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What were the most weirdest “unique” names you’ve heard?

2022.01.26 23:33 UltraaMilds What were the most weirdest “unique” names you’ve heard?

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2022.01.26 23:33 Maleficent-Ability74 How delayed are packages right now? I shipped my package on the 23rd with e-ems to Canada and there has barely been any movement.

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2022.01.26 23:33 acthuf Hi eweryone! Check out some of my stuff if you’re inclined that dub techno, always happy to get some constructive criticism or love!

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2022.01.26 23:33 Apprehensive-Yak8418 Honda airbalde 150 scooter

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2022.01.26 23:33 heywoodjablome99 Lighting Modifier Kit Help

Hello! I'm a cinematographer who shoots low budget interviews, short films, and commercials. I have rented lights and grip gear in the past, but at my experience level I would be better off purchasing some gear of my own so I can practice my skills in my free time and spend the small budgets I have on other aspects of my productions. So, I am looking to purchase some diffusion, neg fill, flags, c-stands, etc... What are some essential for a lighting kit? Are there any brands that you recommend? Any brands to stay away from? Any input is appreciated, thanks!
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2022.01.26 23:33 haydn0214 Thank you Barnes & Noble for the haul today!

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2022.01.26 23:33 soaringcereal Did Blizzard lie about giving away a free name change?

Back when the McCree name change to Cassidy happened, Blizzard said they would be offering free battle tag changes to anyone who signed up for one. This was months ago at this point and I still don't seem to be able to change my tag.
Has anyone else received their free name change from this or did Blizzard lie about the offer in an attempt to buy some sympathy?
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2022.01.26 23:33 DerBingle12 Mini Hater Story P5: Mini Green

As I left Mini Blue to feast on browns corpse, another meeting was called. We met back in the cafeteria. Purple was hysterically crying.
Blue: What’s going on? Why the meeting? What’s wrong with Purple?
Yellow: Purples mini was just found decapitated in Admin.
Purple: I can’t believe this happened! Someone brutalized my Mini! It’s head has been cut off! Why!? Why!?
Yellow: Don’t worry Purple. We will find the culprit and bring them to justice.
Mini Yellow came up to purple and hugged its leg
Mini Yellow: Iwts ok Uwncle Puhple. We find duh mweanie and do a hurt on dhem!
Purple: Shut the fuck up you little yellow shit! My child is dead!
Mini Yellow burst into tears and ran back to Yellow.
Mini Yellow: Da-da! Uwncle puhple mwean! We need to eject him! squeak squeak
Yellow: No Mini Yellow, we aren’t killing someone because you’re obnoxious. Sit down.
I was filled with glee to see that everyone was getting tired of their Minis. Maybe Mini Yellow would be next. Green finally came in, dragging its Mini behind it.
Mini Green, thrashing, kicking, and crying: Waaaa! Da-da! No! Me no want to gwo tew mweeting! Mweeting bowing!
Green: Jesus Christ, shut the fuck up you shit.
Black covered it’s Minis ears and scolded Green.
Black: Watch your language Green!
I began to wonder how I’d get Mini Green but I came up with an even simpler solution.
As the meeting ended, no one was able to figure out who killed Mini Purple so brutally. As everyone began to leave, Green started to drag its Mini out.
Green: Come on, we have work to do Mini Green.
Mini Green: squeak Nwo Da-Da! Nwo Task! Nwo work! Just sit!
Green: Jesus Christ I could kill you.
I approached Green.
Blue: What seems to be the issue Green?
Green: The same shit! My mini wants to sit and not work. As always.
Mini Green folded its arms in anger.
Mini Green: Me No Move! squeak squeak
Blue: I may have a solution for you…..
Green: What?
Blue: First, show me I can trust you. Go find Mini White and bring it to Comms.
Green: What about my Mini? And why am I doing this for you?
Blue: Green, leave your Mini with me. Go find Mini White and discreetly bring it to Comms. Please trust me. We will fix your Mini.
Green: Ok, whatever we need to get this little shit to work.
Mini Green: I hwate yew Da-da!
Green left in search of Mini White. I then grabbed Mini Green and stared at it hatefully.
Mini Greem: Uwncle Boo! Pwut me on your hwead! Me tiwed, wanna sweep!
Blue: Yeah, you’re about to sleep alright. Forever.
I carried Mini Green off to Comms to begin. This was too easy.
We entered Comms and Mini Green looked confused.
Mini Green: Me no wanna be here! Me want Med Bay! Sweep in bed! Wets go Uwncle Boo! squeak
I held Mini Green against the wall and got a hammer. I lined up a thick nail with Mini Greens left leg.
Blue: Hold still Mini Green, we’re going to play a fun game.
Mini Green: Ok Uwncle!
I pushed the nail into Mini Greens leg by hand and it slightly punctured the skin.
Mini Green: Owie. Twhat not good Uwncle Boo….
I then drove the nail into its leg and it squealed in pain.
Mini Green: squeak squeak Owie Uwncle! WHY!?
Blue: Shut up.
I drove a nail into its right leg and Mini Green continued to writhe in agony. I held it up against the wall and nailed both of its hands down. It was now nailed to the wall. Blood dripping from the open wounds.
Mini Green struggled to break free and continued to hurt itself.
Blue: Keep struggling you shit.
As Mini Green thrashed about trying to break itself free, I opened up my torture case and decided to start with the serrated blade for my work.
Blue: I am going to butcher you alive you bastard.
Mini Green: Uwncle Boo! Pwease! Pwease! Hwave Muwcy! squeak squeak squeak
I placed the serrated blade down and got a smooth sharp knife and sliced Mini Greens cheek, blood dripping down its face. It squealed in agony. I took the serrated knife and began working on Mini Greens body. Cutting deep into its flesh and peeling its skin.
Terror filled Mini Green eyes and it began to tear up and plead for its life.
I took my other blade and jammed it into Mini Greens left hand. I took my serrated and sawed off its right leg. Blood pouring down.
Mini Green: Uwncle Boo! Stahp!!!
I heard the door open and Green shuffled in holding Mini White.
Green: Oh my god, what are you doing??
Blue: Ridding you of your problem, just doing it my way.
Green: So why are you showing me this? Why did you have me get Mini White?
Blue: It’s simple. Mini White is next. You will be finishing off your Mini once I’m done.
Green: No way Blue, this ends now. Give me that knife.
Green snatched the serrated from my hands and angrily cut Mini Greens other leg off and then moved the smooth blade into its other hand. Mini Green fought violently to break free as tears and blood ran down its body.
Mini Gree: Da-da! Why? Stahp! Da-da! Pwease!
Green: This is way overdue you shit. Way overdue.
Green sliced from the top of Mini Greens head to its eyes, then cut across.
Mini Green wriggled in agony, squeaking with tears pour down its bloody face.
Green continued to slice across Mini Green inflicting severe pain.
Green: Blue! We need something better than knives. Way better.
Green went over to my bag and found the Mini Saw I had.
Green: Oh my god, yes.
I was concerned frankly. Green was way into this and enjoying it more than me.
Green: It’s time you little shit! All these years of torture, AND ITS TIME FOR PAYBACK!!!
Mini Green shouted and struggled in fear as the saw fired up.
I grabbed Mini White and sat it on the desk. It was so oblivious to fate that it kept reaching for me happily. A gleam of joy in its eye.
Mini White: Uwncle Boo! Uwncle Boo! Swit me on yer hwead! squeak squeak
Blue: Don’t move Mini White. Sit there.
Mini White: Ok!
I turned around and watched Green saw Mini Greens left arm clean off. He then sawed the other arm. Mini Green fell to the floor in a pool of blood and tears. It began to squirm and struggle to escape but couldn’t move on its 4 nubs where it’s appendages used to be.
Mini Green: Pwease Da-da! Spware me! Pwease! Pwease!
Green: Die you bastard.
Green plunged the saw into Mini Greens small chest and cut sideways. Leaving a massive blood gushing gash in Mini Greens side. He began to saw Mini Greens head off. I was honestly horrified at how much rage Green had inside him.
Blue: Green, it’s dead. You can stop butchering it.
Green: No way, I’m cutting this little shits body into pieces.
Blue: We need to get started on Mini White.
Green: Deal with Mini White yourself. I’m going to mince this Mini shit.
I looked over to Mini White. It was time.
Mini White: Uwncle Boo! Uwncle Boo! Wets go do swometwing fwun! Swit me on yer hwead!! squeak squeak squeak
Blue: Oh yes Mini White, let’s go do something really fun.
I sat Mini White on my head and left Comms as Green continued to dice Mini Green. First, I was going to get Mini Blue, then go find White…..
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2022.01.26 23:33 skinandwaxstudio Who's right and can this be fixed?

I just moved my skin care studio to a new location. When I first met with the owner I checked the water pressure in the treatment room and noticed it took forever to get hot. I questioned the landlord and he said that since the place has been empty for almost 2 years it was going to take awhile to get going. Fast forward to today when I officially moved in and I checked it again it still takes forever. For the last 3 weeks since I was first there, there has been a crew building out the space. I would assume they used the water at some point. However I'm still waiting several minutes for hot water. I did some research and thought a Point of Use water heater at the sink in question would be the best solution. I mentioned it to the landlord and offered to pay half. He wants to wait and see if it starts heating up faster. I think it's an issue with the water heater being to far from this sink. I wouldn't think that water not being used would effect how quickly the water heats up. Who's right and if it's me did I pick the right solution?
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2022.01.26 23:33 Ok-Hearing1234 Which is better, American or "Spaghetti" (euro) westerns?

View Poll
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2022.01.26 23:33 flccncnhlplfctn Iron Man and Spider-Man in Satan's Alley

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2022.01.26 23:33 RunEscape_gpt2 Gave me my best wish

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2022.01.26 23:33 1000000students Youngkin proposes $3.5 billion in budget amendments without saying how to pay for them

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2022.01.26 23:33 Sad-Amoeba7745 Roommate

My (22m) gf (20f) and I are going throu the roommate phase we been together for 4 years lived with each other since second month of dating, bought a house last year now like we are roommates. How do you fix this?
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2022.01.26 23:33 KadiDuzIt [FREE] Juicy J x Key Glock x Memphis Type Beat "SMOKIN"

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2022.01.26 23:33 Mad_Mike23 Heated Seats

Hello I have a 2018 Ford Fusion Titanium, and the heated seats don't work, depending on the issue, how much would something like this cost to fix?
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2022.01.26 23:33 Imploding_Colon Any good hole-in-the-wall, mom and pop joints where you can get an All-American breakfast?

I don't mean mainstream places like Snooze, First Watch or the Magnolia Pancake House. Rather, I'm looking for a locally owned, no frills restaurant that serves delicious staples like eggs, pancakes, waffles, biscuits and gravy and all that good stuff with Texas sized portions. Maybe I just live in the wrong part of town but the only place I've seen that comes close is Grumpy's, and it's a texmex place of all things
Thank you
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2022.01.26 23:33 DemUnderground Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema haven't voted against a Biden court nominee

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2022.01.26 23:33 WileyBlade I just realised some small things, it's not a full fledged theory.

Naruto - Owl House
Chakra reserve - Bile sac
Jinchūriki - Eda
Ten tails - Titan
Scientific Ninja tools - Artificial Magic
Ōtsutsuki/ other worldly characters - Humans
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2022.01.26 23:33 MyNameIsArmitage15 DSP Tries It: Begging for Likes

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2022.01.26 23:33 Curlyhaircutiee Link below💞

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2022.01.26 23:33 jenjen7543 💎$25 Sign-up Bonus💎Download app💎Select "MANAGE MY CASH AND BUILD MY SAVINGS"-$15💎Add track my credit for 🆓-$10 more💎Rewards available to redeem immediately💎NO DEPOSIT💎USA ONLY

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2022.01.26 23:33 Beneficial-Jacket-81 🛑!!! CURRENTLY GOING LOVE!!!🛑 Looking for new followers on my road to 100 followers. Could definitely use the help. Comment your twitch I'll follow back. Also Lurk4Lurk https://www.twitch.tv/mchn_pip?sr=a

🛑!!! CURRENTLY GOING LOVE!!!🛑 Looking for new followers on my road to 100 followers. Could definitely use the help. Comment your twitch I'll follow back. Also Lurk4Lurk https://www.twitch.tv/mchn_pip?sr=a submitted by Beneficial-Jacket-81 to twitchfollow4follow [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 23:33 Thedoc40tt Feb9 pre-order with a 'Looking to expand Feb 2022' order confirmation 41.3, -94.1 Rural Iowa

Very excited to dump Viasat.
Joked to the wife yesterday that while she's gone on a trip next week I'll probably the Starlink order, and 24 hours later got the email haha.
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2022.01.26 23:33 DemUnderground The Republican death drive: Refusing to sacrifice anything means sacrificing everything

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