nerd looking for a nerd" isn't unique on subreddits like this, but must be honest
Avid Gamer, consoles only(Xbox One, PS4, and Switch; I have a long history with other consoles but I also was lucky enough to order a PS5(thank god)). Primary focus is single player, love RPGs. I have a long list of games that I own that you can ask for if curious and together we can nerd out about the games we love.
Movie Buff/Film Fan with a YouTube channel that I hope to build up after a long hiatus thanks to COVID and other circumstances. I gravitate towards sci-fi, fantasy, and MCU related stuff, but am not very picky
Not a weeb in a normal sense. I enjoy anime and there are quite a few that I really love, but i can never get myself to watch anything new on my own unless I already started it with someone else or watched it prior. Would love to find someone who is either the same way or someone more into anime, so that I can have another reason to enjoy new shows
Member of various fandoms, but the big ones are Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars. Like I said, those are my big ones, but I also have some smaller ones that I either haven't delved into as much or I'm still fairly new to.
Some experience with Tabletop gaming(Pathfinder, Starfinder, and a single D&D one-off) and would love to do more.
Singer with choir and solo performances experience. Love to use karaoke as therapy.
Music Lover with various tastes, but seem to gravitate back towards classic pop and rock. Also love Musicals and Broadway.
Love going to museums and zoos, but aquariums are my go-to!!
Love consuming YouTube subscriptions that have to do with many of the things listed above. Ask me about them and I'll be more specific.
Enjoyed going to the gym to better myself physically during Covid, but longer and wonky work hours made it very difficult to keep up with a routine. Can't wait to start back up so I can feel healthier again
I have 2 very loving cats(this is them: http://imgur.com/a/ptXruGL ), no kids
Suffer from anxiety and depression due to past trauma. I can still function pretty well, but there are days when I feel soul crushed
Social Drinker, recovering smoker
Atheist and leftist progressive
I don't have preference on age, but would love to talk to someone close to my age. However, the closer you live to Sacramento, the more appreciative I'll be because if we click, I'd love to easily meet up when things start opening back up. Although right now, I would just love someone to talk to.
Romance and companionship that comes with relationships; a relationship that has a big friendship aspect
Big emphasis on loyalty, sharing, and passion(whether it's physical and sexual or just simply being passionate about the things we do together and/or separately).
Passionate/Obsessive Conversation(just those moments where we both geek out together about the things we love; those are the best). You want someone who will send a text geeking out about something they got excited about? Wanna get to do the same thing? You can get that with me.
Create a safe space for myself and my partner where we can both feel safe and protected whether it's in a physical way or just so we can be free to be our truest selves
Basically, I want someone in my life who loves simple things like what i talked about or things similar, who can introduce me to new things and I can do the same for them, and an overall loving relationship.
Also, expect many kinds of cuddles
Also also, I got out of a 5 year relationship just last year and i think I'm ready again to look. Just please don't hold it against me if I'm initially awkward or maybe dont remember how to conduct myself in conversation. Been a while
It's definitely hard to put everything about myself into words, but I hope I did an ok job. If you're interested in talking, please don't do PM. I prefer the chat on here. And if you'd prefer to talk on a different app, just let me know.
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2021.10.25 21:37 jdhalz Why I watch the Click

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2021.10.25 21:37 sades-sphinx Girlfriend only wants to be with me when I have something to offer

I am 19M, and I’m a sophomore premed student in college. My girlfriend is going through a lot of emotional trouble after this weekend, but I noticed something which brought me concern - the only times we’re together are when I initiate something or have something to offer. Whether it’s dinner, a car ride, or a gift or something, I am always the one making plans and it always has to be for a specific reason. She never wants to come over and just spend time. How do I address this?
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2021.10.25 21:37 PolkCreekWalker Love this thing.

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2021.10.25 21:37 raw391 QWEST - Banana OG 30.23% 10/01/21

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2021.10.25 21:37 bent42 Loving Cat Looking For New Home

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2021.10.25 21:37 Kkxkazuston Mailman to Messiah V2 | Launching 10/26 at 9PM Eastern

Mailman To Messiah V2 -- Launching 10/26/21 at 9PM Eastern time!!!
👉 Join the Telegram - https://t.me/MailmanToMessiah 👈
Countdown: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2830548/mailman-to-messiah-v2-launch
Mailman to the MOON!!! Mailman to Messiah ($MMM) v2 has unlimited potential. Community growing slowly and we are going to make a big boom on launch day. Don't forget to join and be ready as price is going to sky rocket fast.
This is version two of our coin. The first one was launched in June of this year and was a huge success. We hit over 350x on it and had Messiah supporting our coin. He loved the idea we had and tweeted us out multiple times. We are in DM's with him again to get some more promotions from him.
Why $MMM? We based this coin on the Crypto Messiah himself. The Crypto Messiah started his adult career as a mailman and now he's a Crypto GENIUS. The goal of this coin is to honor his name for all he has done for this community and try to get him some more followers. He is the true Messiah of the crypto world. We are hoping to gain support from the Messiah himself to help launch our coin into outer space. We are planning on donating to different GoFundMe pages that are dedicated to mail deliverers who need help. Join our telegram to interact with our community and show the Messiah how much you appreciate him.
This is a FAIR LAUNCH so there will be NO pre-sales. We have a very open team and do not want anyone to have doubts about investing into this coin. If you have any questions, we encourage you to join the telegram and ask.
We will be hosting give aways from out twitter account (@MailToMessiah) and are planning to have another once our telegram hits 150 members. Make sure to join!
Total Supply : 100,000,000,000,000 Tokens
12% rewards in DOGE
Liquidity Locked : 95,000,000,000,000,000
Marketing Wallet : 5%
Rebase Feature!
Telegram: https://t.me/MailmanToMessiah
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MailtoMessiah
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2021.10.25 21:37 BigMacDaddyOof Darkrai raid on me I’ll invite: 1002 8627 0394

1002 8627 0394
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2021.10.25 21:37 Joe_Costa Bock-Côté : « La Gauche plaide pour le droit de vote des étrangers aux élections locales par calcul politique. Ils recherchent un peuple de substitution, car le peuple historique ne vote plus pour eux »

Bock-Côté : « La Gauche plaide pour le droit de vote des étrangers aux élections locales par calcul politique. Ils recherchent un peuple de substitution, car le peuple historique ne vote plus pour eux » submitted by Joe_Costa to Francebbr [link] [comments]