Robot Juice after 15 minutes of Resident Evil 5

2021.10.25 19:56 DamienJohnson69 Robot Juice after 15 minutes of Resident Evil 5

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2021.10.25 19:56 Prize-Canary8742 Is this worth anything? I found em in a wet box

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2021.10.25 19:56 Picklecomedy truth fairy

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2021.10.25 19:56 InfernalDesires Advice on stopping self-punishment and harshness.

Trigger warning: this post may be uncomfortable to read, so please skip through the post if you don't wish to read about personal experiences about self harm.

Hi, I'm currently 17 at the time of typing this post. I'm going through my second set of exams (A-Levels) and have been struggling with self-punishment since I was 13. I've talked to a counsellor about my problems and my self punishment has drastically decreased in magnitude - I have punished myself less harshly.
With stress increasing as you grow older as you realize that the world is not as nice as you think it is and it isn't sunshine and rainbows. People who aren't good enough get eliminated, as seen from the amount of university offers given to students and the amount of people who apply for them. This vision has caused me to be very harsh on myself as I expect myself to be better. However, when stress builds up due to repeated wrong questions, my low self worth kicks in and I punish myself for my mistakes. Sometimes when I get a maths question wrong, I force myself to do 2 pushups for every lost mark with the hopes of reinforcing my memory and avoiding getting the question wrong. It might seem very childish of me to punish myself greatly but I do not want to increase my economic burden on my parents as I'm not actually from the UK and study in a boarding school.
However, it isn't always pushups. Sometimes I hit myself/punch myself for my repeated mistakes, as a repeated mistake like this may cause me to lose my university placement in one of the prestigious universities around the world, and this may cause me to lose a lot of future opportunities.
After I've punished myself, I get myself into a downwards spiral as the anger and frustration that makes me punish myself causes me make another punishment which warrants a need of a punishment.
I don't wish to fail, so I want to try my very best in everything. I feel like most of the mistakes we do are in our control, and failure to do so is an example of not giving your all.
I know that it isn't constructive and pointless as it doesn't deal with the problem but I struggle to find another alternative as it is engrained in my head as my default action or a coping mechanism when shit hits the fan in a revision session.
However, I would like to change this as this has deteriorated my mental health and caused me to do reckless things towards myself - thankfully none of the damages are irreversible.
I'm sorry if the tags don't match what my post is actually about as it is a mix and match between a lot of different tags.
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2021.10.25 19:56 LoZSpiderBoss What’s a good book for someone learning how to cope with a past abusive relationship?

A bit of context:
My friend had a partner for a good amount of time. She was really happy with them, until she started dealing with major problems in the relationship. Her partner was very emotionally abusing, causing her to feel like she had to hide her emotions from them because they were not a supportive person. She also felt like she was being used for sex, and is traumatized from that.
Her birthday is coming up and i wanted to get her a book that could help her begin to cope with that trauma. Does anyone know of a book that has helped them/a loved one with the same dilemma? Thanks to anyone that can help me out :)
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2021.10.25 19:56 turn_that_off Last nights episode felt like 3 hours (in a good way)

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2021.10.25 19:56 _artificial_paradise Has anyone ever lost their ID/license prior to an event ? Help!

Hey guys, kinda in a pickle. I lost my license 3 days ago and I was already looking forward to escape ! I don’t have a passport. I went to the dmv and asked for an interim drivers license that’s on paper. However I’m worried that I won’t be able to attend escape because they won’t accept it. Has this happened to anyone else ? I’m not sure what my options are here and I really want to attend escape this year. Thanks !
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2021.10.25 19:56 Jasiris How To Tweak Your Tactic Using Data Visualizations In FM22 (Pt.1 Pass Map)

How To Tweak Your Tactic Using Data Visualizations In FM22 (Pt.1 Pass Map) With introduction of Data Hub into FM22, data visualization is becoming much more useful than ever before. Here I want to mainly focus on Pass Map, which personally I think it is one of the most useful data visualization that helps you identify the problem lies within your tactic.
I am going to use my current FC Krasnodar save in Russian Premier League as an example.
1. Build an optimistic tactic
Right off the bat, do you see any major flaws in this tactic?
This is a counter attack system I built that aims to absorb pressure with a narrow defensive width and lower line of engagement. When we win the ball, using quick transition with high tempo and direct passing with a wide attacking width, hoping to bring physical presence of Cordoba and McBurnie with deep crosses from Claesson and both full backs or angled through ball from Cabella. But does this work in an actual game?

2. Reading Post Match Pass Map And Identify The Problems
I drew 0-0 with Dynamo Moscow created no clear cut chances using the above tactic. Here is the data visualization of our passing in the game:
Some problems can be identified
3 major issues appear with the help of pass map:
No.8 Yury Gazinskiy as the ball winning midfielder on defend duty is ineffective during attacking transitions.
Although he was able to link some plays but his positioning due to the nature of a ball winning midfielder on defend duty was offering us a poor passing option. This resulted in very frequent number of backward passes between him and Sasha, and eventually led to Sasha's frequent back passes to our keeper as Dynamo presses.
No.52 Tonny Vilhena as the central midfielder on support has been completely isolated.
As we could see from the map, the only passing combination from Vilhena is rare backward passes to my LCB Krychowiak. This is unacceptable as he supposed to be the more creative player in my midfield partnered with Gazinskiy. He failed to support both my strikers and Cabella out wide on the left. In fact, with no effective combinations between my LB Ramirez and Vilhena also tells us that he wasn't offering much during the attacking transition through out the 90mins.
There are NO effective combinations between my strikers.
As the Target Man, McBurnie is responsible to win flick ons, play simple passes back to midfield or through passes to Cordoba. He failed to do the latter due to the fact he was heavily involved on the right side of the pitch however was unable to open up his body to play as Dynamo split us in half.

3. Tweaking The Tactic
I made a few tweaks in my tactic in responding to the above issues identified:
Would this work?
Here are the changes I made:
Attacking width from wide to standard
The intention is to limit the amount of space in between players hoping to see more link up plays especially for my Central Midifielder on support, I want to see him being much more involved during the build up play than what was shown in the previous pass map. This should also influence the connections between my strikers.
Gazinskiy from a Ball Winning Midfielder to a Deep Lying Midfielder
The intention is to create more fluidity in midfield. Hoping to see Gazinskiy being more adventurous with his passes. Take up a slightly central position and hoping to provide a much better passing option than before.
Individual instruction for Inverted Winger Cabella to tuck inside
Similar intention to the first change. As we identified in the previous pass map, we want to improve the lack of combinations between Cabella and the Central Midfielder on support.
Ramirez from a Full Back to a Wing Back
This change is corresponding to the previous change. As Cabella tucks inside, Ramirez are now required to push forward into a wider position to supply the width during attacking scenarios.
Removing overlap on the right
This limits the number of runs my RB Petrov makes during attacking scenarios. Hoping to provide some balance in respond to Ramirez is now pushing further forward.
Dropping Vilhena and replace with Krychowiak
This creates a better stability in midfield as Krychowiak is much more solid and reliable during defensive transitions as by default, Gazinskiy in DLP on defend duty is more static and less aggressive than the previous Ball Winning Midfielder on defend duty. In result, Chernikov would now be my LCB.

4. Results
Here is the next game we won 3-0 away against Arsenal Tula.
Doesn't this look so much better?
Gazinskiy now takes up a much better position that offers a good passing option. Krychowiak as CM on support is heavily getting involved where he provided crucial supports to players around him. There are now noticeable number of connections between my strikers. And despite having lower number of pass combinations than the original tactic, the area where those passes taken place is now much more efficient going forward.
Overall the tweaked tactic is functioning much better than the previous original.
NOTE: Both Dynamo Moscow and Arsenal Tula played a 4231 against me with Arsenal Tula being slightly more defensive as the Dynamo is a better side than Tula on paper. However for a team who has beaten Zenit and drew against CSKA Moscow, maybe an inconsistent team but Tula is definitely not a weak side by no mean.
Hope you find this helpful lads. Please comment if you have anything to add on or any questions. Cheers boys.
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2021.10.25 19:56 cutterbutter Selling - front row of mezz/balcony tonight 10/25 Los Angeles Orpheus theater - face value

Face value $110. Dm if interested :) Will transfer through Ticketmaster
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2021.10.25 19:56 Puzzleheaded_Buy4049 Prayer please

Hello. Im going to see a doctor about a lump in my neck tommorow. They are concerned it might be something bad. Please pray for me and my family and the doctors. Pray that the Holy Spirit would be stirred up in me again. Ive backslid a lot in the last few years. I want a beautiful relationship with Jesus again but feel like ive sinned so much. Thank you
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2021.10.25 19:56 killit23 shitpostatus compilation V2

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2021.10.25 19:56 pinkclowny all posts getting "processed" and not being pushed to fyp

hey tiktokhelp ! i'm a small creator whos trying to grow my audience after having a video that did marginally well for a small account (i currently have 50k followers). i've been having some weird problems i haven't found any advice elsewhere for. sorry if this is long, i want to include as much information as i can to paint the full picture.
so my content is admittingly pretty boring. until recently, i never put in "effort" and it was just for fun. usually i say something funny with my makeup i'm wearing that day or in a cosplay. for full transparency i do have cleavage in a lot of my tiktoks, but not excessively like i've seen a lot of bigger accounts have, it's just how i dress because of my body type. i dont do dances, i dont really do sexual jokes, i dont even really show my body besides my face and the top of my chest. i literally just say a few (usually self deprecating) jokes or even just record my face with music when my makeup looks nice. my most successful video was me in a cosplay that was inherently drawing attention to my body type while saying a kind of childish potty humor joke, but i was still dressed with no skin showing in the video besides a few inches on my upper chest (with no cleavage).
i made a few follow up videos to that video, answering comments etc, and that's when problems seemed to start. i recorded two videos, wearing the same thing in each of them. after i posted the second, i told my friends to tell me what they thought of it and none of them could find it on my profile. i realized when clicking on the video to send it to them that the video was still being "processed". unsure of what this meant i waited awhile only to be alerted it was flagged for adult content. the video was me showing shirts i was wearing that day, it wasn't explicit at all, so i appealed it. three days later they put it back up but looking at my analytics it hasn't gone out to the for you page at all. i assumed this meant i was shadow banned or something so i waited a bit to post again. i know that shadowbanning isn't necessarily real but i didn't really understand why i was being not put on the fyp, and heard waiting is a good way to avoid getting your content suppressed or your account banned.
when i came back to my account to start posting again about two weeks later, i posted a few cosplay videos that had like actual effort and editing behind them. i wasn't aware deleting tiktoks that flopped was bad for your account, so i deleted them when they didn't do well and decided i'd just repost later when my account picked up steam again. i tried posting a tiktok dance for the first time and it also got immediately "processed" before i could post it, so i deleted that as well. none of these videos were fundamentally different from my other content in terms of formatting, what i was wearing, the humor, etc.
since then literally all of my content that has any type of skin in it, like literally any even the neck of my tee-shirt or my arm, gets put into a 3+ hour long processing jail. my views have dropped to barely 4% of my average I normally got for the same content and I'm not being put on the for you page at all according to my analytics.
From my spam account that only follows a few of my friends accounts, i noticed my main account never came up in my following feed either. Out of curiosity, i went to my main profile from my spam account to check out who was being suggested alongside my account now. When clicking on the arrow before, i use to get a few of my friends accounts as well as cosplay creators kind of similar to me, but now I get random celebrities that have absolutely nothing to do with me.
i have no idea how to get my content back on for your pages and i dont really even understand why it went off of them in the first place. i'm really discouraged and frustrated as it seemed as soon as a video of mine went viral most of my videos have been getting processed and then not put on fyps. i don't know why i'm not showing up in following feeds and i don't really know if i should just press forward and keep making content when titktok isn't even recommending me alongside similar accounts anymore.
what should i do? should i just keep making content and hope that tiktok decides to stop quarantining my account? should i move to a new account?
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2021.10.25 19:56 Sad-Soundcloud DDC - Required w/EVERY$T

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2021.10.25 19:56 WraithTDK ca001/bztestimony bug still present?

It seems my backup has been hung on ca001/bztestimony for quite some time now. I found a couple of threads about this, but they were four months old and said this was just a visual glitch that was supposed to be fixed with the next version (which I assume was release since then?).
Anyone know anything about this?
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2021.10.25 19:56 roundtriangles Do I misunderstand player count statistics?

I’ve been diving into new world and really enjoying it, mostly just playing it as it’s in front of me. Started to look at online guides and forums like this subreddit, and I’ve seen mention after mention of a player count drop.
Maybe I miss understand, but is the drop that people are speaking to concurrent (at the same time) players, or a fewer number of unique players on any given day.
Going from a peak of 900k CONCURRENT players to 400-300k seems like it’s completely to be expected. It does not track that this many people have left the game, but that after an initial binge the majority of players shifted back to an equilibrium with the rest of their lives.
I know I play about a third as much as I was the first week, but it’s not because I’m enjoying it less, it’s just that playing that much for more than a week just isn’t sustainable. That would mean that my “presence” in the concurrent player count decreased to one third of release - but that doesn’t mean I’ve left the game.
I’m trying to understand if I am just missing something or if people generally don’t look past the ratio of total players that were simultaneously logged in on launch to total number that are simultaneously logged in at any given time a month after release, and equate that with a drop of that many actual players from the general population.
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2021.10.25 19:56 araphim I feel stuck

I’ve gone through and completed all I can, but I’m stuck on the later stages of the Ultimate Arena technical dungeon, I can’t beat the 7th floor of the new Burning Sand Labyrinth event, and I’ve done all the story and normal dungeons. I’ve gotten team building help, been trying to max my stuff out to my best ability, but there just seems to be a wall. What should I do? Do I need to just make more REM pulls, or wait for better units to come out, or is this just a barrier of “git gud”?
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2021.10.25 19:56 buffysummerrs I’m moving out of my parents house for the first time ever and I’m afraid.

I’m 28, female and I’ve never lived on my own before. Even college, I commuted because it was right by my parents. I’ve traveled outside of the country, but I’ve never been away from home for more than a couple weeks.
I’m moving 3 hours away from my parents suburban home to a city, with my boyfriend (who has already lived there for a year). The apartment was a good price for the location and he wanted to leave his studio, so I agreed.
I’m moving in a few days and I’m terrified. Im regretting moving. Leaving the comfort of my home, seeing my parents and sister everyday, my cat. I’m afraid of not being able to keep a job due to my ADHD, and failing at helping pay the rent, gas, electricity, etc.
I’ve already stayed at the empty apartment with a cot for a couple days and I felt so alienated and out of my element. The place needs work and things fixed which we’ve called the landlord on, but it’s an old Victorian building regardless. It’s not home.
For years I’ve been saying I want to live in the city, the ability to walk anywhere, I have an inner ear condition so driving is hard for me. But now I’m just wishing to NOT be in a city. The drive home is 3 hours and like I said, I have a hard time driving on highways. I feel like crying. I feel like I’ll just be wishing to be home, missing my pet, my family, the quietness. Call me co-dependent or whatever, but I didn’t have the luxury to dorm with someone in college and learn to be away from home.
I have 3 older siblings who live a plane flight away and I wonder how they do it. My brother was homesick when he went away for college at 18-19, but now he’s 33 and we hardly see him anymore minus Thanksgiving/Christmas. And I’m hoping soon I’ll be in the same mindset where I won’t care to be home like him.
I feel like I’m so far behind. I have a childhood friend I follow on social media (I haven’t seen her since I was like 13, as she moved to the other side of the country) and she already has a house and 2 babies. And here I am scared to be away from home.
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2021.10.25 19:56 azangru How far away is redux-toolkit 1.7?

Sorry for the naughty question, but what do your crystal balls say about when redux-toolkit 1.7 might get released. I am seeing that the integration branch has all but one checkboxes ticked, and that the only remaining checkbox refers to a PR that has been approved, and that makes me excited. Would you say it's days away? Weeks away? Months away?
The reason I'm asking is that that I am hoping that it will solve the little problem I've been having, and I can barely wait :-)
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2021.10.25 19:56 AyakaDeAgua Filme com as músicas de Noel Rosa: A Cidade-Mulher 1936

Filme com as músicas de Noel Rosa: A Cidade-Mulher 1936 Filme perdido de 1936 dirigido por Humberto Mauro, produção de Carmem Santos, argumento de Henrique Pongetti e fotografia de Manuel Ribeiro.
Sinopse: Um empresário de teatro prestes a falir resolve aceitar a ajuda da filha e seu namorado para salvar as finanças da família, o que ela faz com o patrocínio de um ricaço.
Jaime Costa [O empresário]
Carmen Santos (I) [A filha]
Mário Salaberry [O namorado]
Sara Nobre [A baronesa]
Bibi Ferreira, Zilka Salaberry, Orlando Silva, Joel de Almeida, Procópio Ferreira
José Amaro e María Amaro [Irmãos Amaro]
Zenaide Andrea, Bandeira Duarte
Elvira Pagã e Rosina Pagã [Irmãs Pagãs]
Hortência Santos, Ferreira Maia, Mara Costa Pereira
Gênero: Drama, Comédia, Romance
Duração [Estimada]: 80 min.
Boa parte do filme foi salva, sua seleção de músicas e até roteiro, mas nenhuma filmagem foi salva
todo roteiro:
Este filme contém a gravação inédita de "Numa Noite à Beira-Mar", sendo uma valsa perdida de Noel Rosa, cantada no filme pela dupla "José Amaro e María Amaro [Irmãos Amaro]", as únicas coisas que ficaram das filmagens foram em fotos nos jornais da época...
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2021.10.25 19:56 Alternative_Mammoth7 Engine work

Once and a while Jagex refers to engine work. They have onboarded so many people, but the most hard to onboard is people to work on the engine. The engine is the core of the game the engine it runs on. Let's be honest I like the oldschool esthetic, but some things are ugly af like sea and tree and wall textures.
This is not about wanting textures or anything, but with these kind of crappy graphics that shouldn't be demanding at all, you shouldn't even need a gpu to plah this game. That's why I have come to the conclusion this game is very badly optimized, because of years of neglect of the engine.
Get yojr priorites straight Jagex, the game is not running smoothly.
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2021.10.25 19:56 labinnacotua In DOWAK everyone was upset Greg 'manipulated' Rowley, but I think it was Rowley's fault

He could have just stopped being friends if Greg was bad, but he didn't because Greg was better to Rowley than Rowley was to Greg.
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2021.10.25 19:56 SeValentine Apricot getting some Frootsies snacks :3 ~ Draw by @hungrydurp

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2021.10.25 19:56 Cheroczech Holy Grail checklist

I took one of the checklists that was floating around and improved upon it. You can download it here. In addition to a reformat, I added tabs for treasure classes, qlvls, Qlvls, mlvls, alvls, and other nuggets. Let me know if you see any more changes/additions you'd recommend. I hope it helps you in your grind.
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2021.10.25 19:56 RickJagger13 Pumpkin Week Day 1 Pumpkin Ales Hoppin Frog and Trader Joes/Josephbrau Brewing Company

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2021.10.25 19:56 Apprehensive-Sign476 What question do you most want someone to ask you?

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