Sleepover dolls?

2022.01.26 22:43 Lunar_Lexycon Sleepover dolls?

Whatever happened to Marisa and Brianna? Ive always been able to find Robin on the Walmart website no problem. But for months now, the other 2 just don't show up? Were they never launched? I'm really upset because this is my favorite collection and I really wanted all of them.
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2022.01.26 22:43 KoinFlipper Lokithor Battery Jumper & tire inflator

I bought this great little Lithium Ion battery powered device from Amazon. Will jump start dead car Battery, check and inflate tires, bright LED light that can switch to fast blink hazard light. Can charge cell phone and other USB devices. Small enough to fit under my car seat. 11"x6"x5". I checked all of my 4 tires and inflated 2 that were low. Battery fully charged still. Lots of YouTube reviews. Very pleased with multiple functionality.
Lokithor Jump Starter with Air Compressor, 2000Amp 20000mAh 12V Car Battery Booster Pack for Up to 8L Gas or 6L Diesel Engines, 150 PSI Tire Inflator with Digital Screen, 30 Months Ultra-Long Standby
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2022.01.26 22:43 RandomMilk Aside from quicksand, what do you think is the greatest threat to humanity?

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2022.01.26 22:43 Hellen-Morey Pakistan's dollar inflows climb to 9.27b mark in first half of FY22 - Geo News

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2022.01.26 22:43 AgeanAir Lining up to see “Puberty Blues” at Village East End cinemas Bourke St, 1982

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2022.01.26 22:43 OkBuyer1271 To what extent do you think Christianity is a threat to the lgbt community in America?

View Poll
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2022.01.26 22:43 theperegrinus Quickest flip flop, double speak, both sides of ya mouth moment ever for Bill?

Sports Guy: “What are your predictions for the trade deadline? I think this is finally the year that nothing big gets done.”
Less than 2 minutes later….
Wos: I do think ultimately the Simmons thing gets done.
Sports Guy: I do too. This feels like a lot of posturing, but I think it’s ultimately going to happen.
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2022.01.26 22:43 tiredwriter633 Advice on dealing with Third Party recruiters

I got contacted by a third party recruiter about a short term contract position. There doesn't seem to be anything to outrageous about. But I still have a sense of unease. Any advice?
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2022.01.26 22:43 dogmanstars What is the craziest episode of Lupin you ever watch?

Im new into this series and I find the stories incredible diverse and inconsistent in a good way.
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2022.01.26 22:43 Abject-Ladder2282 In Early December LRC/BTC and LRC/USD Diverged. What Does This Mean?

TL;DR On a relative basis if you bought and held before Dec 1st your LRC is worth more than Sats by approx. 50%. New relative ATH is not far away.
There are two ways you can gain value in the web3.0 space. Your coins increase against The Dollar or increase against Bitcoin. I.E. money outside the system comes in or money inside the system comes in.
Autist note: For the sake of this post I am not considering USDT since most of the price readouts are in USD. We can consider USDT as money inside the system
Bitcoin is broken down into denominations called Satoshis, or Sats. This is after Satoshi Nakimoto. One Bitcoin is 100million Sats. For those that have invested in dog coins you likely know this already.
Well, in early December LRC/USD and LRC/BTC diverged and stay diverged by aproxx. +50%
The significance of this shouldn’t be understated.
If we run up to all time highs tomorrow, to break dollar value ATH we need to surpass $3.93 (depending on which chart you’re looking at), however, if we were to break ATH in Bitcoin value we only need to pass 0.000057 Sats putting us at $2.08 at current Bitcoin prices.
Don’t believe me? See for yourself:
Select 3 month time frame and turn on the BTC check box.
This is important because as Bitcoin recovers we will already be ahead on a relative basis compared to the last run up.
Patience my friends. We are closer than we realize.
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2022.01.26 22:43 Rayyan_2805 SELLING 3 STANDING / STAGE FRONT TICKETS TO DAVE 17TH FEB 2022

Hi guys, I currently have 3 spare tickets To Dave's Concert for Birmingham Resorts World
17th Feb 2022
Standing Tickets/ Stage Front
£120 each
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2022.01.26 22:43 Primebongs7455 How often should you wash the outside of your car?

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2022.01.26 22:43 Lok-3 tripped over my cloak

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2022.01.26 22:43 RevolutionarySoul Considering going back to school for CS

I hope this is the right place for me to ask some of these questions. I am currently considering going back to school for a BS in Computer Science. I already have a BS in Psychology. I considered trying to do some bridge masters programs, but honestly that’s much more expensive than getting a second BS and would probably end up taking longer. I’m a little nervous about this because I’m not 100% sure if I really know what I would be getting myself into or if CS is a good fit for me. I realized after I worked in several very “people-oriented” jobs (mental health clinician, etc.) that I do much better in an independent environment and that I need some more flexibility schedule-wise and if possible some sort of WFH or hybrid option due to some health issues. I took computer science classes way back in high school and enjoyed them, and from what I’ve heard from friends in the field it seems like it would be a better fit for me as far as the things I mentioned in the previous sentence goes. I’m more naturally talented in less technical/mathematically-focused areas (writing, etc.), but have generally been successful in areas such as math as well (though it does take a lot more effort on my part and doesn’t come super naturally to me). Honestly, I’m pretty scared to make a change like this and possibly regret it, or find out that I’m just not cut out to work in computer science. Does anyone have any advice on 1. How to know if this would be a good fit for me and 2. what kind of things make someone actually successful in this field? Any other input on my situation is welcome as well. Thank you! 😊
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2022.01.26 22:43 SgtMajorFish Can’t share comments with friends (send to friends)

When you hold click on a comment, it’s supposed to show “send to friends” to send your friends the comment. But for me, that option isn’t showing. What can I do to fix it? The option circled in the image is what I don’t have, I want to enable it, how?
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2022.01.26 22:43 sloppyharp What’s up, Doc? RVA!

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2022.01.26 22:43 Bigting7 it’s still such an honour that i was the first one slake told about her secret account 😎

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2022.01.26 22:43 DaRealMenace97 Check out me and C Riley 97 attempt to beat a custom zombies map on Cod Black Ops III

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2022.01.26 22:43 Thrasherop Can I remove a 2.5" drive from external SSD?

Hello all!
I was recently gifted a Seagate 1TB external SSD (STGX1000400). Unfortunately, I don't really have much use for it as an external drive. However, my laptop does have an available 2.5" sata bay. The size of this new SSD looks like it might house a 2.5" drive. I am wondering if it is possible to remove the 2.5" drive from the new SSD and put it in my laptop? Or if there is a way to check what specific drive is in the external housing?
Additionally, is there anything drastic I'm not thinking of?
And ik this will probably void warranties and isn't recommended by Seagate, but the drive isn't useful otherwise so I'd like to do it if possible
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2022.01.26 22:43 88648432 吉村府政また失態…ワクチン大規模接種会場の責任者医師が風俗嬢と覚醒剤使用で逮捕

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2022.01.26 22:43 johair69 Lucky Strike Smells Like Poop?

Got a pack of lucky strike red no filter, they kind of smell like poop. Anyone agree?
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2022.01.26 22:43 pygmy Mark McGowan attacks Clive Palmer at defamation trial

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2022.01.26 22:43 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] ABC News Prime: Breyer to retire; Tracking potential nor'easter; Haiti kidnapping survivor speaks ¦ ABC News on Youtube

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2022.01.26 22:43 Super_Six For science.

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2022.01.26 22:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Elijah Warner, son of Pro Football Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner, commits to Temple | USA Today

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