[Academic] Measuring Correlation of Morbid Curiosity With Personal Background (18+, Below 30)

2022.01.26 23:54 LingLingIGuess [Academic] Measuring Correlation of Morbid Curiosity With Personal Background (18+, Below 30)

I am a high school senior taking AP (Advanced Placement) Research, and for my year-long research project, I have decided to look into the potential correlation of personal background information (such as occupation, past traumatic experience, etc.) with morbid curiosity. I am also considering conducting a follow-up, optional phase to my research, which involves observing participants and their physiological reactions to certain triggers for morbid curiosity. Logistics for Phase II will be further explained through email.
My questionnaire targets everyone ABOVE the age of 18 (and below the age of 30)—so if you fit in this demographic, I'd appreciate if you took the time to respond!
Again, I am only a high school student, and this is my first go at collecting data, so any and all feedback or critiques to my questionnaire will be appreciated!
Thank you so much in advance for your help.
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2022.01.26 23:54 TheMasterBlaster74 One Shot Tips & Suggestions

Recently concluded a nearly two year campaign last December. Since then, instead of starting a new campaign due to difficulty of setting a regular schedule, our group has decided to run a series of one-shots. As a DM who had never created or run a one-shot before, I jumped into this concept with some trepidation. However, I'm currently developing my sixth one-shot, and I want to share some tips based on my own experiences. I'm sure you're likely to find similar advice on blogs and whatnot, but even after reading several of those, I still felt like I didn't have a solid grasp on the overall practical nut-and-bolts issues of making and running a one-shot. So, here we go...
Making a Homebrew One-Shot

  1. Write a brief narrative to set the stage and serve as a framework for encounters, NPCs, etc. What brings the PCs together, and what is their goal for the one-shot? There needs to be a clear predicament or problem they need to resolve. Perhaps rescue/kidnap a certain NPC, retrieve or deliver a relic from/to a dangerous locale, discover the source of a mysterious event, etc. Think of your one-shot as if it's a movie genre - is it an action/adventure film, a mystery, a whodunit, a rom-com (ok, prob not a rom-com). Keep the imaginary boundaries of the narrative rather small so the PCs are less likely to get sidetracked. Setting a clock (they only have a fixed amount of time to achieve the goal) is a good way to make sure the PCs stay on track. An open sandbox, time-limitless one-shot is not the way to go, imho.
  2. Pre-gen the characters. Again, this is just my opinion, but making the characters as the DM lets you control the narrative and set the stage even better. It also allows (forces) your players to try new classes/subclasses, races, feats, etc. and play at a higher or lower level than they're used to. Creating the characters allows you to flavor cool themes for a one-shot - like an all rogue party for a Thieves' Guild one-shot, or an all FighteBarbarian party for a Viking-style raid on foreign shores. Creating the characters takes a long time, but makes it much easier to establish the framework for a one-shot adventure. It's especially helpful as a DM if high level arcane casters don't have popular 'cheat' spells allowing them to easily circumvent a typical challenge like they might in a campaign. With high level divine casters I'm reluctant to limit their spell choices, but sometimes it's necessary. If there's a high level spell which can easily hose your entire one-shot, imho it's ok to ban that particular spell. Just don't get carried away with the ban hammer. It's prob better to decrease the level of the PCs instead of banning a bunch of high level power spells. Don't try to min-max the characters too much, but still make them capable of resolving each encounter or non-combat situation you throw at them. After you make the characters, provide copies to your players at least a week in advance so they all have time to choose their character and become familiar with it. Include a short, intentionally vague, narrative of each character's background and/or motivation, but don't give away the setting and/or goals of the one-shot! Feel free to redact certain character details if you feel it will ruin the surprise of the one-shot narrative before you even get started.
  3. Try a new environment/time period. Have your PCs experienced the Underdark, the Astral Plane, an underwater adventure, a volcanic wasteland, or visited Mount Olympus, etc? Perhaps it's set in a prehistoric time period without magic, or in a world where nearly everyone carries a firearm and even commoners can cast a few cantrips. Set your one-shot in an exotic locale your group has never experienced before. While you pre-gen the characters, consider the location of your one-shot when selecting races. If it's an underwater one-shot, make sure each PC has a racial feature with a swim speed, or darkvision for an Underdark jaunt. Running through the jungle? Create a group with a Loxodon, Lizardfolk, and Grung, etc. Most importantly, start the PCs right in the thick of the action. Don't force them to travel a long distance to get to the encounters unless the journey is the adventure.
  4. Select magic items for utility, not for power. Allow opportunities for the PCs to use magic items in innovative ways but without circumventing your encounters or taking a shortcut to the final goal of the one-shot. I favor keeping the rarity and amount of magic items pretty low, even for high level one-shots, and I avoid boring items like +1, +2, +3 weapons and armor, or which increase spell save DCs. Stat stacking might be cool for a campaign, but it's rather dull for a one-shot. I also avoid items which allow casters to store spells, or avoid using their spell-slots, for the same reason I avoid stat stacking items. Single use items, or items which only have one or two charges/uses remaining (and can't be recharged) are a great option to really make the PCs think before using it. Are your PCs going to start with magic items, obtain them by completing encounters, or both?
  5. Consider Your Time IRL. One or two high stakes encounters is perfect for a short and sweet one-shot. 3 or 4 encounters is ideal for something more in-depth. 5+ encounters gets a bit cumbersome for a one-shot, unless you craft one or two of those encounters to be incredibly brief and/or easy for the PCs.
  6. Consider Your Time In-Game. How often do you plan on providing opportunities for short/long rests? imho, a one-shot should be something the PCs can/need to complete in a day or two. If you provide several narrative opportunities for the PCs to take a long rest, make sure to increase the difficulty of your encounters. If you don't provide those opportunities, make sure your encounters won't sap all your PC's class/racial features too fast.
  7. Make the monsters/encounters special. Select monsters/NPCs your group has never fought before, or customize monsters with a unique flair if your players have already been there and done that. These aren't just regular goblins, these are extra sneaky goblins with poison-tipped arrows and the Skulker feat! In fact, taking really low CR monsters and significantly increasing their power (not just a basic reskin) is a fun way to surprise high level characters or seasoned players. But, combat is not always the point of an encounter. Present a challenging terrain feature or environmental event they have to navigate like a flooded tunnel, rickety bridge, a collapsing building, treacherous cliff/chasm, an avalanche, rockslide, flash flood, or forest fire. Try your best to make sure each encounter drives the narrative. 'Random encounters/wandering monsters' are super lame for a one-shot.
  8. Prepare an epilogue. Write a brief narrative to describe what happens after the PCs successfully complete, or fail, the one-shot. What is the long term impact of their success or failure? What happens to NPCs they may have encountered? Did the PCs do/say something which changed the life of an NPC, for better or worse? Some of this you may need to make up on the fly, but your one-shot needs a memorable ending no matter what happens to the PCs.
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2022.01.26 23:54 Spiritual_Patient_49 Words for the Wise

“The social consequences are just as serious as the biological. A person who is not well put together overreacts to the slightest hint of frustration or failure. He cannot enter into productive negotiations, even with himself, because he cannot tolerate the uncertainty of discussing potential alternative futures. He cannot be pleased, because he cannot get what he wants, and he cannot get what he wants because he will not choose one thing instead of another. He can also be brought to a halt by the weakest of arguments. One of his multiple, warring sub-personalities will latch on to such arguments, often contrary to his best interest, and use them, in the form of doubts, to buttress its contrarian position. A deeply conflicted person can therefore be stopped, meta phorically, with the pressure of a single finger exerted on his chest (even though he may lash out against such an obstacle). To move forward with resolve, it is necessary to be organized--to be directed toward something singular and identifiable. Aim. Point. All this is part of maturation and discipline, and something to be properly valued. If you aim at nothing, you become plagued by everything. If you aim at nothing, you have nowhere to go, nothing to do, and nothing of high value in your life, as value requires the ranking of options and sacrifice of the lower to the higher. Do you really want to be anything you could be? Is that not too much? Might it not be better to be something specific (and then, perhaps, to add to that)}? Would that not come as a relief--even though it is also a sacrifice?”
Jordan Peterson
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I tried everything I could. I shut down the Oculus, pressed uninstall, pressed retry, but it’s still stuck on it. What do I do?
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Hi, my mom sells and ships items through Facebook Marketplace and we are both pretty stumped about some of the payout entries under the Payment History section of her “Your Sales” page. Most of the entries show the amount paid, date paid, payment number, transaction number, and then order number. But there are a few entries that have everything BUT order number. She needs the order number to figure out which orders she is receiving payouts for so she can maintain her books. Does anyone have any idea what these entries are for or how to access the order info? Screenshot in link. Thank you in advance! Screenshot
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I just want some ideas about what you’ve found useful, what you really need, what just takes up space, etc. All ideas are welcomed and appreciated.
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