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Friends / Clubs?

2022.01.26 23:04 DMagalini Friends / Clubs?

having a hard time finding clubs that seem welcoming or interesting. I transferred in the fall and have a few friends here at UCI, but looking to make more. Im into weightlifting, video games, anime, cars, sports. I think since everything is online its making it hard to meet new people and wondering if anyone else feels the same way.
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2022.01.26 23:04 nandokundimais About melonDS online option -

Main question: It's safe?
Seens to be very open with all the IP settings, so I wanna ask if is full safe to use or I runnig big risks if so (Everything online has his risks so It's okay for me if it's just minors).
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2022.01.26 23:04 Tacit_Titus First try at steel (and brass) NMM. Is it perfect? No. But does it do the job? Also no. But is it done? Absolutely. Still happy enough with it though!

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2022.01.26 23:04 GangsterRavioli First go at this. So proud of my lil babies

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2022.01.26 23:04 New-Narwhal-6149 My conch (done about three weeks ago) is healing marvelously (just a tiny bit of swelling and some crusties) and I was wondering if it'd be safe to change the bar to a different one sometime soon? Should I wait longer?

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2022.01.26 23:04 svanapps Report: Access Broker Exploiting VMware Log4j Vulnerability

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2022.01.26 23:04 AvgF2Pdokkanboi After a 3 hour or so pathetic midgame attempt,I have come so close to the coconut clogs,I just need 4 bil honey give or take (doing it tommorow hopefully)

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I miss CoryxKenshin its been a month
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2022.01.26 23:04 TransportationOk5607 Emergency Relief Fund Question

Does anyone know when we can expect to hear back about our applications?? I need funds 😭😭
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2022.01.26 23:04 FlashpointStriker The Jackals, Part Three: Revelations.

Author’s notes, additional information.
Hi, Flash here. I wanted to add some information that didn’t make it through the text very well before we jump into this chapter. Qu’in’s name is pronounced halfway between Ku-en and Ko-en. Most humans tend to pronounce it the second way though, and his name is generally rendered Cohen in English (there is a reason I set it up this way, and it has to do with the meaning of the name. It shows up later, trust me.) I also missed the chance to describe Alicia’s appearance in her first appearance. Despite being over 200 years old, she looks and acts like she is in her early 30’s. Meanwhile, Qu’in is a little younger, and has the personality of a person in their mid twenties. Alicia is 5’9. She has fair skin and light brown hair, cut to Marine regulation length. She normally wears a gray t-shirt with fatigues, with her knife on her hip. In colder climates, she wears a bomber jacket, emblazoned with the Terran Remnant emblem on the sleeve and five stars on her shoulder straps. Qu’in wears the typical tunic and breeches of his people, in gray. In colder weather, he wears a black traveler’s cloak, and a fur cap to keep his head warm.
Dorizas b, local name Shen Nun. Day/night cycle: 16 hours.
Standard Terran Calendar 7.24.256 AtC, 0600 Local Time.
Qu’in opened his eyes and immediately shut them again. The room was full of dazzling light. He groaned and rolled over to his side… and promptly fell off the couch into a pile of food wrappers. He sat up, whacked his head on the table, and let out a few unique adjectives describing an improbable series of acts related to human orifices. Alicia chuckled from the adjoining room and yelled, “Language!” Qu’in climbed up off the floor and sat down on the couch. The porthole opened on a purple steppe, with distant, craggy peaks topped with snow. A great river ran lazily through the plain, reflecting the orange light of the sun in shimmering spots. Alicia joined him at the porthole. “Pretty, huh? Shen Nun is famed for its beauty. The rains fall extremely regularly, the rivers flow gently without floods, and the temperature is just right for 60 different species of sentients to settle here. 58 of those species aren’t even native to the system. There isn’t one species of poisonous creature here, and all the diseases are very mild. Some say that it was terraformed. Either way, this is probably as far from the deathworld Earth as possible.”
“Deathworld? Wasn’t Earth inhabited by over 200 billion humans before the War?”
“Yup. Why do you think we’re so resilient? We have an entire continent so deadly it rivals Class C deathworlds like Themis. Two words: Poisonous. Beavers. Anyway, we’re here to pick up cargo. Some rare Zaqi fruit became available for cheap, and those always fetch a good price.”
Qu’in was kind of disappointed. “We’re smuggling fruit?”
“It might seem kind of boring, but one Zaqi fruit is worth several tons of gold. Aristocrats in the Qraut system serve them as a sign of wealth and prestige.”
“Rich people are weird.”
“Amen. But the sooner we load the cargo, the sooner we get paid.”
An hour later, Qu’in opened the hatch, and they stepped out into the steppe. It was even more pleasant than he had imagined. The air smells like hotel shampoo. The grass gave way before his feet, springing back immediately without leaving a trail. Some kind of small lizard chirped out a song eerily similar to a nightingale, and a gentle breeze whistled through the tall grass. In short, it was paradise. “Give me a hand, will you?” Qu’in turned around to see Alicia prying at the dented cargo bay door with a crowbar. “Stupid piece of crap,” she muttered venomously. “Open, damn you!” With the last word, she gave the crowbar a violent wrench, tearing the door completely off. Qu’in approached cautiously from the side, as she kicked the detached door like she had been personally insulted. “Maybe we should pay someone to repair the ship.” Alicia gave him a distracted glance. In her anger, she seemed to have forgotten he was still there. “Nah. I always fix the Staten Island, and she’s doing fine.” Qu’in cast a significant look at the gaping hole where the cargo bay door should be, the cracked right wing, and the plume of electrical smoke wafting from the avionics. Alicia reddened a bit. “Well, it’s only crashed once…two times…okay, I’ll get a mechanic to take a proper look. Right after we pick up that cargo.”
Qu’in shrugged. “Good enough for me. Where are we going to meet your supplier?”
“He should already be here. We’ll wait 3 hours, and then head into town to go find him. In the meantime, I’ll give you some firearms training. Wouldn’t do to have my right hand man be utterly useless with weapons.”
“Hey, I’m not useless with weapons…”
Alicia gave him a deadpan look and he sighed.
“Ok, I’m useless with weapons. What do you want to start with?”
Alicia thought for a second. “It would be nice if you could use a pistol. Preferably without making us both look like idiots. There should be some in the armory.” Alicia strode back into the Staten Island, gesturing over her shoulder to follow. Qu’in followed her back into the ship’s entrance, through an unmarked, charred, and partially melted door. On the other side was a narrow corridor, burned like someone took a blowtorch to every square centimeter. Alicia stopped short of the hatch at the end, and fumbled around in her pockets for a key card. Qu’in looked around in awe, at the most decrepit, rundown part of the ship. “What happened here? Looks like someone was smoking next to a barrel of Napalm.”
Alicia smirked. “Close. I was fixing a laser rifle when it discharged, straight into an open box of smokeless powder. Blew off the starboard side of the hull, and nearly rendered me into ground meat. Man that hurt.”
“Wait, how are you not dead?”
Alicia chuckled wryly. ”Takes more than that to kill me. Just about the only organ the nanotech can’t field replace is the brain, and I have a scan of that uploaded to the cloud so even if I do die, I can just print a new clone somewhere else. One of the perks of accepting Amrutha.”
“Heh, I wish I had that. I can do that clone thing, but I have to molt to regenerate fully. Takes a week, and I’m stuck in a cocoon until it’s done.”
Alicia resolved to definitely find out more about the cocoon thing. There are so many ways I can mess with him while he’s in there. She finally pulled out the card, opening the automatic hatch. On the other side of the door was the armory, surprisingly low on bullet holes, but otherwise unimpressive. Alicia started pointing out various kinds of weaponry, most of which Qu’in had only seen in old books. After she showed him an original, Korean War era M1 Carbine, he had to say something. ”Why do you still have this stuff? Nobody has used a M1 since the 21st century, and it can’t compare to any of the weapons in production now.”
“Hey, it worked perfectly fine for my great-great-grandpa in Korea! Anyway, you don’t need any fancy batteries or accelerator coils to operate Old Bessy here. Just ammo, and that’s easy enough to make with a fabricator and some smokeless powder. Anyway, which pistol do you want?” Alicia opened a cabinet to reveal several racks of handguns, ranging from tiny derringers to pulsed output variable frequency lasers the size of his forearm. As she started to rummage around in a row of 9mms, Qu’in’s eyes were drawn to a pair of large revolvers. “Hey Alicia, what about these? Stand and deliver.” Qu’in spun the revolvers around his index finger, like those cowboys in old Terran films. Alicia laughed. “Double action modified Pfeifer-Zeliska revolvers, .600 Nitro…”
Alicia slowly turned around to see a pair of bullet holes in the hull, about three inches from the top of her head. She whacked him over the head with a Glock 51. “Watch where you aim that thing, idiot! Anyway, let’s take this outside, before you shoot something I can’t fix.”
A few minutes later, they were set up beside a grassy hill. Alicia had set up some bottles to shoot at. She frowned thoughtfully at the weapons laid out on the grass in front of them. Qu’in had picked a large .45 pistol, a small handheld coilgun, Old Bessy, and the two large revolvers. She picked up one of the revolvers and handed it to him. “Pull this lever here to cock it, and the rest is fairly obvious. When holding a revolver, keep your fingers away from the cylinder gap,” she said, indicating the space between the cylinder and frame. “The gases from a round this big will blow your fingers clean off. And make sure to keep both hands on the gun. Dual wielding is for wannabe cowboys. It’ll get you killed in an actual gunfight. Your second revolver is for when your first runs out of ammo.”
Qu’in nodded. He pulled back the hammer until it clicked, and leveled the pistol at a bottle about fifty yards away. He squeezed the trigger, and BANG! The bullet blasted a hole into the dirt, about a foot to the left of where he was aiming. He pulled the trigger again, and this time caught the neck of the bottle, shattering into a hundred sparkling shards of glass. Alicia gave him a nod of approval. “I can work with that.”
3 hours of practice later, Qu’in could hit his target 5 times out of 6. Alicia stepped in. “Good work for today. Now, let’s put these away.”
Qu’in frowned. “Shouldn’t your guy be here by now?”
“Something’s wrong. It’s not like him to be this late.”
“I’ll fetch the ATV. You put the weapons away.”
Alicia nodded and grabbed the guns, passing the revolvers over to Qu’in. As she headed back through the hatch, Qu’in went over to the bay door where he had seen Alicia stow the ATV. After a minute or so of fiddling with the lever, a panel of the ship’s underbelly folded down, revealing the ATV. Qu’in walked it out to the main entrance, just as Alicia emerged, Gauss rifle slung over her back. “We’ll head into town first, then make a house call.” Alicia mounted the vehicle, and Qu’in hopped on to the rear platform. Alicia looked at him, all of the humor replaced by businesslike precision. “Keep your weapon at the ready. You probably won’t have to use it, but be ready for the worst.” Qu’in nodded silently, right hand clenched around the handle of his revolver, the other gripping the handle on the side of the seat. Suddenly, the placidly waving grass around them seemed alien and hostile.
As Alicia drove into town, the first thing she noticed was the sound, or rather the lack thereof. The village, normally bustling with life, was dead silent, broken only by the occasional whisper. She looked in her mirror at Qu’in, and saw with approval that he had picked up on the mood immediately. Good instincts. She stopped before the mayor’s house. Last time I was here, he came out to greet me. Now it looks like nobody lives here. She cupped her hands around her hands, and shouted, “Guten Morgen, Herr Mayor! Where is everyone?” A moment later, the sound of grinding metal rang out as the front door opened a crack, and a worn, gray haired head stuck out. “Alicia, is that you?” the old man croaked. “It’s been so long.”
“Yup, it’s me, and I brought a friend,” Alicia replied. “Qu’in, this is Mayor Rissig. He’s run the village of Atrasa for 15 years now. Wilhelm, this is Qu’in.”
Rissig squinted uncertainly at the towering Xeno sitting on the back of the ATV. “Cohen?”
Qu’in shrugged. “Close enough.”
Wilhelm opened the door fully, and beckoned for them to enter. “I would be honored if you would have tea with me.” Qu’in’s response would normally be to politely decline and try to get straight to the point, but something about his expression gave him pause. He seemed to be expecting an attack at any second, the look of someone who knows they are being watched. Might be safer to discuss things inside, anyway. Qu’in swung off the vehicle and bowed slightly. “It would be my pleasure.” Then, before he could talk himself out of this, he strode into the house past a rather confused Alicia, who trailed after him. Wilhelm closed the door after them with a snap. Qu’in looked around in wonder. The room was a veritable museum. Under their feet lay an old, stained rug, singed at the edges. The walls were lined with posters and scrolls, and a row of bookshelves held hundreds of dusty books. While Alicia immediately pulled out an old copy of Maimonides and dug in, Qu’in found himself drawn to the adjoining room, decorated with two vast tapestries. On the left wall, the tapestry depicted a middle aged Caucasian man, clad in a navy blue suit. In his right hand, he bore a sheathed saber, while his left rested upon a standing globe. Behind him were the blue flags of the Anointed Empire and the United Nations. The brass plaque underneath read: THE FIRST JUDGE. THE UNITER. On the right wall, the tapestry depicted an elderly Southeast Asian woman, dressed in a Terran Remnant Fleet Admiral’s uniform. She held the Pharaohs’ crook and flail, with what appeared to be a starship’s bridge in the background. The plaque under this tapestry read: THE SECOND JUDGE. THE SHEPHERD. Finally, on the central wall, there was a blank space for a third tapestry. The plaque on this wall read simply: THE THIRD JUDGE. THE REDEEMER. On a pedestal in the center of the room sat an ornate mask, shaped like the head of Anubis in Egyptian tomb art. Just then, he heard the whistle of a kettle and withdrew hastily into the parlour. Wilhelm came back in a moment later, bearing a teatray laden with teacups, a teapot, scones, and jam. Alicia put in a bookmark and set her book aside as the Mayor set down his tray and began passing out tea. “So, what brings you to Atrasa? Perhaps you missed my tea, Alicia?”
“Keep dreaming,” Alicia retorted fondly. “We were here to pick up some cargo, but our contact vanished without a trace.”
Wilhelm leaned forward and steepled his fingers. “Curious. Perhaps we should continue this another time.” He leaned in close and whispered, “Even the walls have ears here.”
Alicia and Qu’in exchanged a worried glance. Wilhelm’s voice suddenly resumed its normal volume and cheery tone. “I have rooms for you two here. Since my kids moved offworld, they’ve been empty.”
“There’s no need-” Alicia started.
“No. You will not sleep in that death trap you call a ship. I saw the way you landed that thing, and judging by the smoke, the avionics are completely fried,“ Wilhelm said in a warning tone. “You will sleep here, and I will have the mechanic take a proper look at that scrap heap.” Alicia opened her mouth to protest further, and was cut off when he gave her the look. Qu’in decided he quite liked the old man.
A few hours later, Wilhelm and Qu’in were walking along the streets of the village, as the sun shone brightly overhead. Despite his age, Wilhelm walked with great vigor, without the use of a cane. “So,” Qu’in began. “How long have you known Alicia for?”
Wilhelm chuckled. “I’ve known her for a very long time. You see, I’m her grandfather. Once her parents passed, she lived with me for eight years. We took different paths in the scatter, however, and got separated. She chose to accompany the Tribe of Luan into exile. I, on the other hand, was initiated into the Children of Earth. She hasn’t aged since her 32nd birthday and I kept getting older, year after year. Now I’m quite old, and she’s still young.” They walked a bit further in silence, feeling the gentle breeze on the rushes. “What about you?” he asked. “How did you meet my niece?” Behind his gentle smile, he fixed Qu’in with a piercing gaze.
Qu’en took in a deep breath of perfumed air. “She ran a bar near where I was stationed. I was drafted and sent there a year and a half ago. I used to go there every evening, at first for the alcohol, but after 3 months, I started to go just because of her. That’s probably when I realized-” Quin realized a second too late what he had just said. His head quills felt like they were trying to pull themselves free out of sheer embarrassment. Hoping against hope Rissig hadn’t noticed anything, he slowly turned to the side, only to see Wilhelm looking straight at him, with an insufferably smug expression. “Oh, what was that you said? I’m afraid my old man ears aren’t what they used to be. Did you say you realized something about my niece?”
“Please don’t-”
“Do you, perhaps, LOVE her?”
Qu’in, whose head now resembled an angry porcupine, looked around wildly for help. At that moment, possibly the worst person who could show up came into view; Alicia, holding a bag of assorted vegetables.
Rissig, whose face was now contorted into a perfect example of a sh*t-eating grin, waved Alicia down. Qu’in groaned and turned away. I’m screwed. I’m so screwed. As she trotted over, Qu’in began mentally composing his will. Her uncle smiled widely and called out, “Speak of the devil! What brings you here?”
“You’d better not be gossiping about me again, old man!”
Rissig chuckled. “Only good things, my dear. Only good things. Isn’t that right, Cohen?”
Qu’in stared at the ground, quills still elevated. “Yes, definitely.” He hazarded a glance up. Damn it, now she’s looking at me weird. At least she didn’t hear anything. After a moment of hesitation, she fell into step with them, just as they reached the end of the road. Rissig pulled some reeds aside with his hands, revealing a hidden trail. “This way,” he said, stepping onto the trampled down trail. “This is where I go to get some solitude. Aren’t as many eyes here.” Alicia and Qu’in shrugged and followed him. The reeds here were enormous, tall enough to hide even Qu’in. About 100 meters down, though, Wilhelm stopped suddenly. He gestured for silence, and carefully parted the reeds to the left side of the road. Another path was visible, mowed instead of trampled. After another 200 yards of creeping around in absolute silence, the path twisted to the right and opened into a vast crater, 10 meters in diameter and 3 meters deep. They clambered down, and Wilhelm turned around, all trace of his grin gone. “I’m sorry for the theatrics, but this was the only way to ensure nobody was listening in,” he explained. “Something horrible has been released into this world, and we need your help to destroy it.”
Alicia’s head was spinning. They had come here to pick up fruit, maybe visit a relative. Then their contact went missing, which was bad enough, and now there was a planet wide conspiracy they have to deal with. To his credit, Qu’in was taking this remarkably well. He turned to Rissig and asked, “What’s going on? Start from the beginning.” Wilhelm took a second to gather his thoughts, and then spoke. “It started two years ago, when the colony ship arrived on Shen Nun. They landed on a mountain plateau 230 klicks north of here, and we figured they would come down to greet us, ask for some help establishing their colony. But they never visited Atrasa or any of the other villages nearby, and nobody heard from them for the next three months. Then people started disappearing. One or two a month at first, but soon it was nearly twice a week. We all knew who was behind this, so I rounded up a posse 2 months ago and went to confront them. A hundred klicks from our destination, they found us. They were all masked, so I don’t know what species most of them were, except that they were humanoid. I got a good look at their leader though. Gray, leathery skin, with 2 blue eyes, a flattened nose, and black teeth.”
Qu’in’s face contorted with rage. “A Plaguebearer.”
“How do you know that? Nobody has ever seen a Plaguebearer and lived to tell the tale.”
“I have,” Qu’in replied. “I saw the Plaguebearers arrive to collect samples after the Contagion struck my village. I was immune, apparently. I played dead, but I’m sure they knew. Perhaps they derived some sick sense of pleasure from leaving one orphan alive to spread fear. Joke’s on them, because the scientists used my antibodies to prepare the only vaccine for any strain of Contagion. Too late for my family, but at least some people survived.”
Qu’in turned away, unable to bear Alicia’s look of sympathy. He looked instead towards Wilhelm. The mingled horror and understanding on his face was somehow less painful to see. After a moment, Wilhelm cleared his throat and continued. “The Plaguebearer warned us, said they would glass the continent if we didn’t behave. Since then, the disappearances have spread across the entire planet. Last week, the Sheriff decided to try to broadcast a distress call. I suggested hailing the Staten Island, and to disguise as a smuggler trying to hawk some wares. I don’t know how, but they found out. The day before you arrived, we found the Sheriff, in a dozen separate pieces. Cohen, Alicia, we need you to keep your investigation quiet. I have no doubt the Plaguebearers wouldn’t hesitate to blast us out of existence if they catch wind of how dangerous you two are to them.”
“Our one stroke of luck is that they don’t have the Contagion as a weapon anymore,” Alicia noted. “The Mikvah is still effective at curing it, and the spores have inoculated the biospheres of all inhabited worlds by now.”
“They are still the Universe’s most advanced civilization. If they get the chance to continue their research, the results could be catastrophic.”
Qu’in stepped forward. “So it’s agreed then. We figure out what they’re working on, free any surviving hostages, and execute the Plaguebearers. Oh, and Wilhelm? Could I ask you a question?”
Rissig nodded. “Anything.”
“What do you know about the Jackals?”
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2022.01.26 23:04 FOVSliderFN Can somebody please tell me how to complete daily quests in STW?

Stupidly bought the STW bundle thinking I would be able to earn v bucks. At this point I just want to complete the 16 daily quests to unlock the 1k v bucks from the bundle. Watched at least a few dozen clickbait videos none of which taught me a thing.
Managed to get the quest ‘scouting industrial construction’ to 2/3 but could not find a third site. Furthermore the monsters were practically impossible to kill and I constantly ran out of ammo.
Would somebody be kind enough to tell me how to complete daily quests ELI5? You would help out a ton of people like me.
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