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Hertz orders 100,000 Model 3 electric vehicles from Tesla

Tesla has three variants of the Model 3: RWD Standard Range Plus for $59,990, AWD Long Range for $73,400 and AWD Performance for $84,900 – also all before ORCs. Unlike the Ioniq 5, Tesla's Model 3 Standard Range Plus just sneaks in for a $3000 subsidy from the Victorian and New South Wales governments – bringing the price down even further. The clouds of uncertainty over the Tesla Model Y's specs and dimensions have finally cleared up now that the automaker has started deliveries of the Model Y midsize electric SUV (last Friday). A ... Tesla has singlehandedly changed the electric-car landscape, and the 2021 Model 3 is the least expensive way to get one of these tech wonders in your driveway. The Tesla Model S is an all-electric 5-passenger hatchback that offers up to 335 miles of range. ... A used Model S between 4 and 6 years old with less than 100,000 miles comes with a 2-year ... La Model 3 accélère de 0 à 100 km/h* en seulement 3,3 secondes. La Model 3 est disponible avec une transmission intégrale Dual Motor, des freins et des jantes 20” Performance ainsi que des suspensions rabaissées pour un contrôle total, quelles que soient les conditions météorologiques. Tesla's range of EVs now consists of the Model S, 3 and X. Tesla Since Tesla began operations in 2003, the electric car company -- named after 19th- and 20th-century inventor Nikola Tesla -- has ... 2020 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus 4dr Sedan AWD (electric DD), 1-speed direct drive, electric fuel 117 compined MPG, 121 city MPG/112 highway MPG EPA Est. MPG 111 Tesla Model S P85D- Tesla Model S P85D is one of the fastest cars by Tesla. It can reach a speed of 60 miles per hour in just 3.2 seconds. Moreover, the engine power of 691 hp divided as 221 hp to the front wheel and 470 hp to the rear-wheel put all other electric cars on the market to shame. The Tesla Model X is a mid-size all-electric luxury crossover made by Tesla, Inc. The vehicle is notable in that it uses falcon-wing doors for passenger access.. The Model X was developed from the full-sized sedan platform of the Tesla Model S.The Model X has an EPA size class as an SUV, and shares ~30% of its content with the Model S, half of the originally planned ~60%, and weighs about 10 ... The all-electric Tesla Model 3 has a very good chance of outselling the Toyota Camry in Australia this year.Just let that sink in for a minute.No this is not 10 or 15 years from now. This is Australia and it's 2021.This highlights a couple of things.

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The Stellaris soundtrack can get a bit repetitive after the 300th hour. I highly reccomend Hanz Zimmer's 'The Art and Soul of Dune (Companion Book Soundtrack)' for your next session.
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I have seen a lot of post of ETH with its price predictions. And it all seems to be some sort of speculations. What I would like to know is what can the price of ETH go in the next 5-10 years but based on some calculations which might support that price.
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2021.10.25 20:46 500scnds [Table] Greetings Reddit, I am a young professional typewriter service tech getting along in 2021. Ask me anything! | pt 1/2

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My father wrote ten books on an IBM Model D because he absolutely hated the Selectric. Do you understand his point of view? HELL YES. Your father knew how to WRITE. The Executives were amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing typewriters because they supported PROPORTIONAL LETTER SPACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get shivers just thinking about that. Their only drawback was the inability to swap typefaces, but other then that, the print and text is BEAUTIFUL. Especially some of the lesser available typefaces (the names of which currently elude me). Amazing, and considerably reliable. Also easier to service, as they were more traditional typewriters with typebars and not the Selectric Golf Ball Element.
the below is a reply to the above ​​
I understood none of this, but the sheer joy and passion of it made me feel happy. Hahahahaha yes, I am a nerd. Most typewriters are monospaced, meaning each character occupies the same amount of space. A period and the M would both be spaced the same. Proportional spacing is what you're reading right now. The period takes up much less space than the M. The Executive is one of only three (i believe) proportional typewriters. It had six escapement, with the smallest character occupying two units, and the largest occupying around 5. Made for some lovely typography.
the below is a reply to the above ​​
[removed] I haven't been able to acquire one yet, but just looking at the work they make makes my mouth water. Is that normal?
the below is a reply to the above ​​
[removed] Uh, I think you might be, but don't worry you're not alone!!!
the below is a reply to the above ​​
I'm getting so many Sheldon on the Valentines train ride vibes from this thread it's scary! edit: spelling Might you be able to elaborate? Is it a good thing?? Lol
the below is another reply to the third answer ​​
We don't kinkshame here. well, I guess beautiful typography is my kink....
the below is another reply to the reply to the third answer ​​
What if kink shaming is my kink? __________________ Then shame on you. what even is reddit.... IDK if this'll help, but shame...shame on all of ye. Just roll around in all that shameful shame. Just like that... how shameful
the below is another reply to the second answer ​​
Proportional fonts are a nice upgrade, but their interword spacing is still fixed. The real mechanical marvels were the typesetting machines. Unfortunately, getting a working Linotype or Monotype may be a bit excessive, and then there's the lead poisoning to worry about... The Linotype machines always amazed me. Most of them got destroyed with the advent of computer typesetting in the 80s. Just heard of a guy who got two of them! Truly wonderful machines...the Verityper was also a magnificent beast, called a cold typesetting machine. It was a typewriter which later had proportional, but also allowed you to switch through multiple typefaces with a dial, based on the brilliant Hammond Typewriter that was invented in 1888. James Hammond was the man!!!
the below is a reply to the above ​​
I saw a Linotype in action at a print museum (Museu Nacional da Imprensa) in Porto (Portugal) - they had everything working, apart from the lead casting (for health and safety reasons). It was an astounding sight, and I spent well over an hour admiring and studying the contraption. Shame, they could have cast tin!!
the below is another reply to the second answer ​​
Was there letter specific kerning? Like did a W followed by a d have the d closer to the W than another W because of the space under the angle? every character was assigned a specific amount of subspaces so that they would be even with the neighboring letters on other sides. Other then that, I'm not sure what you are asking
the below is another reply to the original answer ​​
I thought the Selectrics also supported proportional letter spacing. I took typing in junior high on a Selectric and I must not have noticed.... I think what it really came down to was he wanted to feel himself hitting the paper one letter at a time. The Selectrics don't give you that satisfaction, even though they're faster. He was old enough he started his career on a manual....he ended up giving that machine to me as a toy when I was a kid. You really, really had to punch it. Wish I could remember the model- all I remember is the color, turquoise blue. He replaced the Executive with a Leading Edge word processor in 1986 and wrote 15 more books on PCs, but I'll always remember him in front of a typewriter. Thanks for responding! No problem, thank you so much for sharing! I love hearing about peoples experiences with these machines. Honestly you have to type pretty damn fast to notice a speed difference. Even the selectric may not be the fastest. The Praxis is damn fast. I peak at 153wpm. On a manual typewriter its about 120. There certainly is a detriment with the higher key travel, but some people could pound along on manuals at close to 200. Mindblowing.
the below is a reply to the above ​​
Dad and I were both north of 110 wpm, pretty sure he was around 130-135. Fast enough to notice the lag. The lag is mostly in the return I feel. The selectric takes its time. That's where the Praxis shines, it returns fast!
That's pretty fast!!
the below is another reply to the 11th answer ​​
Here I thought I was fast because I peaked at 90 on a regular keyboard 😐 Hey that's pretty good!!! Average is 45
the below is another reply to the reply to the original answer ​​
Not the selectric - it could only switch between 10 and 12 characters per inch - but IBM made an electronic golfball typesetter called the “Composer” that had a memory and proportional spacing. It would print in much higher quality than the standard golfball selectric. IBM experimented with a lot of magnetic memory systems and card readers. Like the memory writer. They had some cool stuff happening!
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Helvetica. My boss in 1972 ordered one with Hevetica since he hated the standard courietimes new roman font Helvetia is hard to come by on typewriters
the below is another reply to the original question ​​
Lol, my father was an IBM Selectric repairman. I don't know how he felt about the model D, but I know that Selectrics broke often enough that he always had plenty of work. _________________ The price difference between the two was equivalent to around $1K today. Historians don't make bank, so it seemed eccentric at the time. He used the crap out of it; no question he got his money's worth. I have people still pounding away on the selectric! Last one I serviced had gone 15 years since it was last checked.
Have you come across any mechanical DVORAK typewriters, and if so how often do you see them? I have only seen one DVORAK typewriter, it was a custom mod by a talented IBM selectric tech. Otherwise, they are very rare. I have heard rumors of two manuals out in the wild, but QWERTY was the layout that took the Americas by storm. Keyboard layouts change by languages, and DVORAK was designed to work well with English as it's based on key frequency percentages. It is a tricky modification to do, but not impossible!!
the below is a reply to the above ​​
Groovy, I have been using DVORAK on my keyboard for years and was curious how possible it was to find a typewriter. Thank you for the info : D No problem! Forewarning, it wouldn't be a cheap conversion!
the below is another reply to the reply to the original answer ​​
Is Dvorak worth messing with if one never learned to type the "correct" way, i.e. just using 2-3 fingers on each hand? I can type fairly fast in my own style - I did Mavis Beacon and some other things through the years to try to re-train myself, but have never been able to un-learn my unique system. I'll be honest, there is no real speed difference between the two unless you are at world record speeds around 300wpm, where it would be too slow to move your fingers to another row to type a common letter. Most normal people can get along well on either layout, and will never ever notice a perceivable speed difference.
the below is another reply to the reply to the reply to the original answer ​​
I can't think of a context other than competitive typing if that's a thing, where typing any faster than the average typing speed of most office workers would give you any edge. __________________________ well you need to type pretty fast when for example writing down stuff that is said in court or sth. tho i think today they use some weird specialised keyboards that are very different looking from normal ones. also would be useful to type fast when you are in studies and taking notes of what is said. The court machines are called stenographs, and they write in shorthand by allowing the user to press multiple paddles at the same time to generate entire words or phrases.
the below is another reply to the reply to the reply to the original answer ​​
[deleted] Ah those split ones, yes. Sometimes I will hit a right side key with my left hand! I could never
the below is another reply to the original answer ​​
The only way to do DVORAK on a selectric would be to make a custom golf ball wouldn't it? Not at all. You'd need to understand how a selectric works. You can do DVORAK with standard balls. Each ball has rows and columns, and there is a rotate and tilt mechanism that indexes a letter. That is all controlled by the Wiffel Tree, a 6 bit binary to mechanical decoder. The keys themselves press down on a series of interposed rods which correspond to the yes no input of binary. It's that input that drives the letters. The interposed rods run the entire length of the keyboard, so all one needs to do, is shuffle around the appropriate key latch leavers, and then swap the key caps. The A latch rod will always pull the interposers to correspond with the binary input for the letter a, regardless of its position on the keyboard. I will say that the key leavers are independent of the latch rods (I believe) so that should also allow you to move letters down rows as well.
the below is a reply to the above ​​
Interesting - I knew the theory behind it, I assumed the key latch levers wouldn't be interchangeable. I'm keeping my eye out to buy a selectric one day, not because I need one, but just because I want to take it apart. I've read they use a bunch of ball bearings as an interlock to block multiple keypresses at once which is pretty clever. Yes! It is a very interesting machine.
the below is another reply to the original question ​​
Usually (based on a sample of one) if you use dvorak you are already touchtyping so might as well get blank keys 😁 ______________ My laptop keyboard existed scrambled forever, I touch type, didn't need the letters the below has been split into two|​​ What do you think about the LEGO typewriter?|The lego typewriter, boy. I blogged about that one in length, but in short I was very impressed. There were a few areas where I thought the design could have been better, but the overall mechanics (being lego) impressed me. Especially the escapement. A brilliant blend of technics and system that emulated some of the real life mechanical components of the typewriter! Overall aesthetics were cool too, reminded me a lot of some Depression era machines like the Royal Signet. Any chance you get to work on an item from the Tom hanks collection?|Yes. the below is a reply to the above|​​ Any link to this blog I’m certain the group over at /lego would appreciate it|Hey, will do! Dude, this is so cool. My dad was a typewriter mechanic from like 1970-90. I wish he was still around, I know he’d have a ton to ask you about how things have changed in the biz. To my actual question: You mentioned the Model M is your daily driver when using a computer. Have you tried any of the newer mech switches and, if so, do you have any favourites that could compete with the buckling springs on the M?|I will follow up and say things have changed a lot in the biz! Especially from what I hear from older techs, and what I uncover from the archeology of sorts while working. Even older clients. The internet has been an amazing resource to buy, sell, connect, and find parts. There is a flip side, none of these things are made or done anymore, so parts and expertise is hard to come by. Things have gotten a lot more coveted, even in the past 5 years. Key ring remover pliers now fetch $300 apiece. Crazy. ​|I'm not a keyboard guy, I feel like I'm the wrong person to ask about this lol. I grew up on a cheap Dell keyboard, but I loved it. I wanted something that bridged typewriters more closely with computers. And it was hard to argue with the legacy of the M. With so many keyboards and switch types available, I'm sure there are others out there that I would like, but I feel like the buckling spring is the most tactile. the below is a reply to the above|​​ The “springhook” was my favourite tool when I was a Customer Engineer in IBM Office Products group in 1977-1980...|I use a snag fixer, but yes! Invaluable the below is another reply to the original answer|​​ Wow $300. My father was a CE. I have all sorts of odd specialty tools laying around. I also have an Executive typewriter that I think he restored. He was fixing typewriters when he first started with IBM in the late forties.|I know some old IBM guys who have the old tools. I have a pair of IBM pliers sitting around. Never use them because I don't know what they do lol the below is another reply to the original answer|​​ FWIW I have a cheap Dell buckling spring keyboard and it's awesome. I'd still be using it but my latest rig doesn't have a PS/2 port.|I had no idea dell made buckling springs!!!! The other reply yes, hit that up. I use a PS/2 to USB for my IBM and its fantastic. I can't out type it! Can't believe they got rid of a perfectly good connector. I don't get it. The IBM personal system 2 was actually the second computer to feature the model m. Don't recall the name of the first bit it's lesser known. The predecessor to that board came out on the IBM 5150, a legend among computing, and had the Model F board. Really the best computer at the time, beating the Apple II and everyone else until Apple released the macintosh in 84. I would imagine these days it's a very specific profession, do you see a lot of business?|I do indeed! I am currently backlogged about six or seven machines. Just had a lady drop off two machines for repair this morning. A lot of writers, enthusiasts, etc use them. Not just collectors!! They're still in professional use. the below is another reply to the original question|​​ [deleted]|You'd be surprised! I certainly am and I'm the one doing it lol My grandfather was the inventor of the golf ball on the selectric for IBM, I've got the 1 millionth Electric Selectric in my den, of course it doesn't work......can you fix it? https://www.nap.edu/read/4779/chapte5 https://imgur.com/RoKkuWI https://imgur.com/6L13Pwq|Hell yes I can! Probably. Hit me up, no idea how you wanna get it to me, but it sounds like a badass project! I'm down :) the below is another reply to the original question|​​ Holy fuck that's awesome. How has it gotten to that condition though? Even if it doesn't work you should get it looking ship shape, its a baller.|It will live again, just let me at it lol Have you ever seen Fringe (sci-fi show)? There's a typewriter repair shop that's featured several times in the early seasons, along with an old typewriter with an offset Y. Watching that show, I always wondered if such shops still existed. And I'll never forget the carriage return sound from all those Jr. High reports. I'm weirdly glad you do what you do!|thanks man! I'm living the dream as long as it'll carry me! I have not seen that show, but now I am interested. the below is a reply to the above|​​ Fringe is an awesome show. When I saw your AMA, I thought the same thing about the typewriter repair shop. Worth watching the show besides.|I gotta check it out!!! Wonder if it's a real shop...maybe I know them.... the below is a reply to the above|​​ Yea, put the typewriter down and go binge Fringe. You will not regret it. Then find yourself an IBM Selectric 251|HA! thanks for the show rec! How curled is your mustache and how is it in Portlandia these days?|I'm 21, too young for a nice curly mustache!! How often does Tom Hanks call you?|Tom Hanks is a wonderful person :) the below is a reply to the above|​​ Don't let any Qanon tell you otherwise.|Ouch, hope u/kirtaner-420chan takes care of them!!! [deleted]|Probably just needs to be cleaned a little, then lubed. Check where the platen ratchets. That is likely the problem area. You could also have an issue with the repeat key sticking. Any reason why you exclude the Corona 4 from your repair list?|You NOTICED. That little ffff...... uuuu yeah. It's a pos. Finicky, poor access for adjustments, weak components, foolhardy mechanisms, not to mention I got screwed out of a lot of money involving some of those when I first started out. I hate them, they hate me, end of story. the below is a reply to the above|​​ Haha, yeah I bought a while back and would love to get it in working order (pics) but it was beyond my non-existent skill level. I do have another model (I think it's an underwood) in storage that I would like to get up and running as well. I'll reach out once I can locate it!|no thanks lol [removed]|I listen to a lot of music, I love it. My personal favorite has always been the Illinoise album by Sufjan Stevens. the below is a reply to the above|​​ Thoughts on the new Sufjan tunes that came out a few days ago?|I am enjoying his newer album, not as much as his earlier work though. I feel like his style has evolved greatly, which is a good thing, that's growth, it just doesnt hit me like it used to! the below is a reply to the above|​​ Carrie and Lowell is his finest work in my opinion. It harkens back to his earlier stuff, but the musicianship and production are top tier. Also, yay typewriters! Thanks for the AMA.|I love that album as well, there are some tracks that I find really beautiful, like Beloved of John, and Blue bucket of gold (I think those are the names)? But for me, illinoise will always be the masterpiece. I thought you might enjoy a typewriter story. My wife's father worked for Smith-Corona. There was a bunch of abandoned parts in the warehouse, and he asked his supervisor if he was able to build typewriter from those parts, could he keep it. The supervisor agreed, thinking there was no way to make anything from that mishmash of parts. He did it! That was my wife's high school graduation present, and she used it all through college. We still have it and it still works great. Personally, I grew up near Endicott (home of IBM) and learned to type on a Selectric. Keep up the good work. I'll ask a question just so the mods don't delete this: Do you need any specialized tools to be a typewriter technician?|I am absolutely in love with that story! Reminds me of that one Johnny Cash song where he builds a Cadillac by stealing the parts. Excellent story, cherish that machine!!! It is not an easy feat, that's for sure, and takes a special kind of genius. As far as your question goes, yes and no. I cant seem to find specialized tools, i really just need those keytop removers, but nowadays they are $300 a pair. I did recently aid in the creation of a screwdriver set made by chapman to specifically work on typewriters. Excellent set, and a worthy project. A must have for any typewriter tech! Other than that, I have made do. the below is a reply to the above|​​ Well, since we’re telling our father’s typewriter stories… After the war, my father was temporarily assigned to repair IBM typewriters in huge typing pool for the Social Security Administration. The pool consisted of 150 IBM typewriters, 150 Remington and 150 Smith Corona. I imagine the noise was deafening. Each company had one repairman who spent the entire day roaming around fixing machines. The SSA would only hire typists who were war widows or the wives of disabled veterans.|Thanks for the story, that's fascinating! Do you use Interrobang at all ‽‽!!‽‽ or ¡¡¿¿??!! I always lose upside down interrobang.|I have not! But you can always type a ? and backspace with a ! over it. Or if you dont have !, type a period and backspace an apostrophe over it. For upside down, find a Hispanic typewriter. the below is a reply to the above|​​ I tried but they're not aligned so it looked bad|varies by machine. You can hold the carriage release and line it up carefully yourself!! ​|http://imgur.com/gallery/lY4tUgn the below is a reply to the above|​​ So clean, I'll show you how mine fucks it up in an hour|LOL the below is a reply to the above|​​ https://imgur.com/a/xTyFp34 The first one came out fine for some reason -- usually it's like the second two, where there's ghosting of the question mark (though when I looked it up to check that was the right term, it seems that might be my fault for typing wrong). I've got some gripes with the machine, I'll send you in a PM for advice.|Yeah, no two typewriters are equal. I had a designated exclamation on mine so I kinda cheated. You don't have to type the period since the dot is already there for the question mark Would it be worth shipping a 1950ish Royal to you for a repair?|That is up to you. 1950? Sounds like an FP. An INCREDIBLY fine writing machine. You'd foot the bill both ways, plus the $20 deposit and the repair. One of the best royal standard typewriters ever made! I wrote with one for a few years, sold it sadly last week. What’s a typewriter?|Isn't that the million dollar question my man. A typewriter, well, its...how do I put this.. a machine that writes, by typing. ​|But in all seriousness, it's a mechanical machine that is designed to print letters in emulation of printed type by allowing a user to input specific characters. There's too many different types to really group a definition, so it really truly is a machine that writes by typing, where type is what we consider to be a solid impressionable character that delivers ink to a medium in the shape of a legible character. the below is a reply to the above|​​ So... like a computer?|Yes, and also no. Typewriters are single purpose, and manual typewriters dont need electricity. They are mechanical and operate solely by human input. the below is another reply to the original answer|​​ Can I play games on it?|Yes! Tic tac toe, hangman, uh.... you can have contests to see how far you can throw them. the below is a reply to the above|​​ Then I call you, right? This man’s a genius!|Yep!!! I tell all the new owners to throw them lol. The hustle is real! the below is another reply to the original question|​​ A reverse iPad|this guy^ You mentioned youre using a vintage keyboard to type this, are you into mechanical keyboards or would you say you’re particular about the kind of keystrokes you like the most, be it typewriter or modern keyboard?|I am very fickle about the feel of my keyboards. I got the IBM because I wanted a nice tactile feel. I HATE those flat laptop pos's. As far as typewriters go, I hates silents. While I like the lower noise, the silencer mechanisms all rely on a deceleration mechanism that I feel negatively impacts the feel. I like a smooth action, a sharp strike, and a quick rebound. 1930s Royal Portables are great, and I LOVE the Olympia SM3. the below is a reply to the above|​​ You need to join us in the madness over at mechanicalkeyboards!|Oh no....I'm not sure lol What's your preferred method of dealing with an old, hardened platen? Chicago here too, btw. I've got an Olivetti Lettera 32 and a Royal O Portable.|There is no good way to "rejuvenate" rubber. It is a material that constantly degrades. I replace the rubber via J.J. Short. Generally if it is in good shape and feeds paper well, I leave it alone. It is not something that is always necessary the below is another reply to the original question|​​ This. I have a Hermes Baby with a hardened platen and would love to restore.|Not hard to work on at all! Send the platen off for best results. I would not recomend turbo platen. Right now JJ short is really the only place. the below is another reply to the reply to the original question|​​ is thata a Hermes......Baby!!! a Hermes model Baby or a model Hermes Baby?? _________________ This model. The Hermes Rocket was a name for a nearly (possibly completely) identical model.|I will confirm that they are completely identical. the below is another reply to the original question|​​ What sort of problems does hardened platen cause?|They will either not feed the paper well, rarely damage the ribbon or wear on the type, or simply crack and fall apart. The type is hardened steel so I wouldn't worry about that, but it can cut holes in your ribbon or even the paper. What is your favorite typewriter and why do you like it best?|Well, I have become the leading expert in the Williams typewriter co. I think it is one of the most unique and beautiful machines ever made. ​|For typing, I love my Royal P from 1930, and my 50s Olympia SM3. They have that nice smooth feel and sharp rebound that I like, while printing super crispy and clean! the below is a reply to the above|​​ Seems amazing for a 21 year old to become the leading expert in a class of typewriters. Good going. Prior to Typewriters what sorts of thing interested you ? Was there another topic you got heavily entrenched in ?|Oh god lol. I was OBSESSED with the ocean. Oceanography, marine biology, even shipbuilding. This was all before the age of 10. No sports or video games for me. Only fish. I consumed every YouTube video, book, and documentary. I watched finding Nemo so many times the VHS tape corrupted. It was my dream to become a marine biologist, I loved everything about it. I also had no friends, I mean, no kindergarteners were interested in sea surface currents and migration patterns, or the food sources for chemosythesizing organisms populating the hydrothermal vents. I looked up to Robert Ballard too! The guy who found the titanic (another obsession) For about 12-13 years I kept both freshwater and saltwater tanks. I sold my tank this summer, sad moment, I miss keeping fish considerably. But you know, dreams die out. I also wanted to be an artist but I don't think I have what it takes! I also had a long invested interest in photography! I love film photography :) the below is a reply to the above|​​ This is the best response so far, IMO. I respect OP's current love for all things typewriter, but this one hit me hardest. I think most of us had obsessions when we were young. Myself, I wanted desperately to be an astronaut. (I am not an astronaut today.) It's great to see someone in love with their current pursuit and simultaneously acknowledging they grew up loving something else.|Hey thanks for that! And ya know, I still love fish. I'm not going to be a biologist by any stretch, but I'll never stop loving the ocean. Getting rid of that tank wasn't easy. I'm still passionate about it, but just not in a way I can pursue. the below is a reply to the above|​​ You could have a Viking funeral for typewriters you hate — and thus two world collide.|Yes, I will do such for the royal classic of 2020 You need to get in touch with u/jamescookartwork https://www.reddit.com/interestingasfuck/comments/ocuzhs/i_make_drawings_using_the_letters_and_numbers/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf|I am familiar with him, as well as multiple other type artists! I sold a Greek keyboard machine to one a while back and have dabbled in it myself! the below is a reply to the above|​​ Hey, other question - if you were to design a ‘modern’ typewriter from scratch, what would ‘modern’ typewriter mean to you and what kinds of features would you include?|It would be more artistic. I toyed around with the idea of a single element so one could swap type. It would also be portable, I love the Williams design. A non rotary escapement would be fun, glass keytops obviously, maybe octogon, maybe square, a polished metal body with leather accents.... something that looks modern, but is well machined. Who knows? Is 3D printing useful for replacement parts for vintage typewriters?|Yes, some people use rubberized mediums for feet! A buddy of mine, Steve dade, made the best rubber feet in the business. He passed away recently so a lot of folks are turning to printing. I've also used it to replace a lot of platen knobs. the below is a reply to the above|​​ Sorry about your friend.|Thanks, he will be missed Interesting. I was a IBM OPCE (Office Products Customer Engineer) in the late Seventies but switched to repairing electronic devices (terminals, printers, PCs). It was only after I stopped repairing mechanical typewriters that I realised that the mechanical devices had one major advantage over electronic devices; you could see for the most part what was wrong. Even adjustment and repairs were easier. Are parts still available for the IBM golfball typewriters?|Parts are available! I have a fair bit, and you can still find NOS if you know where to look. I even have a can of the original Topaz Bronze touchup paint! Usually parts machines are the source nowadays. Noticed the medium format film border. What’re you shooting with?|Sharp eye! Portra 400 on my Hasselblad 500c. I since sold that camera and got a CM, but miss my C. What are some good sources to purchase vintage typewriters?|Anyone reputable. I mean, me lol. I can also recomend Gramercy, Berkeley, Messa, and Cambridge typewriter to support brick and mortar. Also Tampa, Nashville, And Stephentown typewriter. There's typewritermuse in LA, Phoenix typewriter, typewriter justice, unplug typewriter co...and a few others I might be forgetting. For canada check out Yeg typewriters. Mexico and spain there is ElGranero typewriter, Mr. And Mrs. Vintage for the UK, northern Europe, and Australia. Also Charlie foxtrot. I'm sure I'm missing some but I know all these guys and they're legit!! Ken from california California typewriter (the tom hanks doc) works at Berkeley now. Stay away from Colombo collection for one. She does bad work, unreliable, overpriced, and rips off good techs like me. Jon posey is a pedophile stay away, but he doesnt sell much. Uhhhh on other guy who was a weasel, typewriter collection or something. Eh, cant avoid them all! the below is a reply to the above|​​ [deleted]|It's not publicized. And frankly I'm trying to stay out of the middle of it. Just the things he did to me personally, and to others I know including a minor who had it the worst. Some people are just a little fucked up. ​|As far as photography, I love my hasselblad, I process 120 and 135 at home. Both black and white and C41. I also have an enlarger where I make black and white prints, but have yet to dive into RA4 color printing. What kinds of people make up your customer base?|Oh boy. Small office workers, authors, poets, artists, business owners, collectors, and anyone who needs or uses typewriters. Even inmates. I'm a little older than you. My first job (in the '50s) was typing envelopes for advert mailers on a 1930's Underwood exactly like this. I really loved that machine, bitch though it was. I think it weighed more than I did. Is there any chance I could find one today and buy it? I'm sure it would cost much more than the original!|Underwood 5, I have had many. You can find them all over, the most mass produced typewriter in the states basically. They made millions! They can be had anywhere from $5 to $500, though I wouldn't pay more than 300 for one in superb shape, and 500 max for absolutely beyond mint. $150 is a fair price to pay for working, and I'd charge about $200 for one I've serviced. I am currently repairing one for a client who does sales. Check out the Vintage Mancave on etsy, he may be selling one, and I may have worked on it. In your opinion is there likely to be a good new typewriter ever brought to market? Not like the plastic thing at Michaels|No, not at all. And its complicated why. Royal released that Michaels one as the Royal Classic. I've used it, it sucks. The epoch is bad too. Back in the day, a good mid sized typewriter like the 1960s Remington Quiet-Riter cost an equivalent 1600$ in today's money. It was solid steel. The Royal Classic retails at around $200. There is no possible way a company can make money on a high quality machine, they simply cost way more to make than people these days are willing to pay. They were the laptops of the era, in price too. Back when the typewriter was the only method of print writing available, the price was justified much like it is for a computer today. All that manufacturing now has to be packed in as cheaply as possible to retail at a fraction of the price in a market that already has plenty of amazing machines. ​|In short, it isnt going to happen on a commercial scale. I myself have thrown around designs and concepts for a new machine, but they would all need to be hand made, and the price would be outrageous. Can you tell me more about this typewriter that I bought for my daughter? She loves it, although I bought it on a whim from eBay. https://reddit.com/typewriters/comments/kzfnvn/my_new_to_me_1947_i_think_smithcorona_silent_4s/|Excellent machine. Very sturdy, reliable, and great to type on. Wartime model, 1940s, serial number would tell you more and that's located on the right side of the frame under the ribbon cover. Very common, I have a beater sitting on a shelf waiting to be serviced and sold. Great first typewriter! Hanks likes these too I hear. the below is a reply to the above|​​ Need to get on that typewriterdatabase internet thing, it would appear. Thank you! Good luck in your ongoing endeavors!|Ted munk's site, excellent resource Are you hiring?|Hahahahaha maybe one day. I don't make enough to pay a fair wage and I don't have a brick and mortar yet. One day I will though, I'm not a socialite and I'd need help with the customer side of things, not to mention some bits of the servicing. ​|I'm a believer in paying livable wages, yes I'd pay 15$ an hour and not a dot under, even if it meant I had to pay myself that much too! One day I will, but not today. Or tomorrow. Or for a while actually. Local rent is 3k a month! the below is a reply to the above|​​ When is the last time you increased rates? $45/hr for a niche specialty, in a city, is way too low.|Earlier this year! I'm always afraid of driving people away because I'm too expensive. But thanks for the sentiment! You're one of god knows how many now who think I should up things. Do you make any scratch in the area of Hollywood prop rentals and consulting? Up until a few years ago, there was a typewriter repair shop in my area that always felt like "how is that place still in business?" and as far as I understood, the fellow got by in part because occasionally, for a big-budget, super-serious movie, instead of any random old-time, clackety-clack typewriter, they could go to him and be like "we need a period-accurate typewriter that a Des Moines newspaperman would be using in 1939" and he'd hook 'em up for the Spielberg bucks.|No, I'm in an odd place to do that, but I know of people who do! I feel like in some areas they aren't quite as accurate, but at the end of the day few people notice. If someone ever hits me up, I'm game. Typewriters rule! the below has been split into two|​​ If you had to change careers right now what would you switch to?|I'd probably go into welding. I'm good at it, and it makes money. I'd need to go get a certificate though. Fun stuff. Honestly people tell me I'm capable of more, but I enjoyed it. I'd rather do that than some sucky corporate job. A lot of people have idols or heroes they look up to. Who is yours?|Ah, and the second part of your question, yes and no. Not for typewriters, I had people I admired early on, like charlie from typewriter justice and duane from Phoenix typewriter. Great people, super kind. ​|I also looked up to Grant Imahara from mythbusters. I was always extremely self conscious about being asian when I was younger, and Grant was one of the first people I ever saw that I thought was cool, and made me feel better about myself. I'd say the same about markiplier and Eugene from the try guys. I thought they were cool people, not because they were Asian. Learning they were both also Korean helped me a lot during highschool. I'm now watching Kim's conscience on Netflix, and I can enjoy it without feeling uncomfortable. the below is a reply to the above|​​ 'capable of more' sounds like you can really do anything you put your mind to. That's something to be very proud of :) Thanks for the consistently fantastic answers! I hope your weekend is going great.|Thanks for the questions!! I’m so glad I found you. I have an Olivetti mechanical with electric assist that uses ball technology similar to the IBM Selectric. It dates to the mid 70s and I’ve been told it’s the only machine of its type that can use plastic one-use ribbon and cloth reusable ribbon. My dream is to get her running smoothly again as I love the feel of her action. Have you worked on any Olivetti’s?|I have! They can be tricky, the Olivetti ball system is a little more scarce. I haven't seen ribbons around lately, but I'm sure the old cartridges can be refilled Know anything about the Facit T2? I recently received one from a relative and did some minor repairs on it. Pretty fun to work on and type on, but the only think I know about it is that it was made in the 60s and is Swedish.|Not particularly. Facits are excellent machines, and the favorites of a few of my colleague buddies! Particularly Jack from Tampa Typewriter who would talk your ear off about the facit. The swedes made good typers! the below is a reply to the above|​​ Considering it had been sitting in a basement for decades and all I had to do was tighten and lube the levers that cause the gears in the escapement to move (sorry, I know 0 technical terms), I'd say it's a pretty well-made machine. I saw that you shoot film, too. We have a lot in common.|As nerds often do....
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The rest of Season 3 is taking quite some time to be released. But what are some episode ideas you have (and hope) for Season 3?
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2021.10.25 20:46 Throwaway676140 Ignoring IRR?

Let's say hypothetically I've been out of the navy for a few years. Also that I received a letter informing me to comply with a recent 'immunization' order, and that I have no intention to do so. What would the potential ramifications of ignoring this order be? Would, for example, GI Bill/Disability benefits be affected?
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Hi all. I am a doctoral student at the Michigan School of Psychology conducting research on people's experiences with type 2 diabetes, how it effects a person's mental health, and how people manage their diabetes. Please consider completing the online survey entirely if you have type 2 diabetes.
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Do any office managers, practitioners, or otherwise know of any / have dental office recommendations for 1) DICOM viewing software (viewing CTs) and 2) extra/intra-oral full mouth photography system?
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2021.10.25 20:46 SApA64 Old LEGO (possibly browser based) third person game

I don't remember much from this game as I never got too far and I was much younger. I do remember being able to make my character, with one of the options being the classic spiky hair. I also remember being able to make the hair green and the characters' skin was standard yellow. the room where you made the character I remember being somewhat sci-fi looking with mostly gray walls and blue lights. The only other thing I can recall is being able to explore and go up a mountain, to start some sort of quest or mission, and a little more explore-able area
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