BAFX Auto OBD2 Diagnostic Bluetooth Scanner Tool (Android Devices Only) $13.98

2021.11.28 11:53 snkde BAFX Auto OBD2 Diagnostic Bluetooth Scanner Tool (Android Devices Only) $13.98

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2021.11.28 11:53 Antique-Photo9079 Metamask inter network transfer

Hey Guys,
I'm new to the crypto world, I have ETHM on my metamask wallet which I bought through BSC (pancakeswap) now is there a way I can get these tokens to avalanche network from BSC ?
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2021.11.28 11:53 2_throw_away_ Vortioxetine making anxiety worse

I've been on vortioxetine (Brintellix or Trintellix) 5mg for two weeks now, and it seems to have made my anxiety much worse, giving me regular panic attacks for the first time in years.
I can feel fine most of the day, then I'll suddenly get a burst of panic with all the typical symptoms, but occasionally with dizziness and feeling like my vision is zoomed in, which I don't usually get. Last night I started feeling crazy because of the anxiety, worrying that I was losing my mind and struggling to calm myself down. The anxiety seems random too, because I can cope fine at work or in social situations, but then as soon as I'm at home relaxing the panic attacks come.
It's the only real side effect I'm getting from it, and I've pretty much ran out of other antidepressants to try so I'm desperate for vortioxetine to work. Has anyone else had experiences like this either on vortioxetine or other meds? Did it get better? I'm thinking about calling my doctor tomorrow to ask about being put on benzos temporarily to ease the anxiety.
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2021.11.28 11:53 BrenzligBrenzlig i3 and xterm

Hey guys,
I want to tile my terminal in my first workspace (1). So that there are 4 tiles for example. I'm using xterm.
I just can't get my head around this. If I do mod + enter, it spawns a second terminal window next to the existing one. no borders etc. I played with the --geometry in my .Xresources settings, but nothing changes. I think I am missing something fundamentally here.
Like this for example. Maybe not that fancy, I don't want to rice anything, just have 4 same sized xterm windows. Is there a way of doing this?
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2021.11.28 11:53 GraseCul [CD] [Level105] [Cursed Pthumerian Defilement Layer Two] [WDotOL][PW: help]

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2021.11.28 11:53 SpectralVoodoo Uh oh

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2021.11.28 11:53 Arepa_dorada Fumé por primera vez anoche ¿Ya me dañe?

Me explico ayer fui a una fiesta y me embriague un poco entonces acepté todo lo que me daban. Creo que fumé tabaco y marihuana y ahora tengo miedo de tener los pulmones ya jodidos
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2021.11.28 11:53 LNMODO Colorado Winter Capsule Wardrobe is ready!

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2021.11.28 11:53 PowerDubs Introducing the Atari metaverse virtual world & online casino #NFT $ATRI #AtariToken $PongF

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2021.11.28 11:53 Educational-Tie-4930 Hey guys. I am somewhat new to the crypto world. I have recently made my coin but I am having trouble liquidating it on the pancake swap website. I have typed in the contract address but it's not showing my coin in their system. What do I do?

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2021.11.28 11:53 Critical-War-1069 My (20f) ex (21m) texted me during no contact help??

He broke up with me less than 2 weeks ago. Nature of the situation? He said after a few months he lost feelings for me and now he wants to clarify how he’d felt during it. You can imagine it was a huge shock when he told me one night while he let on for so long he loved me. We were together 6 months.
Tl;dr he texted me after claiming he lost feelings help
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2021.11.28 11:53 99101004 211128 Kai Instagram Live

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2021.11.28 11:53 Patresxdx I can't even...

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2021.11.28 11:53 CoolBro21YT The most *DIFFICULT* airport to land at | infinite flight

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2021.11.28 11:53 bubblytangerine Not accepting credit card

I feel like this happens every single time I try to place an online order recently. Anyone find a workaround for this issue? Tried two separate cards this morning but no luck.
It's probably a sign not to waste my money with BBW anymore but lol I got a request from family for some items SMH.
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2021.11.28 11:52 daysgonebyy Going out in the midst of the pandemic

With the pandemic still ongoing, but with us working towards an endemic stage, are y'all still going out (for leisure) as often as before? currently just ended A's and planning to meetup with friends and just have some fun at least in dec haha but with parents that are overly worried about covid, idk if its reasonable for me to keep asking to go out, especially when cases are still in the thousands
anyways, have y'all been going on with outings (at least when 5pax is allowed), or have been trying to still stay home more often?
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2021.11.28 11:52 Axe_2 Why did my hand feel like it's freezing after the nurse put anesthesia to make me sleep

Last year i had a surgery so the doctor had to give me general anesthesia , before i go to sleep i remember that they put something in the tube that was in my vein it was in a big needle , and i remember as soon as they put this substance in i felt like my arm is getting so cold and i was asking the nurse why does my hand feel cold and then i passed out
Can anyone explain why my hand felt like it's gonna freeze ??
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2021.11.28 11:52 Iphica ☘️ in Dubrovnik please? :)

Can anyone help a brother out? :)
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2021.11.28 11:52 cherikapples Blizzard Strayer 4 pc?

I I want to move on and start building my other characters. Is blizzard strayer good for freeze childe?
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2021.11.28 11:52 hssdelhi US announces travel restrictions over new Covid-19 variant

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2021.11.28 11:52 groovie6969 Teenage

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2021.11.28 11:52 GrimmPreacher [PSN] [H] Credits [W] STRIKER Sky Blue Astro CSX

Looking for a Striker cert Sky Blue Astro CSX only.
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2021.11.28 11:52 xiit Do you guys think any of the top streamers are using no recoil cheat?

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2021.11.28 11:52 DarkBakayaro Zeta division just won the brawl stars championships, what were your reactions?

I'll go first, I did not initially expect them to win until I saw how good sitetampo was. It was at the moment that I started cheering for them.
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2021.11.28 11:52 BeleibterMondkuchen Sleep well :')

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